Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter Tuesday March 30th 20010

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Just when you thought political shenanigans couldn’t get kinkier than Eric Massa’s tickle fights, the Republican National Committee under Michael Steele ups the ante. It turns out the RNC reimbursed a marketing firm honcho named Erik Brown $1,946 for a trip in which Brown took a group of potential donors to Voyeur, a bondage-themed club in Hollywood. Was he planning on beating money out of them? I guess that’s one way to get donors to contribute to Republicans. “Now I want you write out a check to Darrell Issa’s campaign, or Gretchen is going to have to tighten up those nipple clamps…” And how do you spend nearly $2,000 on bondage? How much are ball gags going for these days, anyway? And do you have to get the top-of-the-line gear? You’re spending the RNC’s money. Maybe you should keep your bondage purchases confined to clothesline rope and duct tape—just like the regular folks out there do. (You would never find Democrats at a leather-themed bondage club. I mean, leather is SOOOO politically incorrect. It’s strictly rubber and latex for Democrats. We can engage in kinky sex without having a cow die to supply our cinch-up corsets, boots , and masks, thank you very much.)
Yeesh. Remember the good old days when Republicans were satisfied with sealing their unholy deals on illegal lobbyist-paid golf outings? Well, they’ve gone from golf to bondage-themed nightclubs. The only thing those two have in common are the ridiculous outfits. OK. On the whole, the bondage outfits are slightly less ridiculous than golf clothes. Nobody is so into S&M that they’d be willing to put on a pair of plaid pants with a striped shirt.
The trip was listed on the disclosure forms under “meals.” To be fair, I doubt there’s even a place on the official forms to check off “sadomasochistic themed strip clubs.” The good news for the RNC is that all the uproar over the outing to Voyeur has obscured the fact that the rest of the FEC filing was full of charges for luxury jets, limos, and posh hotels. In February alone, the RNC spent $17,000 for travel on private jets, and another $12,000 for limousines and cars. Read the full blog...

The Voyeur Club in West Hollywood and the RNC
Fox News Porn Girl Gets it Wrong and Gets Spanked by RNC Spokesman…"The Republican National Committee say it's getting back nearly $2,000 that it reimbursed to a member for a night out at a bondage-themed night club in West Hollywood." Article and video here.
GOP FEC Report: $1,900 to Bondage Club"Amid expenses for luxury jets, limousines and posh Beverly Hills hotels, the Republican National Committee's latest Federal Election Commission filing includes nearly $2,000 to a West Hollywood nightclub at which topless dancers wear bondage gear." Full story here.
It Was an AFTER Party for YOUNG Republicans. What’s That Like 64 Now…Pre Medicare?"A $1,946.25 bar tab at a bondage-themed Hollywood nightclub financed by the RNC was part of a night of cultivating young Republican donors, The Daily Caller learned Monday after first reporting the expense that showed up on recent FEC filing." Click here to read more.

POLL: 50 PERCENT OF AMERICANS WOULD SUPPORT OPENLY GAY U.S. PRESIDENT"Fifty percent of respondents to the latest '60 Minutes'/Vanity Fair poll said they would support an openly gay person to serve as president. Forty-four percent said they were opposed." Article continued here.
Ricky Martin: I’m Gay."In a statement posted via Twitter in both Spanish and English, and later confirmed with his representative, Martin said: 'I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am'." Read on here.
Insurers Back Off Their Loop-Hole Hunt to Screw Sick Kids."After battling President Barack Obama's health care overhaul the better part of a year, the insurance industry said Monday it won't try to block his efforts to fix a potentially embarrassing glitch in the new law." Get more here.
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