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Oklahoma GOP Lawmaker Sally Kern: ‘Blacks’ Don’t Work As Hard As White People (Updated)

The Republican-controlled Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a proposed constitutional amendment yesterday that would eliminate Affirmative Action in state government. The offical GOP reasoning for the change is that while “discrimination exists,” “I don’t think Affirmative Action has been as successful as we like to believe,” the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. T.W. Shannon (R), explained. But perpetual extremist state Rep. Sally Kern (R) offered her argument for ending the system that helps minorities advance: “blacks” simply don’t work as hard as whites:

Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said minorities earn less than white people because they don’t work as hard and have less initiative.

“We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that’s tragic, but are they in prison just because they are black or because they don’t want to study as hard in school? I’ve taught school, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t study hard because they said the government would take care of them.

Kern said women earn less than men because “they tend to spend more time at home with their families.”

While Kern has long history of taking outlandish positions — from saying homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorism to introducing legislation to force teachers to question evolution — her bigoted comments reflect a disturbing trend among even mainstream conservatives to blame valuable social safety net programs for creating a culture of dependency or even “slavery.” (h/t: reader Dustin)

KERN: We have heard tonight already that in prison there's more black people. Yes, there are, and that's tragic, it's tragic that our prisons here in Oklahoma, what are they, 99% occupancy? But the other side of the story, perhaps this is something we need to consider: is this just because they are black that they're in prison or because they don't want to work hard in school? White people oftentimes don't want to work hard in school, or Asians, oftentimes. A lot of times, that's what happens. I've taught school for twenty years, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn't want to work as hard, they wanted it given to them. As a matter of fact I had one student who said, "I don't need to study, you know why? Because the government is gonna care of me." That's kind of revealing there. Equal opportunity, not equal results.

Kern asserting that "women usually don't want to work as hard as a man":

KERN: You see, women usually don't want to work as hard as a man, because, now I mean, now get me, wait a minute, now listen to me, women, hang on, women tend to think a little bit more about their family, wanting to be at home more time, want to have a little more leisure time, that's all I mean. I'm not saying women don't work hard. I think women work very hard, so don't take that the wrong way. But that's fact as you have to keep in mind, okay? Women like to be willing to have a moderate work life with plenty of time for spouse and children and other things like that, that's all I meant, okay. They work very hard. But sometimes they aren't willing to commit all their life to a job like a lot of men do. That's all I meant by that. All right.

Randi Rhodes: Royals & Racists

It’s Friday, ya bastids!

Well, there was a wedding this morning. If you’re looking for a link to click on, what’s the point? Just turn on your computer. Everything will be about the royal wedding—probably even if you’re not on-line yet. Prince William married a “commoner.” Let’s just say that Catherine Middleton’s family was not part of the British nobility. I don’t like the term “commoner.” It sounds like the Prince is getting married to Snooki from the Jersey Shore. The Queen lent Kate Middleton a diamond halo tiara. Lent? Queen Elizabeth is 85 years old. Does she expect to need it again? The Cartier diamond tiara was described as “understated,” which in royal jewelry terms, means it wasn’t heavy enough to bend Kate Middleton’s neck.

Among other stuff, the Queen gave the newlyweds a bunch of new titles of nobility, which is what royals give each other on special occasions instead of personalized coffee mugs. William and Katherine are now the newly minted Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Earl and Countess of Strathearn, and Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus. I wonder if they have to assume their new duties as Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus right away. It would be a shame if their honeymoon was interrupted by a call that there was a plumbing problem somewhere in Carrickfergus.

At least the fairy tale wedding kept our mind off of the ogres and trolls at home for a while. Back in the USA, Representative Sally Kern of the Oklahoma House said during a debate on affirmative action that “people of color” “don’t want to work as hard.” Kern’s statements are not just offensive to minorities, they are offensive to everyone. But just to make sure, she kept on offending everyone. Kern then said that women don’t work as hard as men. She said “women tend to think a little bit more about their family, wanting to be at home more time, want to have a little more leisure time.” Nice. Oklahoma has lawmakers whose views on gender roles were formed by watching Calgon commercials in the 1970’s. What was Sally Kern thinking? What every other conservative is thinking. She just didn’t have the sense not to say it out loud.

And in the 1970’s, Donald Trump was sued by the federal government for not renting to African-Americans. So his excellent relationship with “the blacks” evidently didn’t extend to rental agreements. At the time, the New York Times reported that Trump held a press conference where he accused the government of trying to force his real estate company “to rent to welfare recipients.” Eventually Trump reached an agreement with the Department of Justice in which he did not admit guilt. I’m sure that was his number one goal. Donald Trump is constitutionally unable to accept guilt, responsibility, criticism, or the existence of others.

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David Letterman & Dr. Phil wonder if Donald Trump is a racist or just an idiot (can’t he be both?)…

Thom Hartmann: Is Tennessee on the Edge of Legalizing Political Bribery?

Thom plus logo

The state of Tennessee is trying to reform its electoral system - by flooding it with corporate cash. A new bill has been approved in both the state House and Senate committees - that will allow corporations to contribute directly to political candidates - and increase the amount of money that political action committees - or PACs - are allowed to throw behind a candidate of their choosing.

As House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner said about the new bill, "It's going to be like an arms race with Democrats and Republicans trying to compete for this corporate cash." Of course - when both parties are working to get corporate cash - guess whom they're not working for? You and me and the rest of the working class.

There may be a lot of things wrong with elections in America - but I don't think TOO LITTLE corporate cash is the problem.


(Where is it going to end? Tell us here.)

Norman Goldman: Today, justice must be served on the Supreme Court

Norman Goldman April 28th 2011 Full Show
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Today, justice must be served on the Supreme Court. Since it appears that the two perjurers on the Court will not be impeached, what is to be done about an out-of-control, radical Court? Answers today!

Oil company profits are sky high - again. Is anyone going to actually do anything about it?

The birther issue is hopefully going away. Some final thoughts on it as we wish it a very non-fond farewell.

Republicons are getting an earful in their Town Halls - it's 2009 all over again - just reversed. Analysis and commentary today!

