Monday, January 31, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Winds of Change

The Obama administration has aligned with the protest movement in Egypt by calling for an “orderly transition.” At least we have an administration that’s calling for orderly transition. The approach of the Bush administration in the Middle East was to impose it’s own disorderly transition. The use of the word “transition” is a deliberate message that the US wants Mubarak to step down and allow a more representative government in Egypt. They had a more democratic government under Ramses II. The last thing we want is for extremists to take control in Egypt. Look what happened when they seized control of the House of Representatives.

We’ve been in bed with Mubarak for years. And now the bed is on fire. Still, in terms of US interests in the region, Hosni Mubarak is the devil we know. And that’s the problem with US interests in the region… we know too many devils. The Arab world is full of authoritarian regimes that trample basic human rights. The Middle East may be the cradle of civilization, but it never fully grew up. It’s always been like that in the Middle East. I bet Hammurabi didn’t even follow his own Code.

Egyptian police are firing tear gas canisters labeled “Made in the USA.”
That’s bad news for our image in the Arab street, but good news for people who feared we don’t manufacture anything in this country anymore. The tear gas canisters’ labels say they’re made by Combined Systems International of Jamestown, Pennsylvania. Here’s a little advice for Combined Systems International—you might not want to put your name on your products. The people who come into contact with them are unlikely to appreciate your handiwork.

With the internet shut down in Egypt, protestors are turning to older technologies. Some people have reconnected using landlines and dial-up access. I don’t know about that. If the people are frustrated with the pace of change, how much more frustrated are they going to be with the pace of a dial-up connection? Yes, the revolution will be online. But it’s going to take forever to download.

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Flashback 2009: Hopefully Fox News has finally figured out where Egypt is on a map…

Thom Hartmann: Big Brother Alert! Issa wants the the identities of Americans who file a Freedom of Information Act request

Republican Darrell Issa - a former small-time criminal and now the richest man in the House of Representatives - is at it again. Using his post as the Chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee - Issa is asking the federal government to hand over the identities of every single American who has filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Issa claims he just wants the information to make sure the government is handling FOIA requests in a timely fashion. But considering the guy has already cozied up with big corporations - asking for their help in outlining what federal regulations he should attack - it should be troubling that he also wants the names of whistleblowers who may have targeted these same corporations in the past. Hundreds of thousands of journalists, former business executives, and regular citizens have filed Freedom of Information requests to uncover everything from the expanded influence of the military industrial complex to the delayed prosecution of rampant polluters of our environment. And now Issa - and his corporate buddies - want their names. This guy is on a mission to not only destroy the White House - but to also ensure that nobody stands in the way of corporations that want to continue violating pollution laws and taking advantage of their workers.


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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Protecting My Grandma from the Vultures... Update

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My Good Aunt & Uncle is on top of things. In fact, they are...I forget the correct word....but I think it is Executive Guardians? The Evil Aunt already got her attorney grandson to issue papers to my good aunt & uncle trying to sue for petty things, but My Good Aunt & Uncle assures me that there is no way that the Evil Aunt can win anything. So that is why this Evil Aunt likes to talk smack, tell grandma/her mom wild stories to make grandma feel 'sorry' for her, so Grandma gives her stuff. What is sad is a few of the family members & Grandma`s best friend of over 40yrs are believing the lies that the Evil Aunt is spewing and helping her out by telling grandma stuff like that she is going home, that is cost a lot of money for her being at this asst. living place, that strange men come into her room, that she will get hit on head if she wears anything nice & other Stories that grandma Believes & making it harder for us to care for Grandma......because we have to tell & try to convince grandma that those stories are untrue.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Still Fighting The Vultures.......

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I went to see Grandma yesterday. I bought & brought her More Supplies for her room. Paper Towels, Paper Towel Holder, Menthol Gel for her Nose, Stuffed Animals to tie down Help/Nurse Strings, Calendars, Lotion, Trash Cans, Trash Bags, Shoes, Pants, Photos, Frames, Deodorant, Lip Balm, Snacks, Etc.

I finally asked her what really happened to her Earrings. Grandma admitted that she gave them to my Evil Aunt. My Grandma said she didn`t want to get hit on the head for her Earrings.
It seems that Grandma thinks someone will hurt her & Steal them. Grandma is coming up with a lot of weird fears lately. I found out that my Evil Aunt/Her Youngest daughter calls her every day and tells her Grand Stories that seem to scare Grandma.
I tried to give grandma some good looking costume Jewelry but grandma refused, stating that she might get hurt because they will 'think' her jewelry is real.
Grandma also commented that if she is paying so much for that living asst place, she might as well pay us grand kids to live with her. My Grandma also says she is scared of the strange man that comes into her room at night. That 'Strange Man' is the male Night Nurse, who checks on all the residents on a nightly bases. I had to re-assure grandma that a male or female nurse is a good thing, they are there to make sure you are okay, it is their job. Grandma is not getting these stories from us, she MUST be getting these wild scary stories from my Evil Aunt. I really want to replace the 'A' in Aunt to the Letter 'C' for this Aunt!!

Grandma`s Good Girlfriend of over 40 years has been visiting Grandma. It is so cute to see them together, they really are ornery together, I love it! However, What is sad is that my Evil Aunt has been calling Grandma`s closest Friend of 40 years and now Grandma`s friend is rude to us when ever we are around and talks highly of my Evil Aunt to grandma. It looks like my evil Aunt got her claws into my Grandma`s friend and Grandma`s Friend is Believing the 'Words' that my Evil Aunt is telling her though the Phone. *Sigh*
I am really getting tired of people believing WORDS instead of coming around and looking at everyone`s action and who is REALLY doing what. My Biggest pet-peeve is when Actions do not Match the Words!!!
Stay Tuned.......

Randi Rhodes: REVOLT!

It’s Friday, ya bastids!

A group of online hacker activists who go by the name Anonymous are threatening to cause internet chaos in Egypt. Their online video (below) says “We are Anonymous. We are legion.” If they’re like most people of this ilk, they are also 15 years old. Anonymous is linked to a lot of internet attacks. The FBI is trying to track the people in the Anonymous group down. I’m not sure exactly where they live, but I think I can safely say it’s with their parents. Reports from Egypt say the internet has been shut down, along with cell phone text messaging. Well, at least now Sarah Palin will have a hard time inserting herself into this situation. Really, is shutting down the internet the wisest thing to do in this situation? For every person you prevent from sending out anti-government emails, there are another 10 people who would have been surfing randomly, and now have lots of free time on their hands.

