Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 12 and Coughing - I mean Counting!

Feb. 4th 2010 and Day 12 of being sick. I starting feeling run down Saturday Jan. 23rd - but I took nap and was all fired up for my MC/Cage Dancing Night at Sexy Babylon - which was a Blast - but it took its toll on me. I was starting to get sick that day and I think by ignoring it and pushing my body to the limit broke me!
I do not have a cold - I do not know what I have. I am achy, fevery & all I want to do is Sleep - however I have a hard time sleeping because I have this Loud, Hacking, Dry, Deep Cough that is continuous - so continuous that I have a hard time taking a breath in between coughs. I get super light headed while coughing - I feel dizzy and drunk. No Cough Syrup will work. Not even my Old Prescription Cough Syrup with Codeine. My Tummy Muscles are getting a work out - my abs have never been firmer - forget about crunches - coughing will pull those abs in tight! I coughed so hard that I threw my Neck out. It was sooo painful! I rubbed so much Flex All/Icy Hot on it - I stunk! Took lots of aspirin for the pain. It is so hard to breath as well - but I usually have a hard time breathing due to my chronic Allergies. I keep poor Roy awake all night with my cough.
I have not exercised or jogged all this time either. I feel like such a bum. I cannot wait until I am well enough to go for a jog. I need exercise, I need Sun, I need Fresh Air, I need to be Outside!

Some ask, 'Why don`t you go to the Doctor?' Well, I am one of those people that you have to force to go to the Doctor or Hospital. I have a long story in which I will someday write about here, about my bad ordeals with Doctors and Hospitals. In the Meantime, I figure - I will fix myself -only in extreme emergencies will I go to a Doctor. Also, my Mom was a Hypochondriac - in which helped made me become the opposite.

I am starting to feel better. I am just very weak, I feel exhausted and it is still a bit hard to breath. However the coughing is getting better and I am not so achy. I am hoping to be back to exercising Jogging Working & back to being my energetic self by the end of this weekend!

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