The economy is sinking, and going backwards. Why and how to reverse this bad news, today.

On Beyond The Norm, what to do when domestic violence occurs.

Fierce independence means pulling no punches. We do this every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Randi Rhodes: The Shame of It All

No sooner had Obama released his birth certificate, Donald Trump began demanding he release his college transcripts. At least he’s not claiming that the school records don’t exist, have gone “missing,” or were issued from a university in Kenya. Trump said “I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?” I don’t know about that one. I do know that a buffoon can evidently get into the University of Pennsylvania if his daddy is rich.

Author/comedian Baratunde Thurston called Donald Trump “no better than a Klansman(video below). Worse, I would say. At least Klansmen had the common sense to hide their faces when they were doing this kind of thing. I don’t recall too many Klansmen throwing off their hoods and standing in front of a bunch of TV cameras and crowing about how “proud” they were of their actions. Maybe Donald Trump should just become a Klansman. The white hood over his head would be an improvement over his current hair situation.

Hour Two Guest: Baratunde Thurston on his powerful and much needed commentary (video below) regarding Donald Trump’s runaway race-bating. You can also see some of Baratunde's work at

Trump is always saying “China is our enemy.” If so, Donald Trump is clearly trading with the enemy. A huge array of Donald Trump-branded merchandise is made in China. Trump’s store sells $80 Trump-branded cotton sweaters and $70 Trump-branded warm-up tops, all made in China. Amazing. Donald Trump has managed to offer merchandise that’s made in China AND over-priced. At least when WalMart buys all their stuff from China, they sell them here for reasonable prices. Hell, that’s the only reason to buy stuff from China!

Speaking of which, Wal-Mart’s core shoppers are running out of money, evidently due to rising gas prices. People don’t have money to spend on cheap merchandise from China because they’re spending it all on expensive oil from the Middle East. Of course, another part of the problem is that most of the money in this country is in the hands of the richest few people. The only solution? We have to get more billionaires to shop at WalMart.

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Thom Hartmann: Planet Earth is Turning on Us

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Planet Earth is turning on us. Yesterday - violent storms lashed the southern United States - spinning off tornadoes - and killing more than 190 people. 128 people were killed in the state of Alabama alone yesterday - prompting Alabama authorities to declare a state of emergency. Arkansas and Tennessee have also declared states of emergency. Three nuclear reactors at Browns Ferry nuclear power plant were knocked off power in the storms - luckily the NRC confirmed that back up generators came on properly to just barely avert a Fukushima like disaster in America.

So how much more evidence do climate deniers need to understand that our planet is entering dangerous times as a result of our pollution? And by climate change deniers - I'm talking about EVERY newly-elected Republican in the United States House of Representatives who are self-proclaimed deniers of man-made global warming. That's what millions in big oil campaign contributions get us - industry-owned politicians.

It's becoming painfully - very painfully - clear what's going on here - and soon it will be too late to reverse the damage we're doing to our planet.


(Are you convinced that there is global warming? Tell us here.)

Norman Goldman: Today, justice is served on the corporate media

Norman Goldman April 27th 2011 Full Show
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Today, justice is served on the corporate media; Donald Trump; Afghanistan; the Supreme Court and the President's &^%$#@! birth certificate!

The clowns and carnival barkers got their way - the President released the "long form" birth certificate. Is this what we have come to?

The President is now seeing this is NOT the end - but "we don't have time for this silliness".

As proof, 9 more Americans were killed in Afghanistan today. General Petraeus is the new CIA chief and the old CIA chief is the new Secretary of Defense. A new Supreme Court case was argued and your drug prescriptions are at issue!

On Beyond The Norm - what is a "conspiracy"? The law is in focus today when we go Beyond The Norm.

Fierce independence means calling out those who are falling short. We do this as needed here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(video) With President Obama’s Birth Certificate, Klansman Trump Reminds Blacks They Will Never Be American

As I walked to work this morning, I got a text message from the @jjpolitics account on Twitter announcing that President Obama would release his long form birth certificate. I stopped in my tracks as my immediate thought became, “It’s happening again. This White House is caving in to extremism.” (I recalled how Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was dismissed, essentially at the behest of conspiracy theorist, plagiarist and fear-monger Glenn Beck). Along with my surprise, however, I felt a deep sadness, especially once I read the coverage of the President’s remarks and most especially when I saw this disgusting video of Donald Trump.

It was during my viewing of this video that I began to cry. I thought of my ancestors, both direct and collective, who had fought and died so that I might be treated as an American. I then thought of this fetid, smug, hate-filled, wealthy white man taking credit for the release and yet still not being satisfied. It does not matter how long we’ve been in these United States. We will never be American.

So, tears in my eyes, pain in my heart and rage in my soul, I composed this video message. More than written text, it comes close to expressing my full pain at witnessing a white man who was handed everything call the President of the United States (and me) a nigger.

Donald Trump Did not Earn his Money, he Inherited Money from His Father

Where The Donald got his Money From - It wasn`t earned by him - it was given to him by Fred Trump

How to save Dog and the bail industry in Colorado

Phone and write these people and be nice

Lucia Guzman 303 866-4862 Please Call and politely let them know how you feel about SB186! #VoteNoSB186
Angela Giron 303-866-4878
Bob Bacon 303-866-4841 E-mail:
Joyce Foster : Joyce Foster 303-866-4857
Betty Boyd 303-866-4857 E-mail:

Please call and email and let them know you do not support BILL SB186 A bill that will kill bail bonds in Colorado.
for more information on the bill

Source is @officialdognews

Randi Rhodes: Bad Day for Racists

Today the President of the United States released his long-form birth certificate (video below). There’s not a lot to the official certificate of live birth. But then there’s nothing at all to all the controversy surrounding it. The President gave the birthers what they’ve been asking for. Of course he didn’t them what they wanted. What they really wanted was for this birth certificate not to exist.

It’s easy to see why the President refused for so long to release the long-form certificate—because nobody would have been asking for it if his name had been O’Brien instead of Obama. A black man with an exotic-sounding name needs to provide extra documentation to prove he’s an American, just like a black man pulled over on a routine traffic stop has to submit to searches that wouldn’t be conducted if he was white. This is like a Presidential version of the Arizona immigration law—essentially these birthers saw a black man in the Oval Office, and they demanded to see his papers. In one sense, the White House giving in and releasing the certificate is like giving in to racism, which should not be done. But in another sense it’s like acknowledging that racism exists, which has to be done.