Rand Paul and David Vitter are introducing a congressional resolution to do away with birthright citizenship. Why is Rand Paul getting together with David Vitter? The only time anybody gets together with David Vitter is at a cheap hotel, under an assumed name. The “resolution” in question would deny US citizenship to children of illegal immigrants who are born on US soil. Well, the resolution says it does that. But the US Constitution says otherwise. Paul and Vitter say this is a “resolution that would amend the Constitution.” Um guys, we already have something to amend the Constitution. They’re called amendments! You cannot amend the Constitution with a “resolution”! This actually uses an unconstitutional maneuver to pass an unconstitutional rule. At least they’re consistent in that sense. Vitter said this resolution will close a “loophole” in the Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t have loopholes, David. You’re the one who’s trying to put holes in it. Conservatives always talk about how much they love the Constitution. Then they do terrible things to it. This is love? Somebody should tell the Constitution that it’s in an abusive relationship.

In slightly less disgusting news, on a basketball pre-game show, Tracy Morgan said that Sarah Palin is “great masturbation material.” At least if you’re into using Sarah Palin as masturbation material, you have plenty of opportunities in which to do it. It could get a little tricky for a guy masturbating to Sarah Palin when she appears on Fox News, though. Just when you really get going, suddenly the camera cuts to Greta van Susteren. Or Sean Hannity. But then if guys are using Sarah Palin as masturbation material, I recommend that the sound on the video should definitely be turned off. And while I’m sure there are plenty of guys who actually really dig Sarah Palin (hello, Bill Kristol), I’m sure Tracy Morgan is not one of them. It’s one thing to vote against your own best interests, but why would a guy masturbate against his own best interests? What is it about guys that gets them turned on by women they actually despise? Really, if women were like guys in that regard, they would have a line of vibrators named after John Boehner. Hey! There’s your visual for the weekend. Although I don’t know if the best name for a line of vibrators is “Little Boehners.”

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Thom Hartmann: Who's supporting President Mubarak of Egypt?

You need to know this. Calls for revolution in Egypt escalated today into full on rioting - pitting thousands of protestors against police in the streets of Cairo. The scene was chaotic as stones were hurled into police battalions that responded with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. Cars and buildings are ablaze - and several injuries are reported as a result of police brutality. This is the most violent day of protesting yet - as the Mubarak administration clings to power in the largest nation in the Arab world. Plunging the country into a communications blackout - the Egyptian government has shut down the Internet as it was proving to be a useful tool for protestors and there are reports that international news correspondents are being prevented from reporting on the story. Security forces in Cairo confronted a news crew with CNN and confiscated their camera. Meanwhile - the Obama administration is walking a tight rope on how to handle the unfolding events in Egypt - an ally in the region yet home to a despotic president. Vice President Joe Biden claimed it was unfair to call President Mubarak a "dictator". President Obama was more nuanced in his position saying giving vague support to the protestors saying, "It is very important that people have mechanisms in order to express their grievances." While the White House hedges - there's one group that's a bit more outspoken in their support for the dictatorship in Egypt. That's the Chamber of Commerce...surprised? The Chamber's Egyptian affiliate - AmCham Egypt - includes many western transnational corporations including BP and Coca and Cola - and the group as recently as last year lobbied Congress to kill legislation to that would have called on the Egyptian Government to recognize the growing pro-democracy movement in the country and hold free, fair, and transparent elections. Why? Because President Mubarak is a key business ally - and he has exempted many Chamber corporate members from human rights laws. Here's another example of how the interests of corporations don't align with the interests of the people. If you're in the business of squashing a pro-democracy revolution like the Chamber of Commerce is - then you're not a patriot - you're a profit junkie.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Snow, Terror & Bitter Relics

Thanks to a huge snowstorm, today Washington is experiencing the same kind of standstill that Congress experiences all the time. People can’t get to work! Of course, in Washington, that doesn’t change things all that much. Guess what, Jim DeMint—you don’t have to shut down government. The weather is going to do that on its own.

The worst part is the snarled traffic. The evening commute became the all-night commute for a lot of people. There were more abandoned cars on Washington area roads than there are abandoned homes in Florida housing developments. The highways were just parking lots for hours and hours. It was like Woodstock without any music. The least they could have done was to helicopter in Joe Cocker or Country Joe & the Fish.

Today all the schools in the DC area are closed. Well, that gives you a nice feel for what it’s going to be like under Congressman Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s Future.” And some 422,000 people are still without power in Washington. Hey, here’s a quick political/weather joke:

Q. What do people in Washington do when they don’t have any power?

A. Filibuster! That’s right, you always have some kind of power in Washington. Even if your electricity is out, you can still put a secret hold on a Presidential appointee.

They’re going to get rid of the color-coded Homeland Security threat-level system. Well there goes my morning ritual of making coffee, checking the weather, and then checking the threat level. “Hmmm… today there’s a chance of rain, and an elevated chance of terror attack. I guess I’ll bring my umbrella and my haz-mat suit.” In its nine years of existence, the threat level was never, ever below yellow, for “elevated” threat level. Hello! If that’s your base-line level, it makes no sense to call it “elevated.” Calling the lowest level that they actually use “elevated” is like calling the smallest size available “large.” Who designed this system—the people at Starbucks? The color-coded threat alert system has outlived its usefulness. But then its usefulness was to the Bush administration as a political tool. Under the Bush Administration, the threat alert system was a lot better at predicting an upcoming election than it was at predicting an upcoming terror attack.

And former MSNBC morning host/current radio relic, Don Imus savaged Rachel Maddow yesterday (video below) for not defending Keith Olbermann on last Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Imus was appearently unmoved by Rachel heaping praise upon her former colleague on Monday.

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Thom Hartmann: This is judicial corruption at it's worst, and these men should be impeached or prosecuted

Last week - Common Cause petitioned the Department of Justice to look into possible improprieties on the part of Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia for not recusing themselves from the Citizens United decision. Both Justices had headlined speaking events at political strategy sessions hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers - brothers who certainly benefit from the Citizens United decision. Now - thanks to reporting from Think Progress's Lee Fang - we can throw Justice Samuel Alito into the mix too. Last year - Alito was the headline speaker at a fundraising event hosted by the Manhattan Institute - a right-wing think tank funded by big corporations like Exxon and CIGNA. So here we have 3 Supreme Court Justices headlining political fundraising events for organizations and corporations that benefited directly from the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision last year. This is judicial corruption at it's worst, and these men should be impeached or prosecuted.


