Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Hooptie & Broken Agreements

Last year I got a Letter from Saturn that states that my year has Transmission problems & that if I have any trouble -that Saturn will replace my transmission for Free. I took my car in last year because my transmission was acting up......Saturn decided to try to fix it 1st before replacing it....for free like stated in my agreement. Well- fast forward to Xmas Day -I am in Pomona with my Grandma and my car breaks down. We get it towed to Saturn of Cerittos. We learn that my Transmission is dead and we need a New one. I bring up the agreement. Saturn now tells me that the letter/agreement is no longer valid due to the Government Buy Out of Saturn. The Only deal they can give me is a 50/50 -they pay half of the repairs. A new Transmission is about $5000-$6000- .....so that means we gotta pay close to $3000-!!!!! I still do not think that this is right- I think they should honor their agreement -we cannot afford this....plus I hate spending that much money on a hooptie 2003 car that will have more trouble later!! Besides- I cannot trust Saturn anymore to honor ANY Agreement that they give me.
I guess I`m gonna have to contact my Lawyer and Sue Saturn- this is NOT right- I have an agreement in writing that states that they sold us a bumm car & that they are responsible to make any repairs or replace any/all for Free!! I am sooo bummed, upset, sad, broke....etc......I hope the New Year is better!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Friend Raymond

I have a Guy friend that I have known for over 10years that I will call Raymond (not his real name). I met him at a model Convention. He was a Fan of one of my fellow Models. Every year he would come to most of all my conventions. He would hang out, help me if I needed anything, watch my booth for me if I needed to go to the Restroom or grab a bite to eat.
A few years ago he came to visit me on my birthday, I invited him to my surprise birthday party that my husband was throwing for me....hehe....yep you heard correct.....I knew he was throwing a surprise birthday party for me, but I pretended like I didn`t know.
After awhile Roy, all of Roy`s Friends (The LBC Wack Pack) be-friend-ed my Friend Raymond. Now Raymond is one of The Wack Pack. Raymond comes over every Monday for Our weekly Monday Night Dinners that I host. Raymond also comes out to our many outings and events. However he is usually broke, but that`s no biggy, since most of us are broke right now as well -so most of our events are frugal. Raymond says he is a 5th grade sub-teacher, but I doubt he works much if at all.
There are a lot of concerns we have with Raymond but do not know how to bring them up. One of the things -well, the biggest thing is, Raymond is usually always very dirty and stinks a lot.....I don`t mean just a little...I mean he REALLY Stinks! There is no way that I can bring it up to him, me being a girl, he would get too embarrassed, ashamed and disappear....I know him well enough that I know He would do that.
Once when Roy & I went on vacation, Raymond stayed in our house to house-sit & watch our cats. He did not stink that much then.....he used our shower but his clothes were still dirty. I`m thinking, he might not have access to a Shower all the time. We suspect that he lives in his car. Raymond`s car is extremely dirty and cluttered. I dropped him off at his 'home' once, but he insisted that I drop him off at a park nearby. I didn`t want to pry -so I did.
Roy & I want to help him, but we do not want to embarrass him either. The guys are complaining about his smell, it is getting worse. It is almost unbearable and I doubt it is healthy for him to be so dirty & stinky. I have to clean & scrub the house after he leaves. I cover the couches in towels that I wash right after he leaves.
I think it would be best that Roy have a one-on-one talk with Raymond.....but Roy needs to be careful in his words......I don`t want Raymond to be so embarrassed that he doesn`t come back.
I told Roy that Raymond is welcomed to come and use our shower and I will wash one set of clothes for him once a week, like maybe Monday before Monday Night Dinner.....but we need to approach this Carefully. Since it is Christmas time, I think I`m going to buy him a New Shirt, Shorts, Undies and Socks. I`ll ask him to try them on to see if they fit.....then take his dirty clothes and wash them. What do you think- you think it will work?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fake Accents

