Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Weekday Routine

My Weekdays Usually goes like This (Unless I have a Photo Shoot or Event):

Wake up @ 6am
Hubby goes into shower.
Turn on TV`s to my Morning News Show, Good Day LA.
I go into kitchen- Feed cats a scoop of wet food each.
Make Hubby Decaf Herbal Tea
Make My Special Coffee = Strong Full Body Coffee or Espresso w/Crushed up Multi-Vitamin, 2 scoops of Powder Fiber & Sprinkle of Cinnamon in the Grounds B4 brewing with Bottled Water.
Make My Hubby`s Lunch in his '300 The Movie' Tin Lunch Box, which usually Includes: 1 hard boiled Egg, a small serving of Fat Free Cottage Cheese, Fruit (Apple or banana or grapes or whatever fruit), a Vegetable (like celery with seasoning sprinkled on it or Cucumbers or a Green Salad, etc), a small packet of healthy gummy fruit treats, a small packet of a crunchy snack (like nuts or pretzels or crackers).
I then put away Dishes that I washed The Night before & Clean up anything.
Turn on my Computer.
I then go wash up, Change into my Clothes, Etc.
I then check my emails until Hubby ready to go to work.
I then Drive Hubby to Work.

On Monday, on my way home from dropping him off at work, I will stop off at Grocery Store to Pick up our weekly Groceries, along with list & Coupons.
Put Groceries away and prepare stuff for Dinner later that Night.

Clean House, Do Laundry.
Check Emails, Update Websites, Upload Photos, Blogs, Etc, which takes most of my time.
Go for my daily 3mile Beach Jog.
Do my 1/2 stretching & ab exercises.
do a few pull-ups on my hanging bar.
Check on Dinner if cooking
Pick up Hubby from work at 5pm

If Monday- Guys come over to watch Football & Eat my Cooking (if summertime, Roy Grills on Roof- and we all watch a Movie inside afterwards).
If Not Monday, Roy goes to gym as make Dinner just for us.
We eat Dinner -he then goes check his home email from his Man Cave for about an hour.
I clean up & Watch my Tabloid TV Shows.
at 8pm- we both sit down on couch, watch TV, eat Popcorn and maybe a glass of wine or beer.
He might go to Balcony to have Cigar.
Around 11pm- we turn off everything- go into bedroom & turn on TV in there. We fall asleep to the TV. We both need the TV on while Sleeping, it drowns out any Noise & Relaxes our brain to sleep.

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