Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Live Like the Cockroach

I admire the cockroach. The cockroach has lived through the ice age -it has survived the elements, almost impossible to kill, it has been here before humans & will probably be here after us humans are gone. The Cockroach eats trash & not the most sanitary of species, but yet, they trudge on.
Being a human, we wash our hands because it kills germs, we take vitamins to shield us from germs, use sunscreen, stay away from sun, we cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze, watch what we eat, steer ourselves from germs to all and any length. We are almost like that boy in a bubble.....afraid of that one germ to make us sick.
However, the more you shield yourself, the more you weaken yourself. The only way you get stronger and build immunities to germs is to be exposed to it -just like the flu shot.
Now- I am not saying -throw all cleanliness & caution out the window -I am just saying that I think we are getting obsessed with staying away from germs. I believe all things in moderation and I want to build resistance to things. The more I shield myself, the weaker I am getting, to where the common cold can destroy me.
I like the sun, the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, it energizes me, warms me, makes me feel better.....I just don`t try to spend to much time in it.
I wash my hands, yes I am really clean, but I am not going to carry that hand sanitizer in my purse. I eat healthy most of the time, but I will eat extremely UN-healthy at times and ENJOY IT!!
Take what you want from this, I`m not a doctor, but I bet most doctors will know that what I am saying is somewhat true.
So there you have it- that is my part in saving the Human Race, to make us stronger, so us humans can live on......building & Strengthening our immune system. Think of me as The Human Cockroach.
oxox, Stacy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Weekday Routine

My Weekdays Usually goes like This (Unless I have a Photo Shoot or Event):

Wake up @ 6am
Hubby goes into shower.
Turn on TV`s to my Morning News Show, Good Day LA.
I go into kitchen- Feed cats a scoop of wet food each.
Make Hubby Decaf Herbal Tea
Make My Special Coffee = Strong Full Body Coffee or Espresso w/Crushed up Multi-Vitamin, 2 scoops of Powder Fiber & Sprinkle of Cinnamon in the Grounds B4 brewing with Bottled Water.
Make My Hubby`s Lunch in his '300 The Movie' Tin Lunch Box, which usually Includes: 1 hard boiled Egg, a small serving of Fat Free Cottage Cheese, Fruit (Apple or banana or grapes or whatever fruit), a Vegetable (like celery with seasoning sprinkled on it or Cucumbers or a Green Salad, etc), a small packet of healthy gummy fruit treats, a small packet of a crunchy snack (like nuts or pretzels or crackers).
I then put away Dishes that I washed The Night before & Clean up anything.
Turn on my Computer.
I then go wash up, Change into my Clothes, Etc.
I then check my emails until Hubby ready to go to work.
I then Drive Hubby to Work.

On Monday, on my way home from dropping him off at work, I will stop off at Grocery Store to Pick up our weekly Groceries, along with list & Coupons.
Put Groceries away and prepare stuff for Dinner later that Night.

Clean House, Do Laundry.
Check Emails, Update Websites, Upload Photos, Blogs, Etc, which takes most of my time.
Go for my daily 3mile Beach Jog.
Do my 1/2 stretching & ab exercises.
do a few pull-ups on my hanging bar.
Check on Dinner if cooking
Pick up Hubby from work at 5pm

If Monday- Guys come over to watch Football & Eat my Cooking (if summertime, Roy Grills on Roof- and we all watch a Movie inside afterwards).
If Not Monday, Roy goes to gym as make Dinner just for us.
We eat Dinner -he then goes check his home email from his Man Cave for about an hour.
I clean up & Watch my Tabloid TV Shows.
at 8pm- we both sit down on couch, watch TV, eat Popcorn and maybe a glass of wine or beer.
He might go to Balcony to have Cigar.
Around 11pm- we turn off everything- go into bedroom & turn on TV in there. We fall asleep to the TV. We both need the TV on while Sleeping, it drowns out any Noise & Relaxes our brain to sleep.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Beauty Routine:

My Beauty Routine:

Once a week I use an Harsh Apricot Scrub
Once a Week I use a At Home Facial Peel
Every Night I cleanse face with an Acne Toner
Every Morning I cleanse my face with an Anti-Acne Cleanser

I moisturize my body every day with lotion with Vitamin A, C & E
For my Face I use a mixture of Retinol A, Vitamin C Serum & Acne Cream like salicylic acid. (Vit A is great for Cell rejuvenation, Vit. C is a great antioxidant & radiance booster, and I have oily skin & prone to acne- so I need a bit of Acne Medicine to prevent pimples)

I like to use an all over Body Spray instead of Cologne. I go with the Seasons. In The Fall/Winter, I like to use Pumpkin, Apple, Vanilla Scents. In the Spring/Summer, I love Coconut, Pineapple, Banana Scents. My Favorite is the Smell of Tanning Lotion.

I have always used & will always use Avon Products- They are the Best & Least Expensive.