Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I think I maybe the Neighborhood Narc!

I have always been one to stick up for what I believe is right -no matter how popular. I have spoken my mind lots of time -in scary situations -where I do not know how I survived.
I have yelled at a bunch of Chicano Gang Members waiting to beat up on one guy. I have pulled out a Fake gun to get away from a mob of people trying to car-jack me. One time a Gang member flashed his gang sign at me and so I flashed him my gang sign -which was my Middle Finger. A bunch of Crack heads stole my Lion statues- so I knocked on their door and would not leave until I got the statues back -so they beat me up -I got a little bloody -but I did not leave until I got my Lions Back. Oh -soooo many stories. Someday I might tell you more. I am not tough -no way - I just have a smart mouth -I do not know when to shut up -it gets me into trouble at times -but so far -It has not hurt me yet -(looking for wood to knock on)

This weekend I have called the cops 4 times. 3 times in one night on Saturday Night because my upstairs Neighbor & her Boyfriend like to get into major knock-down fights. She will yell help he is killing me -I will hear broken Glass -etc. I call Cops -Guy runs away -Cops Come -She says it is not a big deal to cops -saying it is a mis-understanding -cops leave -Guy comes Back -Fight breaks out again - She yells for Help -I call Cops -Guys runs Out -Cops Come -She says no big Deal -Cops Leave -Guy Comes Back -Repeat several times -Get no sleep -Get the hang of it?

I have ANOTHER Neighbor. It is a House -he owns it. He has 2 other guys, his elderly Mom & his Mom`s Nurse live there. He has a few Old Loud Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles that he works on. He revs them up -pretty loud -but all in all not a big deal. For some reason -I get a bad 'vibe' from him -but nothing to back it up. Whenever I get a bad Vibe -it takes awhile -but something always backs up & Validates my Vibe.
Let me paint a picture of my street. It is a small one way street. I live in a tiny beach community. Kids on Bikes, Kids running back & forth from beach Cats Dogs, Joggers, lots of Bikes, people walking their dogs, elderly taking a stroll, etc.
Tonight the Big 'Uncle Jesse' Looking Neighbor was revving up his powder blue pick up truck. then he burnt rubber -the whole street filled with smoke. He fish tailed down the street racing it like he was in the Grand Prix! He did not do this just once -but several times -barley stopping, screeching thru out little one way street neighborhood around the time people are coming from work -6pm.
I had to take the trash out -so I went to the alley to throw it away. All of a sudden he comes fish-tailing speeding thru my alley -barley stopping in time before he hit me!!
I blew up!! I yelled at him to Stop it -Stop it now -this is not the place to be doing that -that it is not safe -he came running up to me -got into my face and yelled back at me that he owns his house and he can do what he wants -I yelled back so- I own things to -that does not make it right and that he did not own the streets and that he was being a danger to his neighborhood. I told him I was gonna call 911 -he yelled back go ahead 'Cunt' and ran up to me and got right in my face and kept yelling at me -calling me names and getting down right scary -I thought he was gonna hit me -I said -you bet I am calling 911 -I had my cell phone on me and called 911 -by this time the neighborhood was out watching. He went back to his house -which is 2 doors down. I was talking to the cops -telling them what happened. The other neighbors were all around me giving me support -They told me his name is Doug & they told me that this is not the 1st time that this guy had 'run-ins' with his neighbors.
The cops came -talked to me -I told them my story. They said good -if you see something wrong -please call. I said I always do. The cops went to go talk to him -but there was nothing they could do. They did not see him do it -even though the rubber marks are all over the street -so they probably just reprimanded him & left.
Roy was at the Gym. When I told him what happened -OMG - He is sooo mad -but I told him Not to start Trouble -I do not want Roy in trouble.
Damn -Busy weekend huh? I don`t wanna be the neighborhood narc -but damn -is the world going crazy?? I guess I will forever stand up what I believe in -no matter how un-popular.....I guess I will never learn!!

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