Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to the Future via Randi Rhodes

Some things never change. Conservatives are, once again, trying to debunk the science on climate change. And as usual, their debunking consists entirely of bunk. Charles Krauthammer said about climate change this week "I'm not impressed by numbers. I'm not impressed by consensus." Then what are you impressed by, Chuck? My guess is oil company money. Numbers? Consensus? Those don't impress him much. In all honesty, the only things that really impress Charles Krauthammer are his own pre-existing opinions - even if they don't always come from his brain.

Climate change denial isn't the only subject from the crazy way-back machine the Republicans have resurrected.

Right-wing media is also now in a tizzy over Monica Lewinsky, once again. Now they're floating the theory that the Clintons are behind Monica Lewinsky's new essay in Vanity Fair. Hello? If the Clintons had any control over what Monica did or didn't do, wouldn't they have had her burn the damned dress? Right-wing media thinks that the Clintons were behind the Monica article to generate sympathy for Hillary, because the Clintons want people talking about this - AT THE SAME TIME, the right-wing media is insisting the Clintons DON'T want people talking about this. Brilliant. #headdesk

Lynne Cheney said the article about Monica is a "strategy or tactic" so people will say "it is old news." Ummmm, it IS old news, Lynne. It happened in the 90's - nobody needs a "strategy" to label something "old news" when it actually happened in the previous millennium! How old is the Monica story? It's older than Benghazi — and that's the oldest story this side of the Epic of Gilgamesh!

Speaking of old ideas, Republican Thom Tillis - who won last night's GOP Senate primary in North Carolina - seems to want to bring back the idea of throwing the old & frail out on the curb - which we stopped doing during the Depression, thanks to FDR and the Democrats. Tillis says that we need to "divide and conquer the people who are on assistance." Thom, we're supposed to conquer poverty, not conquer the poor. I gotta give it to the Republicans on this: at least they pick fights they can win. Democrats try to conquer things like poverty, injustice, or climate change. Republicans just want to kick the ass of poor people. Hey, it's achievable for them, right?

It's all really simple: Republicans are old, angry, and tired. If you give them the levers of power, they'll do what angry old people do. If you stand up to them, however? If you go VOTE - EVERY TIME - you'll set them back. They'll have to re-start their propaganda, they'll have to regroup, and they'll have to re-think - and they're not good at any of those.

But you MUST remain positive. You've gotta VOTE. And you MUST stay engaged. It's going to take time. But things still CAN change for the better. But it's up to you.

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Yes - Team Randi knows. We posted a video of Jon Stewart last night. So why again tonight? Because he was right - again. And spot on. And if you missed this story? You shouldn't have.

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