Tuesday, May 6, 2014

American Meltdown via Randi Rhodes

I've often said America has a system of courts - but it no longer has a justice system. The Roberts' Supreme Court proved that again this week, when they ruled that you can have prayers to open municipal town government meetings - and by "you," they mean you Christians out there. Everyone else? Just shut up and deal with it.

In the case of Town of Greece v. Galloway, the Court ruled that it’s OK for a town in upstate New York to open their town board meetings with a highly sectarian prayer. And if you haven’t guessed, "highly sectarian" doesn’t include a lot of sects. Odd, you would think that a town called Greece would open its meetings with a prayer to the gods Zeus or Apollo… or the goddesses Athena or Venus.

In the majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that the opening prayer was merely ceremonial. Yeah, well so is a human sacrifice, but that doesn’t make it right. Two townspeople sued over the prayers. Justice Kennedy wrote that the prayers "made them feel excluded and disrespected." But Kennedy dismissed their concerns, writing "Adults often encounter speech they find disagreeable." I have to agree on that one, Justice - that’s exactly how I feel about your poorly written opinion.

Meanwhile, the right-wing obsession with Benghazi just keeps getting stronger. That tells you one thing - Obamacare must be doing just great! And it is!

How bad is the right's insanity over Benghazi? On more than one occasion recently, Fox has actually cut away from presidential press briefings because nobody was talking about Benghazi. They’re actually getting frustrated that reality won’t conform itself to their delusions. Of course there’s no news about Benghazi, you morons! There is nothing new about Benghazi. Benghazi happened almost 20 months ago - in September of 2012. They might as well be looking for new information about the 2012 World Series. It’s actually fresher news than Benghazi is!

Meanwhile, the planet is in some serious trouble. The official National Climate Assessment was released today, and THAT is both truly scary AND it's news. Hey Fox - maybe you should hire some people to report that. Of course, that would mean putting together an actual news-reporting organization. Fox "News" doesn’t gather the news. At best, they cherry pick the news. At worst, they just lie about it.

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When it comes to Bengahzi, Fox and the right-wing are out of their minds with fake outrage - a fact Jon Stewart nailed perfectly last night.

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