Thursday, August 30, 2012

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GOP's Convention Theme “We Built This” Is Delivered In Stadium Built With 62% Government Funds
Judging by these photos, everyone in Ayia Napa is either naked or in the process of becoming naked.
Disabled vets inspire record U.S. media coverage of Paralympics: experts
The wars that Condoleezza Rice & John McCain left out of their RNC speeches
The true, the false, and the misleading: grading Paul Ryan’s convention speech
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RT : 5 women employed by Assemblyman Vito Lopez in NY describe sexually hostile office
Romney's speech tonight isn't about winning-or it shouldn't be. Details+News in The Daily Felltoon for Aug. 30, 2012
Capacity crowd turns out to discuss $7 billion renewable energy contract ... - Sacramento Bee: Capaci... ren
How might the average sex ed teacher respond to statements made by, say, Romney, Paul Ryan, or Todd Akin? Here's how:
New Orleans levees are holding as Hurricane Isaac batters the coast:
We're sending out lots of great money-and-politics stories this afternoon. Are you signed up for delivery?
Iran expanded nuclear capacity by 30 percent since May, diplomats say: Haaretz
Republican platform 101: Job creation = outsourced jobs in China.
The Pussy Riot Story Now Has a Body Count: In one of the more disturbing things you'll hear out of Russ... taw
Republican platform 101: fertilized egg > woman.
Christian "Quiverfull" movement pressures women to have dozens of kids for "God's army," but health risks persist.
Why the NFL officials lockout undermines efforts to make the game safer. Our interview w/the the NFLPA chief:
Can you share our 2nd poster for The Man from Boomfield Hills? RSVP for online debut: & RT
[1887]1 - 20 of 37725: [1887] 1 - 20 of 37725 R--SAFETY AND MISSION ASSURANCE ENGINEERING CONTRACT NNJ124245...
Mitt Romney: An Unshakable Record - : Mitt Romney: An Unshakable Record - WrongForTh...
Paul Ryan: Wrong for the Middle Class: Paul Ryan: Wrong for the Middle Class Get the facts on the GOP Convent...
John Cage was one of the most influential American composers of the 20th century (LA)
"They're in a mania," one former Bush adviser said about the Romney campaign:
A new study finds that a low-calorie diet boosts health but does not prolong life:
Claims Fatality As Thousands Forced To Evacuate - via