Tuesday, October 13, 2020

God Bless our Veterans and the USPS!

 The next time your neighborhood USPS delivers your mail, please take a moment to thank him or her for their services. I just received my mail at 9:50pm and thankfully my address was the last on his route. He's finishing an 11 hr day and won't receive overtime because that inept, POS postmaster general deliberately made cuts within the USPS and is holding back the mail.

He actually apologized to me for not delivering yesterday and for being so late today. That saddened me right there. I gave him a fist bump and said, Thank you very much for your service and Please do not apologize for something you can't control. I never post anything political on FB, but this pissed me off.

Fyi, my postman served 8 yrs in Afghanistan.
God Bless our Veterans and the USPS!

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