Of course Donald Trump is trying to take credit for the fact that the long form birth certificate was released. He shouldn’t be taking credit, he should be taking blame. Trump said “I am really honored to have played such a big role in hopefully getting rid of this issue.” OK, two things—it’s not an issue. And you didn’t get rid of it. This “issue” is a stinking mess, Donald, and you got it on your shoes and tracked it all over the floor until somebody was finally forced to do something about it. Still, Donald says he feels “honored.” Well, maybe that’s what a person feels when everybody is looking at them, and they are somehow incapable of feeling shame. Just a couple days ago, Donald Trump was saying that he had inside information that the long-form certificate was “missing.” Yeah. Evidently somebody at the department of records in Hawaii had taken it to the photocopying machine to send a copy off to the President.

Today President Obama said we need to ignore the “sideshows and carnival barkers.” The birthers are worse than carnival barkers. Carnival barkers try to get people to look at the freak show. These people ARE the freak show.

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Thom Hartmann: Single Payer comes to Vermont

Thom plus logoVermont is one step-closer to becoming the first state to set up a truly universal, single-payer health care system. The Vermont Senate passed the new healthcare bill yesterday - following in the footsteps of the state House that passed the bill last month. Now - it just needs to be signed into law by Governor Peter Shumlin who's already expressed his support for the measure. There IS one last step though - Vermont would need to secure a waiver to opt out of Obamacare in order to build its own healthcare system.

A handful of lawmakers have introduced legislation to allow states - in particular Vermont - to drop out of Obamacare if they prove they can cover just as many people with insurance as the law would have without adding to the deficit. But surprise, surprise, Republicans don't like the idea. That's right - after bashing Obamacare for 2 years - they don't want to let states drop out of it. What happened to their whole "state's rights" platform - does that only apply to stuff like abortion and gay marriage - and not to giving people free healthcare? The truth is - Republicans are trembling at thought of Vermont having a single-payer healthcare system to serve as a model for other states. Canada's single-payer healthcare system started in just one province - Saskatchewan - and then spread across the country because people in other provinces demanded it.

Republicans fear that the same thing is likely to happen in the United States and they'll do anything they can to stop it in Vermont. They don't care about sick people - they care about profits for their buddies - the millionaire private health insurance executives.


(Do you think Vermont will get the waiver? Tell us here.)

Norman Goldman: Rescue America - A 4-Point Plan

Posted @ on Tuesday, January 18, 2011
We have witnessed a sustained, "institutional-style" Republican assault on America for the last thirty-plus years. It is "institutional" because it is not tied to one person. Ronald Reagan came and went; ditto for Newt Gingrich; Tom DeLay; two Bushes and the same will be true for the right wing talkers. Fox will be there regardless of the people on the screen. Like Wall Street, these elements will always be there, not dependent on one personality. The right wing has a natural advantage, since it speaks for and advances the corporate agenda; it is funded by global multinationals. The Koch Brothers and their spawn will perpetuate themselves indefinitely.

Since we launched The Norman Goldman Show on September 8, 2009, a few things have become apparent. One is that people are no longer content with talk, they want action! I also have come to feel this way; it is, after all, important to speak out, but it is vitally important to act to save America from a bad fate that many of us see looming.

Thus, we have launched a four-part plan to act to save America.
1) One is simple but very important: Encourage people to run for office. Now, this is not for everyone, but we need to find people, from the pool of us, who can enter the political realm and displace these career politicians who have screwed up everything.

2) The second thing is to have a radio home for whistleblowers; a place where people with knowledge of scandals and wrongdoing (public and private) can leak documents and information to expose scandals. This is a "WikiLeaks for radio" and can be accessed by sending e-mails to and putting "Radio Leaks" in the subject line. As I said on the radio, I will do my level best to protect the leakers; it helps being a lawyer! Using software like TOR or I2P, people can hide their identities, if they so choose, and leak anonymously. Or, people can use Internet cafes and public libraries (make sure not to leave your real name) to send material. I will fight all lawsuits and subpoenas and gather up other lawyers to fight efforts to discover identities of leakers, of course at no charge. I will claim the journalist privilege and while I cannot guarantee anonymity, if the whistleblowers take steps to hide their identities, I can help as well.

3) The third thing is to use state ballot initiatives to put our agenda before the people. I am tired of waiting on Washington. Something like 24 states have citizen initiative provisions; we should turn the tables on Karl Rove and put our agenda on state ballots - just like Rove did to swell turnout in the 2004 election, with "ban gay marriage" initiatives.

4) The fourth thing is the most ambitious but perhaps most vital: To create or find a quarterback to knit together the progressive infrastructure and get a coordinated message out in the public. Raising money to place billboards by highways ("Tax Fairness Balances The Budget" and "Outsourcing is a Job Killer - Bring The Jobs Home") and running TV and radio commercials constantly (not just at election time) to issue advocate, not candidate advocate, would counter "The American Crossroads" campaign of Karl Rove and his corporate sponsors. We would need an Obama-style base of small donors, plus a group of middle and larger donors to sustain the effort for years to come. I am talking about a constant, relentless effort here - not a one-shot deal. Patience is a virtue.

The group would draw on the disparate pieces already in existence and coordinate them for maximum effect: Placing people on the talking head shows; getting Op-Eds in papers; putting out research for progressives to use and perhaps most important of all, getting a common group of two-word sound bites (like "tax fairness") and pounding away at them just as the right wing has done "the death tax" and "job killing tax hikes".

It has taken the right wing, corporate boys a long time to build their infrastructure. The Koch Brothers funded The American Enterprise Institute; "Freedom Works" and "Americans for Prosperity" and other front groups. We are not starting from scratch - many of the progressive groups exist already; what is needed is a coordinating hand, to work collaboratively with all and get us all singing from the same hymnal.