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Evil Grave Robbing Aunt`s Grand Kids come to her Defense

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Post #3 )

*My Evil Aunt Grand Son (who is an

*Evil Aunt Grand Daughter Emailed Me this: I agree. A lot of people are saying things on both sides but you don't see us plastering all over Facebook the evil things we've heard. We are a family and we really should be overcoming this petty he said/ she said bullshit for the sake of Grandma Mary's health. That's the important thing isn't it? Family and health.

Ladies & Gents, Those were the grand kids from my Evil Aunt - I am not Mad at them, they are Believing & Defending what she is telling them, I am sorry you had to be a witness to Back to Scheduled Programming!!!!

To bad that they are just 'Hearing' what is going on and Not going to visit Grandma & see for I do 3-4 times a week....after all, one lives closer to Grandma than I do....but Like I said.....they are just defending the 'WORDS' Of Their Grandma aka: My Evil Aunt.....I cannot get mad at them.....I would do the same......but then again....NOT.....I would go Visit & see if the Words Matched the Actions myself!

Randi Rhodes: Hope vs Doom

Judging from last night, America faces a pretty clear choice—we can live with hope for the future, or we can live in fear of the mythical light bulb police. Instead of attacking Republicans, President Obama gave a bipartisan message of hope, which when you get down to it, turned out to be the best way to attack Republicans. By talking about economic competition the President left his political opposition in the dust.

For their rebuttal, the Republicans chose Paul Ryan, whose “Roadmap for America’s Future” looks like a travelogue to Hell. If Paul Ryan’s roadmap is what the future looks like, pull off the road NOW! Great—the Republicans had their rebuttal delivered by someone who can’t even honestly discuss what his own ideas are. If Paul Ryan lets Americans know what his own ideas are, they would be horrified. Ryan’s Roadmap destroys Social Security and Medicare, raises taxes on 90 percent of Americans… and actually increases the budget deficit. Is that even possible? In a sense, the man is a genius. After an inspirational speech by the President, all the Republicans could give us was an accountant… and a very dishonest accountant at that. Paul Ryan’s figures and statistics were so cooked that his rebuttal should have been delivered on the Food Network.

Paul Ryan could easily have come off as the most dishonest and ignorant politician of all time. But luckily for him, he was followed by Michele Bachmann (video below). Wow. Did Michele Bachmann look creepy or what? They would have been better off with Christine O’Donnell in full “Wicked Witch of the West” makeup. Michele made a reference the battle of Iwo Jima, which she pronounced as “Ewwa Jamma.” Is that a World War II battle or a Star Wars character? Oh, and Michele… the camera is over here, dearie. Bachmann delivered her entire speech to the wrong camera. Is there a better way to point out just how off-kilter Michele Bachmann is? There’s your Tea Party rebuttal, America—from someone who can’t even look you in the eye. Not that Michele Bachmann is ashamed to look you in the eye. She has no shame. She just doesn’t have the smarts to figure out how to look you in the eye.

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Thom Hartmann: It's pretty clear to see - while the Democrats are looking forward - the Republicans are looking backward

President Obama addressed the nation last night in his second State of the Union. He laid out a broad agenda of future government investments in education, infrastructure, clean energy, and technology and innovation. As far as a path forward on debt reduction - the President called for a 5 year freeze on non-defense discretionary spending - and a nearly $100 billion cut to the Pentagon's budget. He pledged he will end President Bush's failed education program No Child Left Behind, and assured the nation that troops in Afghanistan will begin coming home in July of this year. As far as specifics - the President didn't mention the words "climate change" - though he did set goals for new energy use. Calling for America to be the first nation with 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015 - and promising by 2035 - America will derive 80% of it's energy from clean and renewable sources.

And finally the President drew a line in the sand when it came to health reform - chiding House Republicans for trying to repeal the new health reform law instead of working to make it better. Ultimately - President Obama outlined a progressive agenda of government investment to rebuild our nation - something that's desperately needed. Even though the new seating arrangements in the House chamber dampened many of the boisterous and partisan applauding episodes that normally accompany a State of the Union - there were still several agenda items that Republicans clearly were not willing to lend their support - or applause - to. When the President touted his reform of the student loan industry - removing wasteful bank subsidies - and allowing more children to have access to federal Pell Grants - the Republicans sat on their hands.

When the President called for greater investment to high-speed applause from the Right. When the President defiantly said he would not allow health insurance companies to continue their abuses - Republicans seemed to disagree. The President called for end to tax breaks for the richest 2% in our nation - the GOP shunned the idea. And when the President called for an end to big oil subsidies - Speaker Boehner practically choked.

And nowhere could you see the difference between the two parties more drastically than in Congressman Paul Ryan's GOP response to the State of the Union. It was a "short on specifics - long on partisan attacks" speech that focused solely on our nation's deficit - and not on what America needs to do to compete with the world in the future. It's pretty clear to see - while the Democrats are looking forward - the Republicans are looking backward.

As the Conservative William F. Buckley so famously said - "A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling, 'stop'!" After last night's display by the GOP - Buckley couldn't be more right.


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

**** Stacy Diary: Fighting The Vultures & Life Hurdles Continues......

2day= Up at 6:30am like always....Make Coffee, Feed Animals, Make Breakfast, Dishes, Clean, Make Beds, Pay Bills, Computer Work, Exercise, Beach Jog...etc...then......
Drove an hour to Visit my Grandma, Drove Home, Picked up Roy and went 2our 1st Couple Therapy Session - it went Pretty Good, Looking 4ward 2Next Session!
My 13yr Old Girl Kitty Cat Kaiko is Very Sick, Might Die Soon. Roy cannot Handle taking her to the Vet because we know that the Vet will probably 'Put her Down'. She is not in Pain, we both think that it might be best to make her as comfortable as possible and let her die with the love & attention from her family.
Grandma Update: How interesting that Grandma`s Expensive earrings go missing on Friday, the same day that my Evil Vulture Grave Digging Aunt went 2go visit her......ummmmmm
Grandma just cannot have anything Expensive right now.....but no worries, My Grandma will not go Bare without Bling.....I`m gonna buy Grandma some of the Best Looking Costume Jewelery that this Avon Lady (aka: ME) can Buy!!

