Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Like Minded Fools by Randi Rhodes

CNN has released more of their interview with Donald Sterling. If CNN is looking for something to replace the Malaysian plane story, Donald Sterling is even more lost than that airplane! In the interview, Sterling apologizes - and then continuously slams Magic Johnson. Amazing! For Donald Sterling, it’s like one step forward, two steps back...and then shoot yourself in the foot.

Sterling ridiculed Magic Johnson in an interview with Anderson Cooper, asking "what does he (Johnson) do for the black people?" Well, for starters Donald, he doesn’t call them "the black people." Donald, before you call somebody out, you might want to run a quick Wikipedia search on them. Magic Johnson has been honored numerous times for his philanthropic work in the black community and for people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Attacking him for not helping people is like attacking the Koch brothers for not hurting people. Every time you hear this Sterling jerk, remind yourself that Republican economic policies are all designed to let billionaires like this avoid taxes and get even richer.

Meanwhile, back in the tin foil hat brigade, Limbaugh is saying that the reason Hillary Clinton didn’t label Boko Haram a terrorist organization is that "they look like African Americans." Amazing - Rush has managed to say something about Boko Haram that’s almost as offensive as Boko Haram itself.

How offensive is Boko Haram? Even Al Qaeda has condemned Boko Haram for their kidnappings of schoolgirls. When even Al Qaeda says you've gone too far? That's saying something - and it isn't anything good. If Rush keeps up his trash talk, maybe Al Qaeda will condemn him. Everyone else worthwhile has already has.

Speaking of human garbage piles that should be condemned, Karl Rove opened his mouth again - and unsurprisingly, garbage came out. Rove said this week that Hillary Clinton may have brain damage. Hey Karl - if I want half-assed diagnoses of medical conditions from a Republican ideologue, I’ll stick with Bill Frist. And "brain damage" is not an accusation that Republicans should really be throwing around. I have a quick list of two-word rebuttals: "Louie Gohmert." "Sarah Palin." And don't forget "Rush Limbaugh."

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Since Stephen Colbert annouced he's taking over for Dave Letterman next year? His team has been on fire - and they certainly were on Monday night. If you missed it? Watch it now.

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