This will require a broad consensus as to our plan. Internal squabbles are suicide. The right wing has it easy: "Tax cuts" and "no regulation" is what they all agree on. They keep it simple and direct. We need to do likewise.

We need our own "American Crossroads" and have it double as not just media buyer but progressive-group coordinator and coalesce on a simple group of broadly popular economic populist points that will re-define "the center" and attract people regardless of labels and party affiliation. Tax fairness; a balanced budget (by waging war on corporate welfare; waste, fraud and abuse, especially in the Pentagon budget and war profiteering) and creating American jobs by attacking outsourcing and making green technology here, are good places to start.

After the debacle of the 1964 Barry Goldwater election, and the ascension of Ronald Reagan, the right wing has almost completely achieved their long term, relentlessly-focused goals: they have a five member working group on the Supreme Court and they have propagandized the American people so well and so thoroughly that we are all now playing on their turf. They have set the terms of the debate through use of language (curse you, Frank Luntz and bless you, George Lakoff!) and manipulation of symbols (American flag and Bible, anyone?). Next up for them is the end of Social Security and Medicare. If we don't do what needs to be done, it will be game over. The end is almost near.

Norman Goldman: Today, justice is served on gas prices; oil company subsidies; paying for infrastructure; home prices and the Republicon Party!

Norman Goldman April 26th 2011 Full Show
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Today, justice is served on gas prices; oil company subsidies; paying for infrastructure; home prices and the Republicon Party!

What is the point where you say "these gas prices are killing me and I have to change my habits"? AND, what habits are you changing?

Taxpayers for Common Sense ( wrote to House Speaker John Boehner about his apparent agreement to give up oil company subsidies. Do you believe it? We'll talk about it today!

A Missouri levee broke and a flood resulted. Who needs to pay taxes?

Home prices continue to fall and more Americans depend upon government aid than any other time in history. Details today.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) announced he is running for President (again) today. What kind of WORMS field will we have?

On Beyond The Norm, an update on various scams out there now targeting consumers.

Fierce independence means looking at all sides of an issue and calling it straight - by following the facts. We do this every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!


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White House releases Obama birth certificate

To All the Idiots that Keep attempting to Distract US from our Progress - Here it is -NOW Lets get Back to Work!!

By Rachel Rose Hartman

The White House on Wednesday morning released the president's long form birth certificate (pdf) in an attempt to put "birther" questions to rest.
"The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn't good for the country. It may have been good politics and good T.V., but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country," White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said in a statement.
The president had released his certificate of live birth in 2008, but many "birthers" said the absence of a long form birth certificate prompted questions about Obama's birthplace of Hawaii. In recent weeks potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has brought birther questions into the forefront of the media.
"At a time of great consequence for this country--when we should be debating how we win the future, reduce our deficit, deal with high gas prices, and bring stability to the Middle East, Washington, DC, was once again distracted by a fake issue," Pfeiffer said. "The President's hope is that with this step, we can move on to debating the bigger issues that matter to the American people and the future of the country."
Obama admitted at a White House press conference following the document's release Wednesday morning that he's been both amused and puzzled by the degree to which his place of birth has become an issue.
The president echoed Pfeiffer's statements saying that Americans and their representatives need to come together to solve issues such as how to "invest in our future" while tackling the federal deficit and federal debt:
But we're not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. We're not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. We're not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.
Though the president didn't mention Trump by name, Obama noted that when he announced his deficit plan this month, his birth certificate, not our country's economic future, dominated the news that week.
Trump on Wednesday took full credit for the release.
"I feel I've accomplished something really really important and I'm honored by it," Trump said at a press conference held during his pre-scheduled visit today to New Hampshire. Trump noted that people have long been requesting the document, but Trump was the only one who got the president to release it. Trump suggested Wednesday this development will boost his own potential presidential candidacy.
Trump said he and others are still going to have to assess the document's authenticity. We're "going to look at it. We have to see if it's real, if it's proper," Trump said. But he added that he's "sure it'

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Norman Goldman: Today, justice is served BY the Supreme Court (of all things); justice is served ON "The Gang of 6" and served ON the Republicon Party

Norman Goldman April 25th 2011 Full Show
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Today, justice is served BY the Supreme Court (of all things); justice is served ON "The Gang of 6" and served ON the Republicon Party!

WikiLeaks (or something similar) is at it again - this time about Guantanamo Bay.

Haley Barbour - Governor of Mississippi - announced he is NOT running for President. Where does that leave the Republicons?

The Supreme Court told Republicon Attorney General of Virgina Ken Cuccinelli to "take a hike" on his bid for fast track review of the President's health insurance reform law. It's "Senior Legal Analyst" time!

There are six U.S. Senators quietly working on a budget deal. Who are they and what are they doing? The latest today!

On Beyond The Norm, how to avoid being scammed when you WANT to give to charity!

Fierce independence means looking at things without bias. We do this every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!


Randi Rhodes: Ties that Bind

Randi’s feeling a little under the weather today but plans to return live tomorrow (Wed). Please welcome our good friend Nicole Sandler; her guests include:

Brad Friedman of the election integrity must-know site The Brad Blog. The large protest phase may be over (for now), but the stakes are still sky high in Wisconsin – Friedman will lay out the web of jaw-dropping connections at the heart of the Badger State’s latest showdown.

Writer/journalist Rick Perlstein of Mother Jones will examine the evolution of the GOP’s lying tactics and the fact-free nation it needs to survive.

And author, activist,and former Rep. Kucinich press secretary David Swanson with a lesson in good ol’ fashioned ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ democracy.

Call Nicole at 866-87-RANDI (866-877-2634)

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Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is throwing his hat into the ring of 2012 maybe kinda sortas; listen to Randi ask him the questions no one else will (aired live Feb. 22, 2011)…

Thom Hartmann: 92% are SOCIALISTS?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Randi Rhodes: The People`s Budget

Randi’s out today but will return live tomorrow (Tue). Please welcome our good friend Nicole Sandler; her guests include:

Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), co-chair on the Progressive Caucus in the US House will discuss the progressive answer to the Washington deficit handwringing: The People’s Budget. He will also share his latest initiative, the ‘Right to Rent’ bill which would provide many facing foreclosure the option of renting their homes versus leaving them.