Here is one of my 'pet-peeves'
I hate it when someone who normally speaks with no accent will speak in a major heavy accent to the word that they are saying - for example - someone with no accent talking to you -but all of a sudden if they say a Spanish or Italian word -they will say it in such a thick accent- that you would think they were from there or had that accent while they talked normally.
I am not against accents -I just don`t like 'fakes' ....the ONLY reason to speak in a accent is if that was your normal way of talking - saying an Italian or Spanish word in an accent does not make it correct -you are doing a dis-service to that language. When people come to the USA and talk English- I do not expect them to fight their natural way of talking and hide their accent- so why do it the other way around.
Newscasters do this a lot. A Newscaster will be talking in her own non-accent -and then all of a sudden a Latin Name or City will pop up & the Newscaster will roll her R`s or say the name/word in a Heavy Accent.
There is an Italian Cook on the Food Network that does this sooo much. She will talk in her normal American born accent -but if she has to say Spaghetti or any other Italian word -so will pour on the heavy accent -to where you think she just arrived from Italy!
Why is this? What statement are they trying to make? I do not get it! I would never fake an accent of a word from another country or state. It is like if I said the word Jambalaya in a Creole accent -or if I said the word Chop Suey in a Asian Accent -or if I said Gyro in a Greek accent -that is un-necessary & I think a dis-service to the language. So Please -just stick to your own accent -way of talking unless you are an actor and you are role-playing!!
What do you think? Am I being weird about this?
oxox Stacy

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Indeed!

I am Very Thankful this year for so much. I have a great life. I have a wonderful, loving, fun Husband -I live in a great friendly Neighborhood -I live on the Beach where it seems like a combo of Mayberry & Hawaii -I get to see the Sun rise over the Bay and Set on the Beach -My Gym is the Beach -I have 3 loving Kitty cats who give me so much love & are like my kids -I got an Army of wonderful friends that mean the world to me -I get to cook, care for & entertain my Friends and Family -I have a loving Family -I make a living doing what I love to do -I live in the best Country ever -I love our President -I am in good health -I am not in debt -I appreciate everything I have -Life is Good -Love to you all -You are like my Family as well - Happy Thanksgiving!!
oxox, Stacy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pedestrian Etiquette

I notice a lot of people do not have pedestrian etiquette. I have noticed this not only because I walk & Jog a lot around town, but I have noticed this while shopping in malls, grocery stores, in people`s homes, etc.

When walking on a crowded sidewalk, you should always veer to the right when someone is walking by you or coming the other direction, just like when you drive on the road. If you are walking with others, all should veer to the right, if not enough room, the correct thing to do is walk behind each other single file until there is enough room to walk side by side or in a group.
If you are walking on a crowded sidewalk and decide you need to stop, please do not stop dead in your tracks, the person behind you might slam into you, please move to the side out of the way.
If you have a large stroller, please do not use it, or your baby, to bull-doze your way through the crowd, that is Rude and disrespectful to use your baby like that. Another thing please do not hog the road- don`t use the complete sidewalk for your double-wide stroller and don`t be part of the Stroller Mob, where it is impossible to get by your group of breeding diva`s!
When walking out of a store onto a sidewalk, crossing a bike/jog/walking path, Please look out for oncoming traffic don`t just blindly step onto a sidewalk or path thinking traffic will stop for you.
Please do not ride your Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, etc on the sidewalk, it breeds trouble- it is the law that you ride those in the street. If you are on a Bike or Jog/Walk Path -follow the arrows and make sure not to ride on anything in the Pedestrian Area.
When walking a Dog, please ALWAYS use a Leash. Please keep dog on a snug leash. No one wants to trip over a leash if the dog crosses over. That could be very dangerous for the dog as well as the passer-by. Please do let your dog jump, chase or get to close to others, your dog maybe the best dog but the other person does not know that, you do not know what trauma they may have in the past from a dog attack, etc. Besides they may even be highly allergic. Be courteous of that!
Please be aware of your surroundings, do not assume someone is going to move for you, please make room for your fellow Pedestrians, Bikers, Joggers, etc.
As time goes by, I am sure I will have much more to add to this- but for now, that is all. Please spread this Blog to ALL!!
Thank you.
oxox Stacy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Annual Day after Thanksgiving Day Turkey Dinner

ALL Invited to my Annual Day After Thanksgiving Day Turkey Dinner

Day After Thanksgiving Day Turkey Dinner @ Murphy`s!

