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Randi`s Homweork May 12th 2014


Defiant Donald Sterling Unapologetic In First Public Comment Since Scandal, Insists 'I'm NOT A Racist'
Donald Sterling tells Anderson Cooper: I was 'baited' into 'a terrible mistake'
Donald Sterling’s Pathetic Racism Excuse: I Was Just Trying To Get V. Stiviano Into Bed!
No Baiting Here: The Original V. Stiviano Tape Of Donald Sterling's Racist Rants
Sister Simone Campbell Takes Dinesh D'Souza To School And Smacks His Knuckles On The Minimum Wage
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Laughs At Being Called A Socialist
How Sick They Are: Bill Kristol responds with 'Benghazi' after ABC host mocks him for Lewinsky conspiracy theory
Sec. Of State John Kerry On Sending Small Team Of U.S. Advisors To Help Rescue 200+ Nigerian Girls From Boko Haram Terrorists: "We Must Do Everything Possible" To Help Rescue Them
George W. Bush's Nigerian Ambassador Defends Hillary Clinton Over Boko Haram Criticisms
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) - Who Is Quitting Congress To Start A Right-Wing Radio Show - Says Obama's Foreign Policy Is 'Hashtag Activism'
George Will, Brit Hume Mock #BringBackOurGirls Campaign That Actually Got The World To Pay Attnetion To The Kidnapped Nigerian Girls
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Says He's Ready To Be President - But Thinks Climate Change Is Not Man Made
John Oliver Hosts A Truly Fair Climate Debate: Pits Bill Nye and 96 scientists against 3 climate change-deniers
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Michael Sam and the Fight for Equal Rights

Picking Michael Sam, Rams Welcome 1st Openly Gay Player To NFL
Obama Congratulates Michael Sam, White House Says
NFL draft: Reactions heat up after Michael Sam kisses boyfriend on TV
Miami Dolphins' player Don Jones fined for anti-gay tweets about Michael Sam
Dave Zirin: Michael Sam Gets Drafted, and the NFL Has Issues
Related: Arkansas Issues First Marriage License to Same-Sex Couple
Photo Credits: Ida Mae Astute, Disney ABC TV/Getty

A History Of Terrible Mistakes

Donald Sterling tells Anderson Cooper: I was 'baited' into 'a terrible mistake'
A History Of Terrible Mistakes - Elgin Baylor's discrimination lawsuit among Donald Sterling's past racial issues
Dave Zirin: Donald Sterling, Slumlord Billionaire
Flashback, Nov. 2009: Justice Department Sues Donald Sterling For Racial Discrimination In Housing; Obtains Record $2.725 Million Settlement
Photo Credits:Screenshot/CNN

Manipulating Terror For Politics

Family Members Of Benghazi Victims To GOP Select Committee - Please Don't DoThis Again
Inside Putin's Latest Rigged Set-Up: Russia Rakes In The Vote In astern Ukraine's Fake Election
As U.S. Sends 'Advisory Team To Nigeria, Nigerian President Says International Assistance MArks Beginning Of End Of Boko Haram's Terror Spree
Extremism In Reality: Boko Haram Steps Up Its War on Kids - Both Girls And Boys
Photo Credits: Fabrice Coffrini, AFP/Getty

Climate Change and the Right

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Says He's Ready To Be President - But Thinks Climate Change Is Not Man Made
As the world burns, the GOP fiddles around, and does the climate change dance
Paul Krugman: Crazy Climate Economics
Is Climate Change Real? The Pentagon Sure Thinks So
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War on the Poor

The Minimum Wage Loophole That's Screwing Over Waiters and Waitresses
Fake concern for the poor - Koch brothers’ expensive political epiphany
Cliven Bundy is the face of GOP's war on the poor
Photo Credits: George Frey, Getty Images

Politics and Policy

President Obama warns Democrats that midterm elections could imperil his agenda - and America; Says midterm elections are the key to U.S. making progress
The GOP's Anti-Government Hypocrisy Exposed: When Sen. Elizabeth Warren Schooled GOP Rep. Michael Grimm
Ken Vogel: Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity plans $125 million spending spree this year
Chris Cillizza: In midterm elections, Democrats have some hope of retaining control of Senate
Rising U.S. economy could help Democrats stave off election loss
Pressure to keep Net neutrality mounts both inside & outside FCC
Former NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg defends Hillary Clinton on Benghazi
Hillary's Last Campaign - Who Needs This?
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Larry Wilmore to take over Stephen Colbert’s time slot with ‘The Minority Report’ on Comedy Central
Kiera Butler: I Went to the Nutritionists' Annual Confab. It Was Catered by McDonald's.
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