Dave Johnson with Campaign for America’s Future. Mr. Johnson will give you a crash course in getting active in your community. With town halls congressional town halls turning on the Medicare-destroying/tax cuts for the rich-worshiping GOP, the time is now to fight for what you believe in!

And Cliff Schecter, president of Libertas and author of 'The Real McCain', on how gun control forces are winning more and more legislative battles - at both the state and Federal levels - and even in states like Arizona and Florida.

Call Nicole at 866-87-RANDI (866-877-2634)

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Norman Goldman: Today, justice is served on Earth on this Earth Day!

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Friday, April 22, 2011
Norman Goldman April 22nd 2011 Full Show
posted on: 4/22/2011
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Today, justice is served on Earth on this Earth Day! Since its beginnings in 1970, we have made great strides in recognizing the damage we are causing to the planet. But, have we done enough? Is it too late? How can we make an impact in our own ways in our own lives?

Speaking of Earth Day, did you see the latest "fracking" accident? It's not pretty, and I'll have the story for you!

Also, gas prices are going out of sight! Will there be a bust of the speculators? Let's discuss!

New polls out are showing remarkably stable results - all good news for progressives! I'll have details today!

We had an amazing response to our third hour yesterday, on animal rescuing - a little more today!

On Beyond The Norm - can a debt collector use Facebook to harass someone into paying a debt?

Fierce independence means there are no sacred cows - we prove this every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!


Thom Hartmann: Conservatives are mounting an attack against our nation's public education system

Thom LogoWho's screwed? Students. Conservatives are mounting an attack against our nation's public education system. Pennsylvania and Florida are the latest states that will consider voucher legislation that would give away millions in federal dollars to private schools so those states can close down public schools. More and more private schools are sprouting up across the country - headed by CEOs who are making a fortune in this new industry. And the people behind the voucher bills have boatloads of money that they're throwing at politicians. Led by the likes of the mind-bogglingly wealthy DeVos family and the Koch brothers - a slew of right-wing private school groups have launched a coordinated attack against free public education.

One of those groups - People for the American Way - spelled out their strategy in a recent report saying, "The complete privatization of schooling might be desirable, but this objective is politically impossible for the time being. Vouchers are a type of reform that is possible now, and would put us on the path to further privatization." In every study that's been done on private charter schools - parents are forced to payer high costs for education yet don't receive any better results compared to public schooling. And those parents without money end up with poorly educated children.

It's all about the money - and Conservative are trying to turn what's left of our floundering education system into a another get-rich quick scheme.


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Boozy Quid Pro Quo & Fallen Philanderers

Republicans in Wisconsin are trying to mount recall efforts against Democratic legislators to answer the recall campaigns Democrats have launched against Republicans. The Republicans brought in paid signature gatherers from out of state. Some of these Republican signature gatherers have a criminal record, or as Republicans call it, “prior campaign experience.”

The Wisconsin Democratic Party is filing a complaint to the state Government Accountability Board saying that a Republican signature-gatherer offered alcoholic beverages in exchange for signatures. I’m shocked! Wisconsin still has a Government Accountability Board? The complaint says that a signature gatherer was offering free shots to people at a Wisconsin tavern if they signed a recall petition. There’s even an audio recording of it! The recording sounds like a lot of exchanges you hear in bars, except it’s “I’ll buy you girls some shots if you sign this petition,” instead of “I’ll buy you girls some shots if you make out with each other.” The girls don’t sound too bright. At least some of them signed the petition. Any woman with her act together knows there are plenty of ways to take free drinks from a guy without giving him what he wants.

Nevada Senator John Ensign has announced he is resigning. It’s never good for a sitting Senator to have to resign. It’s even worse when a Senator resigns and everybody’s first thought is “Finally!” Ensign said “For my family and me, this continued personal cost is simply too great.” But then John Ensign wasn’t too concerned about the “cost” when he got into this mess… which is the same approach he took to the cost of Iraq, Bush’s tax cuts for the rich, and Medicare Part D.

John Ensign was the perfect poster boy for Republican sleaziness and hypocrisy. All I can say now is “thank God for David Vitter!” That’s the beautiful thing about the Republicans—every time they lose one of their Senate hypocrisy all-stars, there’s somebody there to take their place. If John Ensign is the David Lee Roth of the Republican Senator sex scandal band, then David Vitter is the Sammy Hagar. I guess that means Larry Craig is Gary Cherone.

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Thom Hartmann: Were you ever a communist?

Thom LogoWho's screwed? 9/11 first responders. More signs that the Republicans are still exploiting 9/11 to hurt working people and help the rich. First responders who finally are going to receive the healthcare they need - after Republicans were shamed into dropping their filibuster of the 9/11 First Responders Health bill last year - are discovering that Republican Cliff Stearns was able to add an amendment to the bill that would require all 9/11 first responders to be screened for terrorist ties before they can receive any health services.

That's right - Republicans want to make sure that the men and women who are coughing up blood today because they devoted themselves ten years ago to sifting through he wreckage of the World Trade Center to desperately find survivors now have to go through months or even years of security checks before they can get a health exam and treatment.

What's next? "Were you ever a communist" questions for Medicare recipients?


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Obama @ Facebook / Tea Partiers Gone Wild

Yesterday President Obama spoke at Facebook headquarters. When you’re actually appearing at Facebook headquarters, is it considered bad form to check in at foursquare or to tweet about it? Now the President won’t have to conduct any internal polling to see how the speech was received. He just has to see how many people clicked on the “Like” button. In a related story, at the same time that the President was at Facebook, Tim Pawlenty was appearing at MySpace headquarters. And I think Rick Santorum was at Friendster headquarters. When asked about Paul Ryan’s budget proposal being called “bold and brave,” President Obama said he didn’t think it was “particularly courageous.” Well, you do have to give Ryan credit for proposing the things he did, and then venturing out in public. Ryan got a very hostile reception at a town hall when he defended tax breaks for the wealthy. Yeah, that’s the problem with those town halls—not a lot of billionaires show up.

