Monday, September 14, 2009


Cool tidbit I learned:
Need Directions? -do not have On Star or GPS? -all you gotta do is dial 1-800-Free411 -or- 1-800-373-3411 -or- 347-328-4667 on your cell phone and you will get a Text Message with turn by turn Directions!!

Not so Valuable Info- but cool:
Cool Idea -Local Business -Real Waitresses -Great Cause -and Buy a Calendar-I did!
The Pin-up Models in this Calendar are All Really the Real Waitresses at this Charming Family Owned Local Itaian Restraurant!

BTW: See Me & Roy @ Pyrate Daze Aboard The Queen Mary this Weekend - Sept. 19th-20th - Details @ -We are gonna have a booth- so if ya have anything you would like me to try to sell at Booth -please let me know!!

Whaaat-Jim Caroll Died?? Noooo-I love him!! Incase you do not know who he is - The Movie Basketball Dairies was his life story-Talented Musician-Dramatic Life!RIP Jim Caroll - I love you!

Kanye West is suppost 2 be on Jay Leno 2Night???? Jay- cancel him- PLEASE!!!!!!! Book Taylor Swift instead!!!

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