OXOX, Stacy

Randi Rhodes: SOTU Day

Hour One Guest: Prof. Marvin Ammori – no one understands the real-world consequences of mergers like NBC/Comcast and overall media concentration better than Prof. Ammori.

Hour Two Guest: Dep. White House Press Secretary Bill Burton on President Obama’s speech and the planned GOP responses.

It’s State of the Union address night! Get your popcorn ready. Or tea, as the case may be. In laying out his plans, Obama will draw a sharp distinction between himself and the Republicans. But then just the fact that he’s laying out plans does that. No doubt, President Obama will at some point list the challenges facing this nation. One challenge he won’t mention will be sitting right behind him. It’ll be hard to see President Obama with John Boehner sitting there without feeling an urge to yell “look out behind you!” But then if we yell, we all become Joe Wilson. The fun part will be trying to pick John Boehner’s face out from the wood panel background. It’s like a Lemon Pledge version of Where’s Waldo. In previous SOTU addresses, Nancy Pelosi blinked like she was trying to send Morse code signals. John Boehner doesn’t have to blink. His eyes are watered by frequent crying jags.

Congress is more sharply divided than ever. But at least tonight Congress won’t be literally divided. For the first time, members won’t be seated by party affiliation. Members have been arranging who to sit next to like a bunch of high school seniors trying to arrange prom dates. If kind of like a game of musical chairs… with very discordant music.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked to give the Republican response, but declined. I guess there was no buffet. I just can’t imagine Chris Christie saying no to anything. But then I’m thinking of dessert.

This year the Republican response will come from Congressman Paul Ryan. And then Michele Bachmann is giving her own address. If Ryan has the Republican response, I guess Bachmann has the extreme Republican response. Maybe they can follow her ups with some random tea partier just yelling “He’s a Muslim!” for eight or nine minutes. Paul Ryan isn’t conservative enough for the GOP wingnuts? If we go along with Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future, then future roadmaps of America won’t show any paved road. Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann are both hardcore conservatives, but they have different styles. Ryan is wonky. Bachmann is wacky. She’ll be giving her rebuttal from the Tea Party Express website. Express? That’s appropriate. This promises to be a real train wreck.

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Stephen Colbert first assumes then rejects Keith Olbermann’s power on last night’s Colbert Report…

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Thom Hartmann: Is this really how American pursues justice today??

Amnesty International is going after Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for the military's treatment of Bradley Manning - the man accused of leaking classified documents to Wikileaks. In a letter to Secretary Gates - Amnesty International called for an end to the inhumane conditions under which Manning is being held - conditions that include 23 hours of solitary confinement a day. The organization Psychologists for Social Responsibility has taken up the fight too - calling for and end to the, "inhumane, harmful, and counter-productive treatment" of Manning. On Sunday - two journalists from FireDogLake were detained while trying to visit Manning - and last week Manning was place on suicide watch. This is all an effort by the US military and the Department of Justice to break Manning down - and elicit a confession that could also implicate Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. But according to a military official yesterday, "there is apparently no evidence [Manning] passed the files directly to Assange, or had any direct contact with the controversial WikiLeaks figure". Yet - the Gitmo-style confinement continues. Is this really how American pursues justice today??


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Monday, January 24, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Comcasted

Hey, what are you going to watch tonight at 8 o’clock? Answer: whatever Comcast wants you to. They haven’t decided exactly what that’s going to be, but they’re already sure it’s not going to be Keith Olbermann. Keith Olbermann: you either love him or hate him. Now we know where Comcast stands in that spectrum. On his last show, Olbermann said that, at times, putting on the show “was just too much for me.” I don’t know about that, but it was definitely too much for Comcast.

The “Countdown” finally hit zero. 4, 3, 2, 1… this is the point at which you know Comcast is definitely in charge at NBC Universal. The deal reportedly places limits on Olbermann in terms of working another television job for a time. Yeah, until he can find a TV job that isn’t on a corporate network. Olbermann’s departure undoubtedly includes some sort of “non-compete” clause. But then the whole reason behind his departure is eliminating the ability of progressive talk to compete. It’s hard to have an agenda that’s critical of corporations when you have to depend on corporations to disseminate your message. It’s like trying to put an end to electronic amplification while having to communicate through a PA system.

Olbermann made MSNBC what it is. And this tells you that Comcast isn’t too pleased with what MSNBC is. If Comcast didn’t like MSNBC, why did they buy it? Maybe BECAUSE they didn’t like MSNBC. The corporate way of getting rid of competition boils down to “If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em.” And then you can do what you want with them.

No doubt, Keith Olbermann had a reputation for being difficult. And no doubt that made it a lot less difficult for Comcast to get rid of him. Olbermann was always outspoken. Now we’ve learned that there’s a fine line between “outspoken” and just “out.” As soon as the Comcast/NBC Universal merger was set in stone, that stone fell on Keith Olbermann. Olbermann took off at a time when there was a large imbalance toward conservatives in talk radio and TV. It seems Comcast is determined to restore that imbalance.

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Thom Hartmann: This isn't about the shooter winning...

The Center for Constitutional Rights - or CCR - is going after the Glenn Beck program. Beck recently directed his conspiracy theory fear machine at 78-year-old City University of New York professor Francis Fox Piven - accusing her of trying to "intentionally collapse our economic system".

It all boils down to an article Piven wrote 46 years ago about how to help poor people in the country by overwhelming welfare rolls and forcing the government into action to address poverty. Beck has since targeted this article dozens of times on his show and deemed Piven a threat to our nation. And - in response - Piven has received numerous death threats from Beck supporters. CCR wrote a letter to Fox News President Roger Ailes - asking him to force Beck to tone down the rhetoric and end the false accusations against Piven before someone carries out one of these deadly threats. Fox denied the request and said, 'The Glenn Beck Program,' probably above and beyond any on television, has denounced violence repeatedly."

