Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All Aside, No Matter what Side you are on - Please, VOTE!

No matter what side you are on- You should register and VOTE - Our forefathers died for your right - do not disrespect them- this is what makes us America - be proud - if you don`t vote - you are allowing others to decide your future and your future children`s future - l am sooooooo annoyed by people that do not vote - l would rather you vote against my opinion then you not voting at all.........we can disagree all we want....and still be friends, that IS the Beauty of America - be proud - be heard - VOTE!!
Just Look at all Sides - Decide and Vote - Be Heard - we may Look like we are all fighting - but is just debating - in the end we are ALL Americans - we Care - don`t let others decide for you - you don`t need to be vocal like the rest of us - just be Heard alone, in the Voting Booth!!

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