Date: Friday Nov. 27th
Time: 2pm - 11pm
Where: Murphy`s Pub
4918 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 433-6338

Annual 'Day after Thanksgiving Turkey Day Dinner'
Turkey Dinner with All the Fixings
Please Bring a Food Item to Share
There will be a Suggested Donation Fee of $10- per person for The 'Save Sophia`s House' Fund

Make Check or Money Order out to: Gian Temperilli
Send Checks or Money Orders to:
Stacy Burke
5318 E. 2nd St. #129
Long Beach CA. 90803

Donations via Credit Card or Paypal Click Below:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Live Like the Cockroach

I admire the cockroach. The cockroach has lived through the ice age -it has survived the elements, almost impossible to kill, it has been here before humans & will probably be here after us humans are gone. The Cockroach eats trash & not the most sanitary of species, but yet, they trudge on.
Being a human, we wash our hands because it kills germs, we take vitamins to shield us from germs, use sunscreen, stay away from sun, we cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze, watch what we eat, steer ourselves from germs to all and any length. We are almost like that boy in a bubble.....afraid of that one germ to make us sick.
However, the more you shield yourself, the more you weaken yourself. The only way you get stronger and build immunities to germs is to be exposed to it -just like the flu shot.
Now- I am not saying -throw all cleanliness & caution out the window -I am just saying that I think we are getting obsessed with staying away from germs. I believe all things in moderation and I want to build resistance to things. The more I shield myself, the weaker I am getting, to where the common cold can destroy me.
I like the sun, the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, it energizes me, warms me, makes me feel better.....I just don`t try to spend to much time in it.
I wash my hands, yes I am really clean, but I am not going to carry that hand sanitizer in my purse. I eat healthy most of the time, but I will eat extremely UN-healthy at times and ENJOY IT!!
Take what you want from this, I`m not a doctor, but I bet most doctors will know that what I am saying is somewhat true.
So there you have it- that is my part in saving the Human Race, to make us stronger, so us humans can live on......building & Strengthening our immune system. Think of me as The Human Cockroach.
oxox, Stacy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Weekday Routine

My Weekdays Usually goes like This (Unless I have a Photo Shoot or Event):

Wake up @ 6am
Hubby goes into shower.
Turn on TV`s to my Morning News Show, Good Day LA.
I go into kitchen- Feed cats a scoop of wet food each.
Make Hubby Decaf Herbal Tea
Make My Special Coffee = Strong Full Body Coffee or Espresso w/Crushed up Multi-Vitamin, 2 scoops of Powder Fiber & Sprinkle of Cinnamon in the Grounds B4 brewing with Bottled Water.
Make My Hubby`s Lunch in his '300 The Movie' Tin Lunch Box, which usually Includes: 1 hard boiled Egg, a small serving of Fat Free Cottage Cheese, Fruit (Apple or banana or grapes or whatever fruit), a Vegetable (like celery with seasoning sprinkled on it or Cucumbers or a Green Salad, etc), a small packet of healthy gummy fruit treats, a small packet of a crunchy snack (like nuts or pretzels or crackers).
I then put away Dishes that I washed The Night before & Clean up anything.
Turn on my Computer.
I then go wash up, Change into my Clothes, Etc.
I then check my emails until Hubby ready to go to work.
I then Drive Hubby to Work.

On Monday, on my way home from dropping him off at work, I will stop off at Grocery Store to Pick up our weekly Groceries, along with list & Coupons.
Put Groceries away and prepare stuff for Dinner later that Night.

Clean House, Do Laundry.
Check Emails, Update Websites, Upload Photos, Blogs, Etc, which takes most of my time.
Go for my daily 3mile Beach Jog.
Do my 1/2 stretching & ab exercises.
do a few pull-ups on my hanging bar.
Check on Dinner if cooking
Pick up Hubby from work at 5pm

If Monday- Guys come over to watch Football & Eat my Cooking (if summertime, Roy Grills on Roof- and we all watch a Movie inside afterwards).
If Not Monday, Roy goes to gym as make Dinner just for us.
We eat Dinner -he then goes check his home email from his Man Cave for about an hour.
I clean up & Watch my Tabloid TV Shows.
at 8pm- we both sit down on couch, watch TV, eat Popcorn and maybe a glass of wine or beer.
He might go to Balcony to have Cigar.
Around 11pm- we turn off everything- go into bedroom & turn on TV in there. We fall asleep to the TV. We both need the TV on while Sleeping, it drowns out any Noise & Relaxes our brain to sleep.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Beauty Routine:

My Beauty Routine:

Once a week I use an Harsh Apricot Scrub
Once a Week I use a At Home Facial Peel
Every Night I cleanse face with an Acne Toner
Every Morning I cleanse my face with an Anti-Acne Cleanser

I moisturize my body every day with lotion with Vitamin A, C & E
For my Face I use a mixture of Retinol A, Vitamin C Serum & Acne Cream like salicylic acid. (Vit A is great for Cell rejuvenation, Vit. C is a great antioxidant & radiance booster, and I have oily skin & prone to acne- so I need a bit of Acne Medicine to prevent pimples)

I like to use an all over Body Spray instead of Cologne. I go with the Seasons. In The Fall/Winter, I like to use Pumpkin, Apple, Vanilla Scents. In the Spring/Summer, I love Coconut, Pineapple, Banana Scents. My Favorite is the Smell of Tanning Lotion.

I have always used & will always use Avon Products- They are the Best & Least Expensive.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stacy Burke`s Cucumber Salad 1 & 2

The Spicy/Sweet Way:
In a Glass Jar put following ingredients:
Thinly Sliced Cucumbers (I use 3 Cucumbers)
Sliced Red Onion (I use 1/4 Red Onion)
Sprinkle a few drops of Lemon Juice
Sprinkle as Much Desired Rice Vinegar
Sprinkle a few shakes of Garlic Powder
add a Finely Chopped Cerano Chili
Sprinkle as much Desired Sugar or Sugar Subsitute (I use one 2 packets of Splenda)
a dash of Pepper
a dash of Sea Salt
-Close Glass Jar with Lid & Shake to saturate Cucumbers-let it sit in Fridge for at least one hour -Cucumbers will be good for about a week- but more than that- they will get soggy.

The Sweet Way
In a Glass Jar put following ingredients:
Thinly Sliced Cucumbers (I use 3 Cucumbers)
Sliced Red Onion (I use 1/4 Red Onion)
Sprinkle as much desired Lemon Juice (I use about 8 shakes)
Sprinkle as Much Desired Balsamic Vinegar (I use about 6 shakes)
Sprinkle as much Desired Sugar or Sugar Subsitute (I use 2 packets of Splenda)
a dash of Pepper
a dash of Sea Salt
-Close Glass Jar with Lid & Shake to saturate Cucumbers-let it sit in Fridge for at least one hour -Cucumbers will be good for about a week- but more than that- they will get soggy.

Stacy Burke`s Homemade Salisbury Steak

Patty Mix:
Ground Beef
Packet of Onion dip/soup Mix
Chopped Onion (optional)
Chopped Celery
Chopped Mushrooms
Raw Eggs
Crushed Crackers/Coutons or Bread Crumbs
Salt & Pepper
Garlic Powder or Fresh Garlic
Flour for coating patties
Cooking Spray or Oil

Gravy Mix:
Beef Boulion
Chopped Red Onion
Sliced Mushrooms
Sprinkle of flour

Mix Patty Ingredients 2gether- make Patties- Coat each Patty in Flour- Coat Fry Pan in Cooking Spray or oil- brown both sides of patties.

Take Gravy ingredients-Mix 2gether-Microwave until warm-stir-pour Gravy mixture into fry pan w/patties-Cover-simmer for about 5-7 minutes-Turn Off Stove or take pan off burner-Flip over patties-let sit covered in pan for about 5-7 minutes- serve patties with spoonfull of gravy on top.....best served over Garlic Butter Mashed Potatoes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Roy - The Eyes have it!

A lot of People don`t know that my New Husband Roy has a fake eye....he is legally blind....he cannot get a drivers license, so I am his driver whenever he needs to go anywhere....however nothing stops him and you would Never Know.....here is an interesting article below about him & his eye.
He was Blind Completely for almost 2 yrs- had to go to the Braille Institute & use a cane to go about life. He regained sight in one eye- but the other Eye is gone. His one good eye is not good either- has to have a lot of work, fancy contact lenses & eye drops to see.