And - in an interview over the weekend - new GOP Senator Mike Lee flat out rejected calls for renewed civility within Congress. When challenged whether or not it was appropriate for Members of Congress to engage in violent, heated rhetoric after the Tucson shooting - for example calling President Obama's health reform law the "job-killing health care bill" - Senator Lee responded, "The shooter wins if we, who've been elected, change what we do just because of what he did". This isn't about the shooter winning. This is about Republicans - with the help of their commentators on Fox News and talk radio - trying to win any means necessary.


(What do you think - is this about the shooter winning? Tell us here.)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thom Hartmann: Massachusetts blogger says, "One down - 534 to go"

Earlier in the week - a large cache of weapons was seized from a Massachusetts blogger who threatened Members of Congress after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. Travis Corcoran wrote in his blog, "One down - 534 to go." He was of course referring to the 535 Members of Congress who serve in the US House and Senate. Corcoran's blog also read, "It's absolutely, absolutely unacceptable to shoot indiscriminately. Target only politicians and their staff and leave regular citizens alone."

When police paid a visit to Corcoran - they found multiple firearms and loads of ammunition - which they promptly seized. Corcoran's gun license was also suspended. Currently he is not facing any charges - however multiple police agencies are looking into the matter. Based on blog ranting - Corcoran's political views are in line with anti-government libertarianism - similar to the Tea Party. For example - he believes the Department of Education is unconstitutional. Corcoran also seems to be a fan of Rand Paul - defending the new Kentucky Senator on his twitter page.

It's unclear if Corcoran was planning to actually carry out the threats he posted on his blog - there's no doubt he had the means to. As the Tea Party's message of an illegitimate government continues to resonate around the country - thanks in large part to major media outlets like Fox news - more people like Corcoran - who appears sane - will see violence against that government as justified. This is a dangerous mix in America - not seen since the 1960's.


(What do you think causes people to act like that? Tell us here.)

Randi Rhodes: Don't Let the Door Hit Ya

It’s Friday, ya bastids!

We’re saying so long to Senator Joe Lieberman, who announced he won’t be running for reelection. Joe Lieberman isn’t easy to categorize. He isn’t easy to label. But most of all, he isn’t easy to stomach. A deeply pious man, Joe believes in a generous God. Unfortunately, that goes hand in hand with a belief that he is God’s greatest gift. There is nobody in America more unjustifiably proud of having done essentially nothing… outside of the Kardashians. At least Kim Kardashian didn’t screw up healthcare reform.

This week Michael Steele described being ousted as RNC Chairman by saying “I know exactly how Caesar felt.” Hmmm, I don’t think Caesar felt anything after his ouster. But then Steele is the guy who thought the quote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” came from War and Peace. I assume he thinks Julius Caesar was a character in Romeo and Juliet… by Ernest Hemingway.

Fox’s Megan Kelly claims that there is no Nazi imagery on the Fox Network. The only surprising thing is that she didn’t use any Nazi imagery to make her point. Come on. There are so many references to the Nazis on Fox News that is should be called Fuchs News. And leading the goosestep parade is Fox’s Glenn Beck. Beck invokes the name of Adolph Hitler so often that his show is in danger of turning into a séance.

The FBI this week announced the biggest mob bust of all time. I’m not a mob historian, but I believe the biggest mob bust of all time was the montage in the last part of “Goodfellas.” Or was it “Casino”? Some of the crimes people were arrested for go back 30 years, including a double murder that started out as a barroom quarrel. They didn’t need the FBI to investigate that. I could have told them it was Joe Pesci. The FBI arrested 127 reputed Mafia members. The footage of them being hauled in looked like a casting call for “The Godfather 4.” Some of the actual nicknames of those arrested include Lumpy, Johnny Pizza, The Bull, Baby Fat, and Meatball. Is this a mob bust, or are they announcing a new cast for “The Jersey Shore”? And to think, at least one of these guys would have gotten away, if that stupid babysitter hadn’t forgotten her lucky hat.

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President Obama honored JFK's legacy last night on the 50th anniversary of his inauguration...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

-->> Protecting My Grandma, Fighting the Vultures part 3

Lost??? Read the posts before:
Post #1
Protecting my Grandma, Fighting the Vultures
Post #2 Grandma & Marriage Update

Oh Boy and the drama Continues.......Finally set Grandma into her New Asst. Living Pad. It looks like all will be good - lots of activities, lots of New Friends, Lots of Visiting Friends & Family, lots of care 24/7 -etc, etc.....I am going to go there 2visit Grandma a lot!!
However The Vultures are not letting up - still causing chaos!!
The Younger Daughter/My Aunt sent her Sister & Husband (who has been caring for Grandma for over the past 20years) an attorney letter threatening to sue them - she 'Claims' that her Mother/My Grandmother was moved from the hospital without her knowledge. That is a flat out lie - I was there at the hospital & saw & heard the FULL Communication between everyone there on what was happening & that Grandma was getting moved.
WTF?? Why is she causing so much Trouble?? She is even spreading lies to all of Grandmother`s Friends & Family that she wanted to move in with Grandma and take care of her - That is a lie!!! Besides, actions Speak louder than words, if she REALLY Wanted to care for grandma, she would have stepped in to do so a very long time ago. She is a lot of talk, but not much for action.......unless you count Negative unhelpful action!!
Then, my Dad tells my Aunt, Uncle & Cousin who have been caring for grandma, to keep receipts and have Grandma reimbursed us for our expenses, like gas in our Car.......WTF??
They are acting like we have Kennedy or Rockefeller Money, but we don`t.....they are fighting over a few bucks.....however it still doesn`t make it right if we had more money, but Come On!!!!
I guess every family has these type of Vultures, I have seen them before when my Mom died, but they still surprise & disgust me.
The Story continues.....I will keep you Posted.
oxox, Stacy

Randi Rhodes: Drunk on Lies

Hour Two Guest: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on the possible perils of Comcast/NBC deal, our volatile/violent political culture, the GOP’s attack on healthcare reform, etc.

In their first major act, the Republican-led House voted to repeal healthcare reform. The Republicans have gone from stopping things getting done to undoing things. In the Republican world, that’s progress. President Obama has vowed “we can’t go backward.” But backward looks like forward to the Republicans—that’s the direction they’re facing.

Congressman Anthony Weiner proposed a drinking game in which “you take a shot whenever Republicans say something that’s not true” during the healthcare repeal effort. We could make the game more involved—lies about death panels mean a shot of tequila, lies about the cost of reform mean a shot of whiskey, and every time the phrase “job killing” is mentioned you have to do a beer bong. This game has the potential to turn everybody into Snooki from the Jersey Shore.

