Thursday, December 8, 2011

Randi Rhodes: DC Showdown, Newt’s Bathrooms & Perry's Wardrobe Malfunction

Talk about a “war on Christmas,” Republicans won’t let go of their war on the middle class, even if it means missing Christmas. Harry Reid says the Senate won’t break for Christmas vacation until Republicans agree to extend the payroll tax cut. President Obama has also vowed to delay his Christmas vacation until Congress acts. Why should Obama mind if Congress ruins his Christmas? They’ve already ruined most of his year. And ours too.

Newt Gingrich says that if he gets elected, he would make John Bolton his Secretary of State. Wow. That’s not an announcement—it’s fair warning. As GWB's Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton did massive harm to the relationship between the US and the UN. To be fair, that was his intention.

Newt Gingrich is claiming that he helped make Mitt Romney rich. Newt said “You could make the argument that I helped Mitt Romney get rich because I helped pass the legislation.” Yes, Newt. You could also make the argument that you totally stagnated the income of the middle class because you helped pass the legislation. What you did in the 1980’s didn’t just make Mitt Romney rich, Newt. It made everybody else a little poorer.

The Smoking Gun website has posted one of Newt Gingrich’s speaking engagement contracts. The one big surprise? Newt doesn’t insist on a suite with a lot of mirrors. I assume he brings his own. The contract specifies that he wants his hotel suite to have “two bathrooms.” I assume that is a courtesy for Mrs. Gingrich. Can you imagine following Newt in a bathroom after he evacuates... the bathroom? I would rather follow Newt Gingrich into Hell than follow him in a bathroom.

Rick Perry has a TV ad out with a homophobic message about gays in the military. Unfortunately for Rick, there seems to be another message hidden in there. Perry is wearing the same jacket that Heath Ledger wore in the movie “Brokeback Mountain”! I guess could be worse. At least Perry isn’t wearing an outfit from “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” Check it out. It came out just a few days ago. The ad, that is, not Rick Perry.

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Earlier today, President Obama scolded the GOP over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, extending the payroll tax cut & unemployment insurance, etc...

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