The eyes have it

Tustin ocularist uses his art training to craft as-real-as-life replacements.
The Orange County Register
http://www.ocregist er.com/ocregiste r/news/atoz/ article_710953. php
TUSTIN – John Kennedy pries out Ronald Luse's right eye with what looks like a screwdriver and presses it firmly against a whirring grinder.
Luse is cheerful.
"It falls out about once a year, but it's usually my fault," he reports.
Kennedy reinstalls the eye and appraises it like a jeweler.
"I think we could improve it a little," Kennedy says.
"My grandkids have a field day trying to tell which one is my real eye," Luse says. "I think it's perfect."
Kennedy, 53, smiles and sits back on his stool.
The patients who come to Eye Design Ocular Prosthetics have been through some of the most frightening diseases the mind can conceive.
Take Roy Hetherington, 36, whose eyes were attacked by the autoimmune disease iritis. His left eye withered and died, then shrank in his head.
Or Brenda Storz, 35, who lost her right eye to retino blastoma, a voracious cancer, when she was just 2.
And now Luse, 70, whose eyeball shriveled and dark ened two years ago after a stroke and glaucoma.
"It died on me," Luse says matter-of-factly. "It was very, very painful. If they hadn't taken it out I would have dug it out myself."
These are horror stories to curl the hair of most people, but Kennedy's patients are mostly past the pain. What they aren't past is the social stigma linked with disfigurement, the jerk of the head when someone notices there's something more than a little odd about their eyeballs.
"This eye is not for me. This eye is for how the rest of the world perceives me," says Storz.
That's where Kennedy comes in, a meticulous craftsman with an easy manner and an encyclopedic eye for color. He's an expert in the obscure science of reopening the window to the soul.
One of just 200 ocularists in North America, Kennedy has made eyes for babies born without, for war veterans who sacrificed an orb for honor; for people of all ages attacked by accident or disease.
When Hetherington came to Kennedy, he was still stinging from a comment by a former boss bothered by his wandering, shrunken eye.
"Can't you get that fixed?" the man demanded.
Turned out he could, although the first version, by another ocularist, bulged strangely and hardly matched his original hazel.
Kennedy made a perfect match, colored by sight and paintbrush, and today it's impossible to say which eye might not be real.
Still, Kennedy's not satisfied. One eye opening appears slightly wider. He removes the orb - turns out the tool is actually a suction cup - and attacks it with a grinder, removing material along the edge to relieve pressure on the eyelid. Reinserted, the eyes match.
Hetherington is ebullient, reporting how much his girlfriend, his family, his co-workers like his new eye.
"We live in a visual society. We are very into appearances. The first thing you look at is the face, and flaws stand out right away," Hetherington says. "When you lose an eye, it takes away part of your confidence. Once you get that part restored, you can almost forget that you lost it in the first place."
Kennedy says many of his patients share that feeling.
"I approach this as an art, but it's also real rewarding. I am helping people feel complete again."
Kennedy opens a tattered portfolio and removes 20 years' worth of watercolors.
He once pursued art as a career, but came to believe it wasn't practical.
In 1974, he disappointed his art teachers at Orange Coast College by switching to dental technology, where he would learn to make dentures.
"I could still sculpt and paint and get paid for it."
He took a job in the dental school at UC San Francisco, and became known as a master at creating lifelike dentures.
It was a good job, but something was missing. Kennedy wandered in the woods near Half Moon Bay, rendering landscapes in gauzy colors.
Rubbing shoulders with the dentists, Kennedy realized what it was. They were working with patients, while he was toiling alone in the lab.
"I wanted to be more directly involved with people."
In 1990 he quit his job and took an apprenticeship at a VA hospital in Delaware, where he learned to make ocular prosthetics.
He absorbed the new training quickly, standing out for his ability to relate to people and to match their real eyes.
His watercolors from this period are more vivid, infused with brighter colors, subtle reflections, and life. Kennedy had found his calling.
In 1997 he returned to Orange County to start his own shop, struggling to set up an ocular practice from scratch. In those first years, he made custom dentures to help pay the bills.
"The day I stopped doing dentures, that was a great day," he recalls.
While waiting for Brenda Storz, who is driving from Thousand Oaks, Kennedy pages through an old British sports car catalog, looking for parts for his MGA.
Finally Storz arrives, a fashion-model- tall mother of two with emerald-green eyes.
For 20 years Storz wore a "stock eye," an off-the-shelf model fitted by an ophthalmologist. It was a little smaller, a little off in color, clearly not the same as her real eye. She compensated by being twice as outgoing. After a two-year fiasco with another ocularist, who kept promising high-tech solutions but delivering nothing, Storz was careful about choosing a new ocularist.
Was his approach primarily artistic or scientific, she asked Kennedy? (He said artistic.)
How long would it take him to make the eye? (One day.)
You might think that modern eye prosthetics are some sort of high-tech science, miracle polymers matched by computer chromatograph.
Not so - and perhaps that's a good thing. Kennedy's not much for computers. He makes eyes using technology developed by the Army in the 1940s, when the supply of German glass eyes dried up.
He make a gel impression of the eye socket, a wax model of the eye, then a plaster cast of the model. The artificial eye is cast out of methyl methacrylate, an epoxy-like plastic.
Now comes the most intense part: Staring at Storz, he colors the sclera, iris and pupil, scratching his brush in dried pigment and simulating veins with scraps of thread.
Essentially, Kennedy has painted a portrait of her good eye on the plastic model.
He tops the colors with another layer of plastic, presses the model in a vise and cooks it at 212 degrees, then polishes it with pumice. Now Storz has two emerald orbs, an overwhelming change.
"You've stepped in a really intimate place with people like that," Kennedy says.
"It's a huge emotional impact when they look in the mirror and they're whole again."
Contact the writer: (714) 796-2240 or cknap@ocregister. com

