Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am in a bit of a Tuff Spot

a Little update on my past blogs. You know that neighbor that gets into fights with her boyfriend? -The one that screams 'help me -help me - he is trying to kill me' and then I call the cops for her - but she drops charges and takes the guy back? Well he lives with her now & I see them all the time acting like the perfect little family -going to the beach with her 2 kids from her last relationship.
Not a big deal -but I do not know what I am gonna do the next time there is a Physical Fight and she screams for help. I know I will probably call the cops again - because I really do not want her to get hurt -but at the same time -I know they will just get back together and it doesn`t make for good neighbors -I mean -I am sure he doesn`t like me to much since I call the cops on him. However to be fair -Other neighbors have called the cops -But he knows for sure that I have and will I am in a bit of a tight spot. I do not feel right saying Hi to him when passing by & acting like everything is okay - but I don`t want to act like I have an grudge against him -because I do not -he has nothing to with it -I would call the cops no matter who needs help -but still I am in a tough Spot.
Have any of you been in that situation? What happened?

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