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Randi`s Homework May 13th 2014



Yep - Still Racist: In New Interview, Donald Sterling Attacks Magic Johnson
Limbaugh's Latest Ridiculous Rant: We Can't Call Boko Haram Terrorists Because They Look Like African Americans!
Rush: 'My (African American) Producer Snerdly Tells Me Boko Haram Is Black - So We Can't Criticize Them
Flashback, Dec. 2012: Allen West Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Faking Concussion To Avoid Benghazi Testimony
Flashback, April 2014: President Obama - 'Obamacare Is Working, It's Time To Move Past The Political Fight'
The GOP's Bitter Pill On Obamacare: It's Working, No Matter What You Call It
Fox's Eric Bolling: Michael Sam Was Only Drafted Because He Is Gay
Stephen Colbert: Monica Lewinsky's Conveniently-Timed Tell-All
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Donald Sterling: Yep - Still A Racist

In New Interview, Donald Sterling Slams Magic Johnson Again, Citing Johnson's HIV Status
Donald Sterling's Interview Disaster: Rich Old Racist Self-Destructs To Anderson Cooper
Donald Sterling's Defense Against Racism? More Racism.
Donald Sterling's Insane Attempt At Damage Control Fails Miserably
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The Brain Damaged Right Wing

At Speaking Event, Fox's Karl Rove Reportedly Claims Hillary Clinton Has Brain Damage
Karl Rove Says Hillary Has Brain Damage; Republicans Should Keep Hammering On Benghazi
Fox's Allen West: "Fishy" Focus On Boko Haram Is Meant To Distract Americans From Benghazi
Louisiana Republican Congressman Says Obama Is Killing Veterans, Suggests Obamacare Enrollees Will Be Next
Iowa Republican Senate Candidate Still Thinks Iraq Had WMDs
Ann Coulter's Hashtag Hijacking Of #BringBackOurGirls Backfires Big Time
Benghazi Is A Prisoner's Dilemma - And The Republicans Are The Prisoners
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A Real Reason For Concern

Studies Confirm Large Part Of West Antarctic Ice Sheet Starting Slow, Unstoppable Collapse
West Antarctic Ice Sheet's Collapse Triggers Sea Level Warning
Tracing The Republican Evolution - Or Devolution - On Climate Change
Why Society Is Failing To Stop Global Warming, In One 90-Second Video
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Politics & Policy

Gallup: Voter Enthusiasm Down Sharply From 2010, For Both Democrats And Republicans
Chamber Of Commerce President To GOP: Pass Immigration Reform Now - Or Be Prepared To Sit Out The 2016 Races
Budget Deficit On Track For Six-Year Low Under Obama
Voters Love Obamacare — As Long As You Give It Another Name
Senate Deadlocked On Energy Bill, Ending Chances Of A Vote On Keystone
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Michael Sam: The Homophobe Backlash

On Twitter, Conservatives Apoplectic At Michael Sam's Popularity
Conservatives Whining Sam Is Being Treated Better For Being Gay Than Tim Tebow Was For Being A Christian
Right-Wing Threats: D.C. Lobbyist Seeking to Ban Gays From League Says NFL Team That Drafts Openly Gay Player Michael Sam Will Face Boycott
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Communications Breakdown

FCC Scraps Proposed Pay-For-Faster-Internet Rules After Weeks Of Backlash
How Big Cable Is Organizing Against Net Neutrality
AT&T Said in Talks to Buy DirecTV for About $50 Billion
Casey Kasem Is Missing; Judge Orders Investigation, Awards Daughter Kerri Conservatorship
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Al Qaeda Denounces Boko Haram; Abduction Of Girls An Act Not Even Al Qaeda Can Condone
After All-Too-Convienient "Adjustment" In Sales Numbers, Walmart U.S. CEO Gets A $1.5 Million Bonus, While Workers Get Nothing
Uruguayan President Lectures U.S. During WH Visit: Learn A Second Language & Stop Smoking Cigarettes
Proposed California Bill Moving Rapidly Through State Legislature Would Ban Fundraising Bashes At Lobbyists' Homes
Frank Bruni: Read Kids Read!
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