Thursday, May 15, 2014

Randi`s Homework May 15th 2014



Fox's Tucker Carlson Brags That America's "Poor People Are Fat"
Fox's Bill O'Reilly Falsely Claims Harvard Requiring Class On White Privilege, Calls It "Inherently Racist"
Fox's 'The Five' Congratulates Karl Rove For His Smear Of Hillary Clinton: "He's An Evil Genius"
Tea Party Now Turning On Eric Cantor
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An Audio Lookback Of Randi

Randi From 1989, On Miami Rocker 103 She!
Pre-Air America, Randi Interviews Oliver North - And Hands Him His Ass!
Factual Reminder: Oliver North Was Convicted On Three Counts - With Mug Shot!
Randi's Infamous Air America Interview With Ralph Nader
2008: Randi Smacks Down Bay Buchanan On CNN
2008: Marc Maron And Randi - After Air America; What Really Happened There
September 2013: Randi Schools Caller Bob From Arizona On Deficit Reduction - Oy!
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Workers Stand Up

Fast Food Workers Striking In U.S. Today For Higher Wages
Fast-Food Workers Walking Off Jobs Worldwide Today
Michael Winship: Fast Food Corporations Are Pulling A Fast One On Workers
Fast Food Failure: How CEO-to-Worker Pay Disparity Undermines the Industry and the Overall Economy
Photo Credits: CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images

Oliver Twist-ed: Child Labor in America

Child Workers As Young As 7 Getting Sick On U.S. Tobacco Farms, Report Says
Big Tobacco's Secret Workforce: Child Farm Workers
The Human Rights Watch Report: Tobacco's Hidden Children
America's Drug Problem Mapped - Which Drug Is Your State Addicted To?
Why Not A War On Child Poverty?
States Where The Most Children Go Hungry
Photo Credits: TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images

The Brain-Damaged Right

Washington Times Columnist Says Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Checked Into "Rubber Room" For Her "Psychosis"
Fox Helps Karl Rove Promote 'Brain Damage' Conspiracy Theory About Hillary Clinton's Health – And Pretend Otherwise
Fox Runs Defense For Rove's Brain Damage Smear With Old, Repackaged Lies
Karl Rove's Humiliating Demotion: The Ugly Devolution Of A GOP Troll
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Communications Breakdown

NYT: The New York Times Replaces Abramson As Executive Editor
Ken Auletta, The New Yorker: Why Jill Abramson Was Really Fired
Shakeup At NY Times Leaves Questions
FiveThirtyEight Datalab: Jill Abramson Wouldn't Be the Only Female Editor to Face a Pay Gap
Amid Protests, FCC To Vote On New 'Net Neutrality' Proposal Today
GOP Lawmakers Urge FCC To Ditch Effort To Regulate Internet
Sen. Bernie Sanders Sends FCC 19K Comments Protesting Unequal Speeds On Internet
Yes, Your Internet Really Is Getting Slower - And Your Service Provider Likes It That Way
Big Cable Threatens To Create Internet Fast Lanes Even If The FCC Beefs Up Net Neutrality
John Nichols: It's Not Complicated. To Maintain A Truly Free And Open Internet, Maintain True Net Neutrality.
Minnesota Passes Nation's First Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Law
Photo Credits: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Policy & Politics

Nebraska Tea Party Republican Senate Nominee Says Religious Beliefs Can Justify Breaking Any Law
Rep. Eric Cantor's Angry New Enemy: Why The Tea Party Wants Cantor Out
Zero Tea Party Candidates Are Ahead In Next Tuesday's Big Primaries. Zero.
Sen. Harry Reid Calling For Constitutional Amendment On Campaign Cash On Senate Floor Today
Norm Ornstein: Yes, The Filibuster Is Still A Huge Problem
Federal Judge Denies Idaho Governor's Bid To Stay Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Arkansas High Court Won't Stay Gay Marriage Ruling
An Update For Caller Bob: U.S. Federal Budget Deficit On Track For Six-Year Low
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Jobless Claims Improve To Seven-Year Low
Are Student Loans Really Killing The Housing Market? Yes.
Robert Reich: What We Must Do To Close The Inequality Gap
Strip Club Evacuated In La Suburb After 10K Gallons Gush In "Knee-High" Oil Spill
Bone Dry + Brutal Heat + Gusty Winds = Unseasonably Early Wildfires…And It's Only May!
Obama Joining Families Of 9/11 Victims Today To Dedicate 9/11 Museum In NYC
U.S. Using Drones To Help Find Kidnapped Nigerian Girls
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