July 3, 2008

Gian Temperilli/ Peter James/ Queen Mary

Gian Temperilli- of Gian & Shirley 'The Ozbournes of The LBC' - The one with The SUPER LONG HAIR.well- say bye-bye to his long locks.because of the tight finacial times he has decided to go to the Police Academy to become a cop (the only people hiring).but he has to cut his hair.this is really traumatic for him cause he has always had long hair.all his life!! Good newz however- Gian is donating his long locks to 'Locks of Love'- they make wigs for cancer patients. Gian has great martial arts knowledge and is very book smart- so after 4 years on the beat- he hopes to be a detective.
It is sad still though.I wish his book would take off. His real love is writting & the paranormalhe wrote a great book about Peter James - and is very close to the people who own The Queen Maryinfact anytime I wanna go Ghost Hunting & get into the 'closed-to-the-public' Ship`s Pool- I canhehe!!
Anyway- here is a few pix (attached below) of Gian to remember his Hair.(tear).

Gian Temperilli- of Gian & Shirley 'The Ozbournes of The LBC' - The one with The SUPER LONG HAIR.well- say bye-bye to his long locks.because of the tight finacial times he has decided to go to the Police Academy to become a cop (the only people hiring).but he has to cut his hair.this is really traumatic for him cause he has always had long hair.all his life!! Good newz however- Gian is donating his long locks to 'Locks of Love'- they make wigs for cancer patients. Gian has great martial arts knowledge and is very book smart- so after 4 years on the beat- he hopes to be a detective.
It is sad still though.I wish his book would take off. His real love is writting & the paranormalhe wrote a great book about Peter James - and is very close to the people who own The Queen Maryinfact anytime I wanna go Ghost Hunting & get into the 'closed-to-the-public' Ship`s Pool- I canhehe!

Gian`s MySpace page: http://www.MySpace.com/PeterJamesLives
oxox Stacy

Gian`s MySpace page: http://www.MySpace.com/PeterJamesLives
oxox Stacy

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Bills shared 50/50

fYI_ Just because -I don`t want anyone 2 claim anything different- plus -I (Stacy Burke) does ALL THE cooking, cleaning, sending the bills, making sure they are on time, etc......