The FCC has approved Comcast’s bid to acquire NBC-Universal. At this point, there is so much consolidation of the media that we’re going to have to start calling it consolidation of the medium. That’s a Latin pluralization joke for you all. Why should we care if giant corporations decide what we see on TV? I can tell you in three words: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Plus, this merger is going to mean higher cable bills. My cable bill is already so high that it would be cheaper for me have Jon Stewart appear live in my living room. According to the FCC’s former chief economist, consumers will pay $2.4 billion more in cable bills as a result of the merger. I think my last cable bill was $2.4 billion. But then I have HBO and Showtime.

There’s a great YouTube video of a housewife in the 1950’s taking part in an LSD experiment. You get a real feel for what it would have been like if June Cleaver had gone to a Phish concert. Now this is one housewife who won’t bat an eye if Mr. Clean suddenly materializes in her kitchen, or the Kool-Aid pitcher starts talking to her.

Well, the results of Representative Weiner’s drinking game are in, and guess who won? John Boehner! And he didn’t even know he was playing.

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A Democratic congressman evoked Joseph Goebbels on the House floor when talking about GOP healthcare lies this week (video). Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) stood by his analogy last night on Anderson Cooper (below), concluding with “I won’t say it again, but I was right.”

Thom Hartmann: Could the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision soon be overturned?

One year after the ruling - could the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision soon be overturned? The progressive organization Common Cause is asking the Department of Justice to look into possible "conflict of interest" behind the scenes of the Citizens United ruling. In the petition to the DOJ - Common Cause argues that Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia should have recused themselves from the Citizens United case since they were actively involved in political strategy sessions hosted by the billionaire Koch Brothers - two men who benefited considerably from the Supreme Court's ruling.

The allegation is based on documents obtained by ThinkProgress and the New York Times that suggest the two Justices attended a Palm Springs event hosted by the Koch brothers around the same time the high court was hearing arguments in the case. If the petition is successful - the DOJ could disqualify Justices Scalia and Thomas from the ruling - and thus overturn the decision altogether. Of course this wouldn't be the first time Scalia and Thomas demonstrated a "conflict of interest". Thomas didn't recuse himself from the Bush v. Gore decision in 2000 that handed the presidency over to George W. Bush even though Thomas's wife was working on the Bush transition team. And Scalia went on a hunting trip with former Vice President Dick Cheney right before he ruled in favor of Cheney in a case before the high court. Overturning Citizen's United based on these guys' impropriety should be just a start - they should also be impeached for corruption.


(What rights do you think corporations will have in future? Tell us here.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Flag this message Healthcare, Guns & Palin, Oh My

Hour One Guest: Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) on her new bill to ban high-capacity gun clips and today's planned vote to repeal healthcare reform.

The House votes today on whether or not to repeal healthcare reform. More accurately, they vote on whether to signal the Tea Party nuts that they really, really tried to repeal healthcare reform. The healthcare repeal has absolutely no chance of becoming law. This bill in the House is just a Republican feel-good measure, which gives you an idea of the kinds of things that make Republicans feel good—basically anything that will make others feel bad.

On Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) refused to say that he wished Jared Loughner had had a smaller clip. No, Trent Franks wishes somebody else was there with a bigger clip. Franks was the one who said “I wish there had been one more gun there that day in the hands of a responsible person.” Innocent people can get shot by “a responsible person” too, you know. Ask anybody who’s ever gone hunting with Dick Cheney. Or just ask the guy at the Rep. Giffords’ event who almost shot the wrong person.

In her appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, Sarah Palin claimed she was baffled by the criticism of her crosshairs map. No surprise there. I get the feeling Sarah Palin is baffled by a lot of things. Now Palin is on Hannity’s show defending her original defense. For someone as obsessed with gun imagery, it’s truly amazing just how off-target Sarah Palin consistently is. Well, Sarah, thanks for clarifying the message of your previous video. And I’m assuming the message of that video was that you are a self-obsessed moron.

Newt Gingrich has some advice for Sarah. That’s appropriate. I think Sarah Palin may be the only person in the world with worse ideas than Newt Gingrich. Newt said “I think that she has got to slow down…” Sarah doesn’t need to “slow down.” She needs to change course. Telling her to slow down is like telling General Custer to take a leisurely route to the Little Big Horn.

Did I say last week that Sarah Palin is now the female Ann Coulter? Not everyone agrees. Dr. Laura says Sarah Palin “has balls. And they don’t like that in a woman.” Well, some people do, Doc. That’s why transvestite hookers exist.

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If you ever wished that someone would combine the music of the Battle Hymn of the Republic with cheesy pro-Sarah Palin lyrics, your prayers have been answered…

Thom Hartmann: Can you say oligopoly in the USA?

Financial consumers are screwed. Can you say oligopoly in the USA? Based on a study released by the White House yesterday - the four biggest banks in America could grow even bigger under the financial reform law passed last year. The law put a cap on the growth of financial institutions to prevent them from posing a systemic risk to the entire financial system - like what happened a few years ago. However that cap is calculated using a skewed formula that allows even the biggest banks in America to continue to grow into "too big to fail" monsters. Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo all have plenty of room under the cap and can add another trillion dollars to their balance sheets by taking over and merging with other banks. To put it into perspective just how big these banks are - they collectively hold nearly $8 trillion in assets - about half of the entire banking system - and originate 3 out of every 5 home mortgages. Less than a decade ago - 15 banks made up half of the financial industry - today that's 4. And sadly - there's nothing in the law to prevent these massive banks from growing larger. Looks like the banks won after all...again.


(Is America an oligarchy? Tell us here.)

Thom Hartmann: What did Arizona Republicans learn from the events in Tucson more than a week ago?

What did Arizona Republicans learn from the events in Tucson more than a week ago? That more guns are the answer. Lawmakers in the state legislature that brought you such goodies as the "papers, please" law, the elimination of multicultural studies in schools across the state, and the right to carry guns in bars and concealed without a permit - are at it again.

Republicans plan to introduce laws during this session that will: allow individuals to carry firearms on college campuses - allow the display of gun for purposes of self-defense (whatever that means), and prevent homeowners and landlords from forbidding people residing on their properties the "right to bear arms". Of course - an expansion of gun rights has been widely proven to not increase safety.

