Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Playboy Mansion Friend Jeremy Arnold Testified on Capital Hill!

I was watching The Nightly News -and all of sudden I saw my Friend & Fellow Playboy Mansion Allumni Guest Jeremy Arnold on there -testifing on Capital Hill -I only caught a glimpse & wanted him to Spill The Beans and tell me why, what, how etc....Well here is his response to me Below -Right on Jeremy -I am VERY Proud of you -CHEERS to You!!!!

Yes, Stacy, it is True, I flew to DC to testify yesterday at a subcommittee hearing of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The subject was Anthem's recent proposed premium hikes on individual health insurance subscribers in California. I am one who was affected by this. I wrote an e-mail to my Congressman 10 days ago when I saw that he was the chair of the committee leading the federal inquiry, and the next thing I knew I was one of three people from California being invited to testify in person! Just amazing. It was an honor to be so directly involved in such an important issue, and to be the proverbial "little guy" putting his points across. I felt like I was in a Frank Capra movie.You can see an archived webcast of the entire hearing at the link below. My 5-minute statement begins at the 52:00 minute mark. Over the following hour, I sporadically answer questions from Democratic and Republican congressmen. After the three of us panelists were done, the CEO of Anthem testified and took questions.

That's also on the webcast.

You can also go to this website to read my written testimony, which is slightly different from my spoken testimony (especially the ending!):

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy being a Computer Geek

Been Sooooo busy....on the computer!!! I have been updating, upgrading, downloading, uploading, Linking, Fixing, Mixing, name it. I have soooo many websites and I am upgrading them ALL....adding sooooooooooooooo much New & Improved content on all.....keeping them all current & Frequently Updated. Almost done....however - I really will NEVER be Done....but it took me a week and every hour of the day getting all my websites to the standard I want.
I am trying to Organize & Post ALL my links up at -that way everything is easy to find.
I Love to hear feedback so when you have some time please go and check out all my links and tell me what you think. You can either leave a comment on here or email me @
Oh and P.S. There is a LOT more New Updates to come......soooo....Stay Tuned!!
oxox Stacy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Functional/Dysfunctional Valentine!

A Valentine Facebook Letter from my Friend Jeanette to her Hubby Jimmy:
Jimmy and I have been together for 23 years and this year will be our 20th Anniversary..and your all invited to the party this Halloween! We have the most Functional/Dysfunctional relationship I know of..The ultimate Sid and Nancy..Love/Hate romance. He drives me crazy when hes around and I'm lost without him..We met when we were 14 and he said "nice flat top hair cut" and that was it til 6 years later he drunk called me and said "hey you wanna hang out and *&% til something better comes along"..I said "OK" and we've been together ever since. Make sure you all tell him I wrote this when you see him too!!! LMFAO!!

My Reply:
I love this too- just like me and Roy -OMG -we really get into it sometimes -Dunno how I still have my wedding rings -I threw them at him soooo many times -but I always find them -even in the street -umm- is the world trying 2 tell me something? HAHA! Hey -glad 2 know there are other couples like us -and glad 2 know that you guys been 2gether so long with the same passion - shows me that me & Roy are gonna be okay!

My Summary:
Sometimes Firey Love/Hate Relationship work. I am getting better on Curbing some of the un-necessary drama/tantrums......but all in all -this makes me think that sometimes it works -just as long as the love, understanding & respect out-weighs anything bad.
Yes, Roy & I have our ups & downs and we are still learning alot about each other and our weaknesses - but all in all -we love, understand & respect each other very much. We really are a perfect match. I cannot think of anyone else being my husband and anyone else who is 100% on board with me & visa-versa.
So.....Cheers & Here`s to Love!!

** Happy Valentine`s Day! **

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 12 and Coughing - I mean Counting!

Feb. 4th 2010 and Day 12 of being sick. I starting feeling run down Saturday Jan. 23rd - but I took nap and was all fired up for my MC/Cage Dancing Night at Sexy Babylon - which was a Blast - but it took its toll on me. I was starting to get sick that day and I think by ignoring it and pushing my body to the limit broke me!
I do not have a cold - I do not know what I have. I am achy, fevery & all I want to do is Sleep - however I have a hard time sleeping because I have this Loud, Hacking, Dry, Deep Cough that is continuous - so continuous that I have a hard time taking a breath in between coughs. I get super light headed while coughing - I feel dizzy and drunk. No Cough Syrup will work. Not even my Old Prescription Cough Syrup with Codeine. My Tummy Muscles are getting a work out - my abs have never been firmer - forget about crunches - coughing will pull those abs in tight! I coughed so hard that I threw my Neck out. It was sooo painful! I rubbed so much Flex All/Icy Hot on it - I stunk! Took lots of aspirin for the pain. It is so hard to breath as well - but I usually have a hard time breathing due to my chronic Allergies. I keep poor Roy awake all night with my cough.
I have not exercised or jogged all this time either. I feel like such a bum. I cannot wait until I am well enough to go for a jog. I need exercise, I need Sun, I need Fresh Air, I need to be Outside!

Some ask, 'Why don`t you go to the Doctor?' Well, I am one of those people that you have to force to go to the Doctor or Hospital. I have a long story in which I will someday write about here, about my bad ordeals with Doctors and Hospitals. In the Meantime, I figure - I will fix myself -only in extreme emergencies will I go to a Doctor. Also, my Mom was a Hypochondriac - in which helped made me become the opposite.

I am starting to feel better. I am just very weak, I feel exhausted and it is still a bit hard to breath. However the coughing is getting better and I am not so achy. I am hoping to be back to exercising Jogging Working & back to being my energetic self by the end of this weekend!