Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Grandma Sick - Positive Thoughts Please

My 90 year old Grandma`s Leg is in major pain, she cannot move, the pain medicine is making her a bit 'loopy' , she has a low tolerance to Drugs. She is having Spasms in her leg and side. My Grandma is losing a lot of weight, She is not eating much, my Aunt is trying to get her to eat more. My grandma is upstairs and she cannot get down and my Aunt is not strong enough to help her down. My Grandma`s Doctor is coming to see her today. Please send out & Show Grandma POSITIVE Thoughts - Please no Dramatics (like a Certain Family Member of mine did today) by such antics as doing a Solemn Rosary Prayer in her face as if it was her Last Rights -that would depress Anybody! Sheesh - PLEASE Use Common Sense People!!

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