The National Research Council published a study in 2004 that showed states with Right-to-Carry laws saw absolutely no decline in violence. In fact - a study published last year by Stanford Law School found that states with Right-to-Carry laws may actually seen an increase in aggravated assault cases. But these numbers - and the horrific consequences of easy access to guns - don't seem to bother the GOP in their effort to have guns outnumber people in this country. After all - why let any crisis go to waste for their gun lobby friends, right?


(What do you think they should have learned? Tell us here.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Not Just a Holiday

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was 39 years old when an assassin’s bullet robbed him and us of the rest of his life on April 4, 1968.

The a bill to establish a federal holiday in honor of Dr. King was introduced in the House by still-serving Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) just four days after the shooting – it didn’t receive a floor vote until 1979; it didn’t pass until 1983. In fact, that the bill survived at all is due in large part to 15 years of labor union members, most but not all African-American, risking their jobs demanding the holiday’s recognition.

The Martin Luther King Holiday Act, commemorating Dr. King’s birthday (Jan. 15, 1929), was signed into law by President Reagan on November 2, 1983. It's first observance was on January 20, 1986. It took until 1993 for all 50 states to observe some form of the holiday and 7 years more (Jan. 17, 2000), nearly 32 years after Dr. King’s death, for all states to actually include his name in the holiday.

Today Dr. King has been dead for more years than he lived but for the youngest Americans and for generations still to come his name and legacy will be forever woven into their most fundamental notions of equality, peace, economic and social justice, and basic human dignity.

There is a reason why fighting for over three decades for this holiday was a noble cause of the first order. The result is national pause that challenges us to examine how far we have come and how far we still have left to go in our shared endeavor to achieve a more perfect union. Pretty good stuff for a holiday.

When our days become dreary with low hovering clouds of despair, and when our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, let us remember that there is a creative force in this universe, working to pull down the gigantic mountains of evil, a power that is able to make a way out of no way and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows. Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Aug. 16, 1967

Thom Hartmann: Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy and dream of non-violence and inclusion

Congresswoman Giffords' condition was upgraded over the weekend from critical to serious. Unfortunately - the community that experienced the shooting is still critically wounded. At a town hall event in Tucson on Saturday - one of the victims of the shooting rampage - Eric Fuller was arrested for disorderly conduct and making a threat. The incident occurred after local Tea Party leader Trent Humphries suggested there should be no debate about gun control until after all the victims were buried. Fuller - who was shot twice by Loughner - was unpleased with the remarks and reportedly stood up and said, "Your dead!" to Humphries. After the town hall - Fuller was arrested and involuntarily committed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation by the police for making the threat. The target of Fuller's threat - Trent Humphries said last week that Congresswoman Giffords is to blame for her own shooting since she chose not to have any security present at the event.

Congress is likely to side with Humphries on the gun control debate as Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer pointed out yesterday that there are simply not enough votes to pass gun control legislation on Capitol Hill. So it looks like our nation will once again NOT learn the appropriate lesson after another tragic act of violence. Maybe we should spend this day reflecting the message of another American hero who died by way of a gun. Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy and dream of non-violence and inclusion. A message that has been lost in America in recent years - culminating in the horrific events of last Saturday in Tucson. As plagued as our politics are today - and as futile as reform seems in the future - King reminds us that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice. A particularly poignant message during these dark American days.


(How are you celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy ? Tell us here.)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Friday Musings

Random Thoughts After a Rough Week: Tom Brokaw said that, because of the lax gun laws in Arizona, “I would be nervous about going into a bar or restaurant in Arizona…” Congratulations, Arizona. Tom Brokaw spent a lot of time in foreign war zones. Now he’s afraid to go to an Applebee’s in Phoenix.

Newly convicted Tom DeLay says “I was tried in the most liberal county in Texas, indeed in the United States.” If Tom DeLay thinks that any county in Texas is the most liberal county in the United States, it just proves that he has never been to the United States.

It’s time for Sarah Palin to regroup. And she’s going to have to find a way to do that without using the term “reload.” I don’t think she can do it. Sarah Palin without the gun imagery is like KISS without the makeup. Her die-hard fans just won’t accept it. She’s not a politician; she’s just a shock pundit. Sarah Palin is now the female Ann Coulter.

Ted Nugent has written a newspaper op-ed. Oh, my mistake. It’s not a newspaper, it’s the Washington Times. Nugent calls for conservatives to “turn up the rhetoric.” I guess conservative rhetoric is like Ted Nugent’s music—if it’s not really, really loud, it’s easy to hear how much it sucks. But hey, Ted, we still love Journey to the Center of the Mind.

Vickie Lawrence has recorded a nasty attack on Ted Williams, the golden-voiced homeless man. If you’ve never heard of Vickie Lawrence… well that probably explains why she’s so mad. She was “Mama” on the Carol Burnett Show and “Mama’s Family.” Mama was a crotchety old lady. Talk about growing into your role! So, Vickie—you’ve been doing the same schtick for 40 years, and you can’t figure out why you’re not getting booked? You shouldn’t be complaining. You should be forming a support group with Yakov Smirnoff. Maybe it’s time for you to remove yourself completely from the public eye. And by that, I mean, go work in Branson, MO.

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Jon Stewart notes how it took about 3 minutes after it concluded for conservatives to start attacking the Tucson memorial…

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Thom Hartmann: We need to retreat from this culture of violence, not reload again...

Since the shooting of Representative Giffords - Members of Congress are now worried about their own security - both in DC and their home districts. In the nation's Capitol - Congress has access to enhanced security thanks to the Capitol police. Though that's not good enough for Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert - the guy who's just about afraid of everything from gays to terror babies. He's proposing legislation that would allow Members of Congress to carry guns in DC and get this - even on the House floor. I guess he took Sarah Palin's speech to heart on Wednesday when she talked about how politicians of old settled their difference with pistol duels.

Outside Washington - back in their home districts - Members of Congress must rely on local law enforcement to provide security. A task that's increasingly difficult as states are bankrupt and are forced into laying off police officers - mainly thanks to irresponsible tax cuts and fiscal policy brought to us by Republican state Governors and right-wing ballot initiatives over the last few decades. In response - Republican Peter King - is calling to borrow money from China to provide Members of Congress with personal security when they're outside of Washington, DC. King is also introducing legislation to ban carrying firearms within 1,000 feet of himself or any of his 534 colleagues.