The new Tea Party conservatives in Congress are being intensely pressured by Wall Street and big business to raise the cap on the debt ceiling. And I’m sure the Wall Street lobbyists are being careful to avoid the phrase “Don’t be an idiot.” The lobbying effort is failing to sway a lot of the Tea Party-affiliated lawmakers. Wall Street doesn’t own the Tea Party Republicans. So Wall Street is going to have to buy them. Republicans being “intensely pressured” by big business isn’t as bad as it sounds. Basically, they’re being threatened with huge campaign contributions if they do as they’re told.

President Obama is blaming oil speculators for driving up gas prices. Obama said there is enough oil on world markets to meet demand. But there isn’t enough money in the world to meet the demand of people like the oil speculators. It’s bad enough that the oil companies are making record profits—at least they actually produce the gasoline. But the people who are making the most money on gasoline are the speculators. They don’t make anything… except bets.

Finally, it turns out that 70 percent of Tea Partiers oppose cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. What a great Tea Party! You get to eat your cake and have it too! The only consistent thing about the positions of the Tea Party people is that their positions consistently make zero sense.
Financial Martial Law' is becoming too tame a term to describe this madness -
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There’s nothing quite like seeing Repub voters express themselves in their own words…

Thom Hartmann: America's so-called "job creators" have fired 2.9 million workers since 2001 - then hired more than 2.4 million workers overseas

Thom LogoWho's screwed? The American worker. Our economy is infected with joblessness - yet America's so-called "job creators" - some of the biggest corporations in the country - aren't putting Americans back to work. Instead, they're putting Chinese and Mexicans to work. According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal - corporate giants: General Electric - Caterpillar - Microsoft - Wal-Mart - Chevron - Cisco - Intel - Stanley Works - Merck - United Technologies - and Oracle...all American corporations - have fired 2.9 million American workers since 2001 - then hired more than 2.4 million workers overseas.

This isn't a coincidence - these guys actually have an annual conference about how to outsource American jobs more efficiently. Like in 2009 - when American corporations gathered together for the 2009 Strategic Outsourcing Conference - where 57% of executives there bragged that since the Great Bush Recession - they've increased the number of American jobs they're shipping overseas. So here we have so-called American corporations - that are paying hardly any American taxes - and hiring hardly any American workers.

I think there's a suitable word to describe some of these CEOs who are turning their backs on our country in its time of need...traitors.


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Norman Goldman: justice is served on BP, for what it did to the Gulf of Mexico & justice is served on Republicon shills

Click Banner Below to Hear Norman Goldman Radio Show from Wednesday April 20th 2011

Today, justice is served on BP, for what it did to the Gulf of Mexico; gas prices; business tax breaks; Libya; and it's "Senior Legal Analyst" time!

Today is one year exactly that the Gulf Gusher happened. Where are we?

Gas prices are high and it's NOT because of the "great unseen hand of capitalism" - and I'll explain, with Lee Fang of

There is bipartisan support in Congress to actually lower corporate taxes - I am not kidding - and this topic MUST be addressed!

The drum beat for a Libyan ground forces invasion is getting louder - I'll get you updated.

The Supreme Court is about to tell a group of states to "take a hike" on their lawsuit to curb greenhouse gases. It's "Senior Legal Analyst" time!

Today on Beyond The Norm - there are key moments when preserving evidence is REALLY important - we'll discuss it!

Fierce independence means having no fear of taking on controversial topics - we prove this every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!

Today, justice is served on Republicon shills, whether paid pains in the rear end or otherwise; the Gulf of Mexico; air traffic controllers; the Japanese nuclear disaster and gun violence - whether here or in Syria.

Dick Cheney famously said "Ronald Reagan proved deficits don't matter" - so why do they matter now?

We are one year on since the Gulf Gusher blew - where is the Gulf today? Would air traffic control be better if Ronald Reagan hadn't busted the union?

What's going on in Wisconsin? News on that front today!

Robots (no, not Republicon shills) went into the Japanese nuclear plants and the findings were not good. Lots on the agenda today!

On Beyond The Norm today - Interventions. A sad but necessary topic.

Fierce independence means taking on all comers. We prove this every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm - The Norman Goldman Show!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thom Hartmann: S&P is warning about a new financial meltdown - Will the US taxpayers pay a $5 trillion bailout this time?

Thom LogoYou need to know this. It's going to happen again and it's going to be much worse. This is the warning issued by the S&P credit rating agency about the chances of our financial markets melting down again. In a report released on Monday, S&P analysts said, "we believe the risks from the U.S. financial sector are higher than we considered them to be before 2008."

They also predicted that should the markets go by the wayside again, the bailout could cost taxpayers far more this time - as much as $5 trillion - that could create a real problem with our national debt. S&P analysts also warned that there's a 1 in 3 chance that our nation's credit rating could be downgraded from AAA status, and that could send shockwaves around the global financial system triggering a wide-scale economic catastrophe. Basically, we'd be telling other nations that we won't pay off our debts.

So why are we letting this happen again?

Because right-wing ideologues want to roll-back FDR's New Deal, turning Social Security and Medicare into money pots for Wall Street, and doing away with the minimum wage, unemployment insurance, and other social safety net programs. And the big corporate polluters and Wall Street billionaires - who daily bribe our Republican politicians - want them to defund "unnecessary regulations" on Wall Street and polluting industries.

And these greedy sociopaths are so intent on getting their way, they're willing to destroy our country to do it. And they may well.


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Randi Rhodes: 420: Not Just for Stoners Anymore

It’s 4/20—the day stoners celebrate getting high, and the day rightwing extremists celebrate Hitler’s birthday. It’s also the date of the Columbine High School massacre, and now it’s the 1-year anniversary of the BP oil spill. Wow. It seems like every year there’s another reason to get stoned on this date. Columbine, BP… it’s like 4/20 has become the day that stoners all get high… and people who aren’t stoned are the ones who go out and do something stupid. The nice thing for stoners is that they don’t even have to remember the date, since statistically speaking, they’re bound to be getting high on any given day. So 4/20 is undoubtedly the holiday that is most often observed in retrospect. “Dude, yesterday was 4/20! Good thing we got stoned!”