Stacy`s Monthly Bills:

Internet/Cable ____200.00

Both Cell Phones _200.00

Webmaster ______________400.00

Car Insurance ………_______300.00


Electeric …………55.00 (approx)

Sparkletts/Water____65.00 (approx)

Groceries_--------400.00+ (approx)

Car Gas....…(Through out the Month)____________200.00 (approx)

P.O Box......($300- Per Year)____________________25.00

Car Registration____($300- per year)__________25.00 ($150- due this month)

Domain Names___________________________200.00

Avon (twice a month)______________________200.00

Stacy`s Total Monthly Bills = $2670-

Roy`s Monthly Bills:

Rent ……______________2050.00

Credit card bill ____________50.00


Medical expenses _______200.00

Groceries ($50-a week)________________200.00

IRS OverDue Bill______________________100.00

Cell Phone: __________________________PAID BY Stacy

Roy`s Total Monthly Bills = $2660-

= Combined Monthly Bills: $5310 =

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grocery/Household Stocked Items

Grocery Check List - Household Stocked Items:

Low Fat/Healthy Meat (Ground Turkey/Chicken/Pork/Etc)
Smart/Delicious Tortillas (Corn/Whole Wheat)
Fat Free Cottage Cheese
Frozen Burrittos
Eggs/Egg Beaters
Oil/Cooking Spray
Paper Plates
Plastic Forks/Cups
Ass. Fruit & Veggies
Chips & Salsa
Trail Mix
Low Fat Cheese/Sliced/Shredded/Cream Cheese
Ziplock Baggies
Can`t Believe it`s Not Butter/Butter Spray
Glass Cleaner
Triscuts/Flips/Melba Toast
Wheat Crackers
Coffee & Tea
Non Fat Creamer
Sugar Free Koolaide
Weight Watchers Whole Wheat Bread
Can Veggies: Peas/Corn/Mixed
Fat Free Miracle Whip/Mayo/Mustard/Katsup
Fiber Powder
Microwave Popcorn
Low Fat Soup
Low Fat Chili
Fat Free Pinto/Refried/Pork Beans
Low Cal Frozen Dinner/Pizza
Laundry Detergent
Fabric Softener
Shampoo & Conditioner
T.P/ Papertowels
Trash Bags
Acne Medicine
Cotton Balls
Polish Remover
Scotch Tape
Flea Collar/Spray
No Sugar 100% Juice/Grapefruit
Fat ree Yogurt
Nose Spray
Allergy Medicine
Special Care Katfood -Dry & Wet
Mac n Cheese
Soy Milk/Milk
Gummi treats
Cereal/Fiber One/Oatmeal
Taco Seasoning/Seasoning/BBQ Sauce
Cheese Spinkles/Seasons
Low Sugar Jelly/Jam
Bug Spray
Safety pins
Paper/Printer Paper
Empty CD`s
eye drops
Face Scrub
Krew Komb Pomade
Shave Gel
Hair Die
Hair Spray/Gel
Lite Bulbs
Spagehetti Sauce
Mac n Cheese
Rice/Mash Potato Buds

Monday, September 14, 2009


Cool tidbit I learned:
Need Directions? -do not have On Star or GPS? -all you gotta do is dial 1-800-Free411 -or- 1-800-373-3411 -or- 347-328-4667 on your cell phone and you will get a Text Message with turn by turn Directions!!

Not so Valuable Info- but cool:
Cool Idea -Local Business -Real Waitresses -Great Cause
http://www.lastradaon2nd.com/ -and Buy a Calendar-I did!
The Pin-up Models in this Calendar are All Really the Real Waitresses at this Charming Family Owned Local Itaian Restraurant!

BTW: See Me & Roy @ Pyrate Daze Aboard The Queen Mary this Weekend - Sept. 19th-20th - Details @ http://www.pyratedaze.com/ -We are gonna have a booth- so if ya have anything you would like me to try to sell at Booth -please let me know!!

Whaaat-Jim Caroll Died?? Noooo-I love him!! Incase you do not know who he is - The Movie Basketball Dairies was his life story-Talented Musician-Dramatic Life!RIP Jim Caroll - I love you! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Carroll

Kanye West is suppost 2 be on Jay Leno 2Night???? Jay- cancel him- PLEASE!!!!!!! Book Taylor Swift instead!!!