It's unclear how average citizens like us can qualify for that same protective barrier. Fear isn't exclusive to Congress though - it's also felt among gun owners in the wake of Tucson. Owners of gun shops across Arizona have seen weapon sales nearly double in the days since the massacre as people fear tougher gun laws could be coming down the pike. Reagan and Palin and the rest of the GOP are right - we are an "exceptional" nation. Of all the advanced nations in the world - we're the only one that thinks more guns equals more security. And after each new gun massacre jolts our nation year in and year out - we refuse to change. We need to retreat from this culture of violence, not reload again.


(Retreat or reload? What do you think? Tell us here.)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Healer in Chief

Hour One Guest: Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) on the Tucson memorial that he attended last night.

Hour Two Guest: Author/journalist Richard Wolffe (latest book) on all the week's developments surrounding the tragedy in Arizona.

OK, time to let the grownups speak. Last night President Obama addressed the nation at the memorial service for the victims of the Arizona shooting (video). It was a very powerful speech. I guess it’s easier to say all the right things when you don’t have all the wrong thoughts. The contrast with Sarah Palin’s statement yesterday was impossible to ignore. Yesterday President Obama rose to the occasion, while Sarah Palin sank to a new low. Sarah Palin was defiant. She may have ended up defying herself the Republican nomination for president. And yes, I know the correct word is “denying.” I was intentionally speaking Palin-ese. The lesson for Sarah? You can’t have a firm grip on anything while you’re pointing your finger.

Sarah Palin would have been better off swilling merlot with John Boehner and keeping her mouth shut. Yes, John Boehner skipped the memorial service to attend a cocktail party for the RNC! That may seem insensitive, but in defense of Speaker Boehner, he goes to a cocktail party every night. If John Boehner stops going to cocktail parties, then the terrorists have won. Is anyone surprised that Boehner would pick alcohol over protocol? Word to John—there’s only one kind of meeting that would justify skipping this event, and it would involve beginning a 12-step program.

On Fox News, Brit Hume said the memorial “was much more of a pep rally...” I didn’t really see that. Maybe I missed the balloon drop. Hume blamed what he saw as the lack of “mournfulness” and “sobriety” on the Native American invocation at the beginning of the service. Yes, those darned Indians! They come to this country without really ever understanding the culture. Evidently Brit Hume thinks that a traditional Christian blessing would have been more appropriate… you know—a guy with a big pointy hat swinging a ball spewing incense.

Of course, the big “Crossroads of the West” gun show scheduled for this weekend in Tucson is still on. There are billboards in Tucson with the crosshairs logo of the gun show—a crosshairs (see below). You would think they could get in trouble for that, if only from Sarah Palin’s trademark attorneys.

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Thom Hartmann: Are Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and the rest of the gang guilty of stochastic terrorism?

President Obama was in Arizona last night to speak at a memorial service for the victims of the Arizona shooting. He - along with a few Members of Congress - also visited Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the hospital where more positive signs of recovery continue to emerge. Giffords reportedly opened her eyes for the first time. The President focused his speech on the victims of the tragedy - using the death of 9-year-old Christina Green to encourage our nation to move forward - to be better. As he said, "I want America to be as good as she imagined it." His speech stood in stark contrast to the bitter and divisive statement Sarah Palin released the day before. Palin focused much of her time on the shooter - and invoked the term "blood libel" to characterize her treatment from the media. "Blood libel" is a blatantly anti-Semitic remark and may also be a dog whistle to her base of militias and ultra Conservatives as she prepares her 2012 Presidential run. While President Obama stayed above the fray - refusing to condemn the political rhetoric coming from the he probably should - I won't.

When you listen to people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and the rest of the gang - it's easy to see - these men and women are guilty of something called stochastic terrorism. That is - the use of mass communication like radio or television to encourage individuals to commit random lone acts of violence. It's what Glenn Beck was guilty of when he encouraged Byron Williams to attempt to massacre members of the Tides foundation and ACLU. It's what Bill O' Reilly was guilty of when he shouted "Tiller the baby killer" a dozen times on his show - and then someone killed Dr. George Tiller. And it could be what all these talking heads are guilty of when Jared Lee Loughner took his semi-automatic pistol to a local Safeway grocery store in Tucson on Saturday and attacked his hated "big government" by trying to assassinate a Congresswoman. We are living in a volatile and violent nation today - and if we want to emerge from it - we need to recognize the damage certain people on the Right are doing. They are profiting off their own unique form of terrorism.


(Do you think what they do is a form of terrorism? Tell us here.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

->> Grandma & Marriage Update

Lost? Read This 1st: Update to this:

Grandma is well enough 2leave the rehabilitation Center -not good 4her 2be around all that sickness @ 90yrs old.
Grandma cannot go live alone @ home with Broken Back, Alzheimer's, dementia, mixing up her medicine, etc-so we found a great place for her
the place she`s going, she gets her own apt. outside has a restaurant, kitchen that makes fresh cookies, everything is homemade & Living Room, Fireplace & Activities, they even have Wii
they make sure she gets her meds on time, they make sure she is clean, her teeth get cleaned, they keep her busy w/activities, the place smells good
in the main room all the people living there were dressed nice, active and all playing the Wi bowling. They have a Backyard with Picnic Tables, Grass & a BBQ - So when we visit her, we can BBQ for her if we wanted to -When I'm 90yrs old I wanna live there!

We are going to Slowly Move her stuff in her new Place. We know she will have a fit if she thought she was staying there. She really wants to go back home, but she cannot live alone any more. We entertained the idea of having someone move in with Grandma, but she needs a place that will give her Full Medical attention if Needed at anytime.
We also are afraid of the Vulture side of the family moving in with grandma just in an attempt to steal grandma`s house.
It will be difficult to break the news to grandma that she will not be able to live alone at home anymore.
All During this My Husband Roy, felt abandoned and Threatened me with Divorced, he Even put a Deposit on an Apartment for Himself, saying he was leaving by the 1st of Next Month!!! I was Like WTF??? I talked him into staying & try Marriage Counseling before he makes such a Rash Decision - he Agreed.
More to Come....Stay Tuned.