Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Hooptie & Broken Agreements

Last year I got a Letter from Saturn that states that my year has Transmission problems & that if I have any trouble -that Saturn will replace my transmission for Free. I took my car in last year because my transmission was acting up......Saturn decided to try to fix it 1st before replacing it....for free like stated in my agreement. Well- fast forward to Xmas Day -I am in Pomona with my Grandma and my car breaks down. We get it towed to Saturn of Cerittos. We learn that my Transmission is dead and we need a New one. I bring up the agreement. Saturn now tells me that the letter/agreement is no longer valid due to the Government Buy Out of Saturn. The Only deal they can give me is a 50/50 -they pay half of the repairs. A new Transmission is about $5000-$6000- .....so that means we gotta pay close to $3000-!!!!! I still do not think that this is right- I think they should honor their agreement -we cannot afford this....plus I hate spending that much money on a hooptie 2003 car that will have more trouble later!! Besides- I cannot trust Saturn anymore to honor ANY Agreement that they give me.
I guess I`m gonna have to contact my Lawyer and Sue Saturn- this is NOT right- I have an agreement in writing that states that they sold us a bumm car & that they are responsible to make any repairs or replace any/all for Free!! I am sooo bummed, upset, sad, broke....etc......I hope the New Year is better!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Friend Raymond

I have a Guy friend that I have known for over 10years that I will call Raymond (not his real name). I met him at a model Convention. He was a Fan of one of my fellow Models. Every year he would come to most of all my conventions. He would hang out, help me if I needed anything, watch my booth for me if I needed to go to the Restroom or grab a bite to eat.
A few years ago he came to visit me on my birthday, I invited him to my surprise birthday party that my husband was throwing for me....hehe....yep you heard correct.....I knew he was throwing a surprise birthday party for me, but I pretended like I didn`t know.
After awhile Roy, all of Roy`s Friends (The LBC Wack Pack) be-friend-ed my Friend Raymond. Now Raymond is one of The Wack Pack. Raymond comes over every Monday for Our weekly Monday Night Dinners that I host. Raymond also comes out to our many outings and events. However he is usually broke, but that`s no biggy, since most of us are broke right now as well -so most of our events are frugal. Raymond says he is a 5th grade sub-teacher, but I doubt he works much if at all.
There are a lot of concerns we have with Raymond but do not know how to bring them up. One of the things -well, the biggest thing is, Raymond is usually always very dirty and stinks a lot.....I don`t mean just a little...I mean he REALLY Stinks! There is no way that I can bring it up to him, me being a girl, he would get too embarrassed, ashamed and disappear....I know him well enough that I know He would do that.
Once when Roy & I went on vacation, Raymond stayed in our house to house-sit & watch our cats. He did not stink that much then.....he used our shower but his clothes were still dirty. I`m thinking, he might not have access to a Shower all the time. We suspect that he lives in his car. Raymond`s car is extremely dirty and cluttered. I dropped him off at his 'home' once, but he insisted that I drop him off at a park nearby. I didn`t want to pry -so I did.
Roy & I want to help him, but we do not want to embarrass him either. The guys are complaining about his smell, it is getting worse. It is almost unbearable and I doubt it is healthy for him to be so dirty & stinky. I have to clean & scrub the house after he leaves. I cover the couches in towels that I wash right after he leaves.
I think it would be best that Roy have a one-on-one talk with Raymond.....but Roy needs to be careful in his words......I don`t want Raymond to be so embarrassed that he doesn`t come back.
I told Roy that Raymond is welcomed to come and use our shower and I will wash one set of clothes for him once a week, like maybe Monday before Monday Night Dinner.....but we need to approach this Carefully. Since it is Christmas time, I think I`m going to buy him a New Shirt, Shorts, Undies and Socks. I`ll ask him to try them on to see if they fit.....then take his dirty clothes and wash them. What do you think- you think it will work?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fake Accents

Here is one of my 'pet-peeves'
I hate it when someone who normally speaks with no accent will speak in a major heavy accent to the word that they are saying - for example - someone with no accent talking to you -but all of a sudden if they say a Spanish or Italian word -they will say it in such a thick accent- that you would think they were from there or had that accent while they talked normally.
I am not against accents -I just don`t like 'fakes' ....the ONLY reason to speak in a accent is if that was your normal way of talking - saying an Italian or Spanish word in an accent does not make it correct -you are doing a dis-service to that language. When people come to the USA and talk English- I do not expect them to fight their natural way of talking and hide their accent- so why do it the other way around.
Newscasters do this a lot. A Newscaster will be talking in her own non-accent -and then all of a sudden a Latin Name or City will pop up & the Newscaster will roll her R`s or say the name/word in a Heavy Accent.
There is an Italian Cook on the Food Network that does this sooo much. She will talk in her normal American born accent -but if she has to say Spaghetti or any other Italian word -so will pour on the heavy accent -to where you think she just arrived from Italy!
Why is this? What statement are they trying to make? I do not get it! I would never fake an accent of a word from another country or state. It is like if I said the word Jambalaya in a Creole accent -or if I said the word Chop Suey in a Asian Accent -or if I said Gyro in a Greek accent -that is un-necessary & I think a dis-service to the language. So Please -just stick to your own accent -way of talking unless you are an actor and you are role-playing!!
What do you think? Am I being weird about this?
oxox Stacy