It’s the 1-year anniversary of the BP oil spill! How should we mark the occasion? Maybe light a tar ball and then try to blow it out! The National Park Service still has to post health warnings along various areas of the Gulf Coast. Basically the warning boils down to “if this beach looks or smells like a Jiffy Lube, leave right away.” The warnings tell people what to do if they come in contact with oil, oil-contaminated water, or tar balls. For the warnings to be truly effective they really should be posted in both English and whatever language pelicans use.

The waters around the Gulf of Mexico are still full of dispersants used to break up the oil. One thing we learned from this disaster is that dispersants don’t disperse. Essentially, BP just turned a huge environmental catastrophe into a huge environmental catastrophe that’s harder to see. Now BP is pushing to resume drilling at their 10 deepwater wells in the Gulf by this July. The only toxic substance that BP managed to remove was Tony Hayward. And fishermen are reporting dark lesions, rotting fins, and discoloration in the fish they’re catching in the Gulf. Yeesh. It’s going to take quite a dollop of tartar sauce to cover that up. Many of the chemicals present in the oil and dispersants are known to cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, kidney damage, and irritation of the digestive tract. Of course to be fair, so does the diet of the average American. The chemicals also cause lung damage, burning pain in the nose and throat, coughing, pulmonary edema, cancer, difficulty breathing, and memory loss. Actually at that point, memory loss is something of a relief. Thank God it’s 4/20.

And if you’re in New York City on 4/20, the Randi Rhodes Show’s own Bruce Cherry will be appearing in the world-famous Marijuana-Logues with Tony Camin and Rob Cantrell at the Gramercy Theater. Show is at 8, ticket info here. Happy 4/20!

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There is now officially one too many things on the internet… here’s rightwing rat boy James O’Keefe dancing and lip-syncing his way through some sort of music video celebrating his exploits:

Norman Goldman: Update The Constitution!

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Does Arizona have the right to demand the President's birth certificate as a condition of putting him on the Presidential ballot; or must Arizona accept Hawaii's word that the document we see online is the birth certificate? Could Congress, in 1954, insert the phrase "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance? Are these actions constitutional?

These specific factual questions will not have their answers found in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, the name we give to the first ten amendments to the Constitution. If you look in these documents, you will see statements of principles covering these general topics; like "Full faith and credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State" (Article IV, section 1 of the Constitution) and "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" (1st Amendment). There are your answers to the two questions we started with above. Do these constitutional statements answer those questions indisputably for all people?

Now, a pop quiz: Can you define "cruel and unusual punishment" (8th Amendment) under all facts at all times, forever? The death penalty; is that cruel and unusual punishment? How about "tarring and feathering", which was common, back in the old days? Or, can you define, in different factual situations, Congress' power to "regulate commerce among the several states" (Article I, section 8 of the Constitution)? Does that mean Congress can prohibit a woman from growing marijuana in her back yard, carrying it into her living room and smoking it? Is that "regulating commerce among the several states"?

While Tea Partiers have chanted the slogan "obey the Constitution" and tried to own it the way they try to own the Bible, there has been far too much self-congratulation and theater and far too little understanding of what the Constitution is really all about.

One key flaw in the debate over the Constitution is the attempt - really, the demand - by "original intent" adherents and their robotically programmed Tea Party puppets - that the Constitution answer all questions, under all factual scenarios, for all times. Viewed as some sort of magic encyclopedia, these people claim all the answers are there - we just have to look. For those who actually read the Constitution, it becomes clear the Constitution cannot be a magic document, nor was it ever intended to have all answers for all people for all time.

The Constitution requires interpretation - that is why we have courts. Creating the Constitution itself required a series of compromises - the entire concept of the Bill of Rights itself was the result of a compromise - the Founders were politicians, just as we have politicians today. They represented different factions and interests (e.g., slave owners; bankers) and had to find common ground to accomplish their ultimate end - the establishment of a federal government and a governing system between the states and national government known as federalism.

Indeed, much of the Constitution (leaving the Bill of Rights aside for a moment) was devoted to establishing a skeletal framework of the national government - take a look at the Constitution - it is the structural set of girders and beams set upon a foundation for a government. When it came to actually defining what the rules governing future behavior were to be, they papered over their differences, used vague words and terms, and left many battles for the future. What emerged, after creating the mechanics of a government, was a set of governing principles, with very few concrete factual specifics. There is your Bill of Rights.

Please go back and read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are not long; this is one big clue they were not intended to be an encyclopedic magical code of answers. Interpretations applied to the Constitution have varied wildly over the centuries we have been a nation. The Founders did not know from telegraphs; telephones; airplanes; automobiles and the Internet. They did not then have a nation where crossing state lines was so easy or injecting matters into interstate commerce was done with a mouse click. Interpretation and adaptation have kept the Constitution relevant for all these years - it is a living, breathing document, with intentionally-designed space for adaptation. But the strains are evident. It is time to update the Constitution in some fundamental ways.

Does spending money on politics equal free speech, as the Supreme Court has decided in the Citizens United case? Can computer codes, without paper, count as "ballots"? Do Katherine Harris and five Supreme Court justices get to decide who occupies the White House? Should we now, after all our experience with Supreme Courts, leave judges on the bench for life, which has become 30 or more years?

While the Constitution continues to chug along as it has for all these years (subject to dispute and litigation, and hard fought arguments as to its application to specific factual scenarios, with courts making the ultimate answers) there are some problems so fundamental that a new set of amendments is needed. I do not argue for a new Constitutional Convention - that would be a food fight of epic proportions - but a refinement for a modern America.

First, we need to make clear that money does not equal speech and that corporations are not people entitled to use their money on political speech. Next, we need to get our elected officials off the cycle of fundraising and favor-giving that has destroyed our tax code, our budget and bred widespread cynicism among our populace. Finally, we need to put term limits on federal judges.

I propose that the Democratic Party, as a matter of its definitional character, embrace and adopt these three principles and promote three Constitutional Amendments to the people. One would place a ten-year term limit on all federal judges. One ten year term and out. Another would establish a system of public financing of all federal campaigns - with a strict prohibition on taking anything of value from any person or entity - and that all ballots be cast as paper and counted in the open. A third would establish that only natural persons have a right to speak on political issues and that artificial creations - be they partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations or anything else that is not flesh and blood, does not.

