Thursday, May 8, 2014

Go with what you got - via Randi Rhodes

Republicans are vowing not to use Benghazi for fundraising purposes - which is your first clue that Republicans are using Benghazi for fundraising purposes. The RNC has a donation page asking people to contribute in order to "demand the truth about Benghazi." Not to worry - all of the bill for these endless investigations have been picked up by the unwilling taxpayers.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is fundraising off this Benghazi stuff. Seriously. Their main web page says "You're now a Benghazi Watchdog. Let's go after Obama & Hillary Clinton. Help us fight them now." I think that these "Benghazi Watchdogs" are being severely mistreated—somebody tell the ASPCA. We need to get Sarah McLachlan to do a heart-rending commercial to stop the abuse of the Benghazi Watchdogs.

Meanwhile, Fox is using Donald Rumsfeld to attack Hillary Clinton over Benghazi. Weren't they afraid that Rumsfeld was going to attack without being properly prepared? After all, you go into the talking heads circuit with the talking points you have, not the talking points you want to have.

That's something Laura Ingraham clearly hasn't learned. Ingraham has now brought Benghazi into the discussion of the horrific kidnappings of girls in Nigeria. There is literally nowhere that Laura Ingraham won't bring up Benghazi. I hope she doesn't go to any funerals in the near future.

Fox News once again cut away from a news conference because there wasn't enough discussion of Benghazi. Fox News's obsession with Benghazi makes the CNN fixation on the missing airplane look like a passing fancy. CNN has actually stopped talking about the plane. But you know that Fox isn't going to let go of Benghazi until after the 2016 election… at least. They'll probably keep it up right through Hillary's second term.

Finally, there's a new global warming report that names Florida as one of the places most vulnerable to climate change. Unfortunately, Florida is also one of the places most vulnerable to having a crazy Republican governor. Florida is just vulnerable, period. Look at where it is - hanging out there in the ocean, all exposed to anything from hurricanes to a good kick. If the United States was the body of an athlete, he would be wearing a cup over his Florida.

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Rep. Trey Goudy (R-SC) hasn't exactly had the best start for the head of new investigation committee. Still, Randi's staff noticed something odd about Rep. Gowdy in his media appearances this week. Then it hit us: Gary Oldman, in The Fifth Element. You're looking at the future of the GOP, people.

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