Taken together, these fundamental reforms would help renew our democracy and ensure the foundations continue to work for the future. Every natural person could speak on politics - but corporations would not be able to jump back and forth - being corporations when it is advantageous (like not being arrested and jailed) but then being "people" when that is advantageous. Buying our own politicians - with our tax dollars - is far preferable to letting special interests buy our politicians. And, this is good politics too: By "branding" the Democratic Party as the party of clean elections and good government, we would have a platform to run on year in and year out - until we have built enough public support to pass the amendments - and then we would own the issue, just as we own Social Security and Medicare.

All it will take is some courage and leadership. Let's get busy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Randi Rhodes: The Shape Shifter

Donald Trump was for Barack Obama before he was against him. Trump now calls Obama “the worst president in the history of the United States.” In 2007 when Bush was president, he said the exact same thing about Bush (video below). I don’t think Donald Trump is aware of anything but what’s happening right now. And that makes him a typical American businessman.

Trump’s positions, opinions, and statements have no consistency. He has been for abortion, then against abortion, for universal healthcare, then against it, for stimulus spending, and now against it. With that kind of flip-flopping, he really should have been John McCain’s running mate. Trump was correct when he was extolling universal healthcare. But that might have only been the kind of correct that a stopped clock shows twice a day.

Rush Limbaugh keeps pushing the meme that the bottom 40 percent don’t pay any federal income tax. Why don’t those people have to pay taxes? Well, for roughly the same reason that people who don’t have cars don’t get parking tickets. They don’t have any money! Coming up next, Rush Limbaugh wants to know why no turnips are donating blood.

Fox News has also been endlessly repeating the talking point that 40 percent of Americans pay no taxes. Of course, they don’t want to just repeat the same chant… so they raise it to 45 percent. then they round up the 45 percent to say that “half the country” doesn’t pay any income tax. How much do you want to bet that most of the people who are watching Fox are the people who aren’t paying any taxes… and most of them are livid that there are people out there not paying taxes!

The California Republican official who sent out an email picturing President Obama in a family of chimps is apologizing but refusing to resign. And the Orange County Republican Party claims that their bylaws prohibit them from holding a vote to remove her. Oh, so NOW Republicans suddenly have to follow rules. Great—Republicans in Michigan think they can replace any elected official on a whim, but Republicans in Orange County are claiming they can’t even remove racists from their own central committee.

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FLASHBACK 2007: For Donald Trump, the ‘worst president in history’ seems to be whoever the current president happens to be…

Thom Hartmann: Iraq is the big oil prospect...

In the run-up to the Iraq war - British Prime Minister Tony Blair called theories that the war was motivated by oil interests, "the most absurd." But according to memos recently released by the UK newspaper the Independent - Blair's denial is the only thing that's absurd. The memos show that the British Trade Minister assured BP and other energy firms that they would be given generous shares of Iraq's vast oil and gas reserves. One memo reads - "Iraq is the big oil prospect. BP is desperate to get in there and anxious that political deals should not deny them the opportunity." Another reads, "We were determined to get a fair slice of the action for UK [oil] companies in a post-Saddam Iraq." Sure enough - after the invasion - BP got a 20 year contract for oil production in Iraq - the largest ever contract in the history of oil production.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Randi Rhodes: Racists, Idiots & Martial Law

One thing all Tea Party-connected racists seem to have in common nowadays is that, even when they’re caught red-handed oozing bigotry, you shouldn’t call them ‘racists’. Such is the case with Marilyn Davenport, a Tea-stained GOP official with the Orange County, CA Republican Party, who emailed her conservative pals an Obama/monkey photoshop pic (left) with the headline ‘Now you know why no birth certificate’.

As Michigan begins implementing its new ‘financial martial law’ law, word is Wisconsin is now planning one of their own…

Hour Two Guest: Rick Unger of on his latest article: Gov. Scott Walker Reportedly Planning Financial Martial Law In Wisconsin

Today is the deadline for filing your taxes this year. A lot of us put it off paying our taxes until the last minute. And then there are all those millionaires and billionaires who have managed to put it off pretty much permanently. Maybe you hire an accountant to save you all you can save on your taxes. The super rich not only hire accountants, they hire themselves Congressmen and Senators. Hey, the best way to take full advantage of tax laws is to have them written to your specifications. 45 percent of US households will pay no income tax this year. Some of them won’t make enough to be taxed, and some of them will make so much that they’ll be able to avoid taxes. The bottom line on taxes is that you have to make an awful lot if you want to pay very little.

Not that the rich don’t have their own problems—like the embarrassment that Donald Trump must cause them. Now Trump says that as president, he would not have acted to protect civilians in Libya until they agreed to write us a big check. Does Donald Trump understand that the oppressed people of the country aren’t the ones with all the oil money? That’s part of the whole “oppressed” thing. Trump says we should have told the Libyan people “We want $5 billion right now and we’ll go in.” Let me explain how it works, Donald—the vast majority of the Libyan people have no wealth, no resources, and no power. In other words, it’s exactly the way it is in the United States. I guess Donald thinks that you shouldn’t do the right thing unless you get paid. In fact, to Donald, whether or not you get paid determines what is or isn’t the right thing.

Then Donald trumped himself by declaring that “In the old days when you have a war and you win, that nation is yours.” I don’t think it’s worked that way for a while, Donald… or Germany and Japan would be the 51st and 52nd states. That’s not how we do things. We won World War II and we didn’t make Germany part of the United States. Heck we won the Civil War and it doesn’t seem like we even made the South part of the U.S. “In the old days when you have a war and you win, that nation is yours.” I’m just glad Donald stopped there, and didn’t go off on a diatribe about taking their horses and raping their women. Hey, if everybody played Donald’s way, then technically the United States would belong to the Viet Cong.

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Conservative hate-monger/race-baiter Andrew Breitbart took a moment out of his Sarah Palin introduction in Madison, WI over the weekend to tell union supporters to “Go to Hell!”