Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sheep in Wolfe Clothing - don`t buy the hype!

 Funny to see a fellow fetish producer who i called my friend for over 20years - told him my deepest/darkest/emotional/vulnerable troubles - now he having another tantrum online about his marriages/relationships/career woes - mirroring many of my own that i confided in him with - only for him to become a 'marriage meddler' - be a warrior for my troubled ex - to help my ex battle in divorce court against me - but before that meddle in my marriage and make things worse for me as i was trying hard to salvage my marriage --- this fetish producer who is claiming his honesty --- threatened my life in many way, he even posted violent videos, photos, posts of women being abused stating how sad if this happens to me, etc  - threatened my job, by contacting my boss to have me fired - he threatened my home, by contacting my property management to get me kicked out - threatened to get between me and Fetishcon by trying to get me to sell the domain - threatened my youtube and social media by flagging videos and bringing it to the attention of my soon to be ex husbands lawyer - creating MANY online accounts to bash me, bully me, threaten me, intimidate me, smearing my reputation - he recruited his friends to do all of the mentioned to me as well ----- i never warranted or expected this from him, i was blindside - he helped my ex-husband in his attempt to destroy me in all ways possible, physically, mentally, financially, forever ---- ALL IN SEALED DIVORCE DOCUMENTS AS PROOF FOREVER!! -  i did NOTHING to him but be his friend and introduce him to my then husband --- he still comes to my door --- he still attempts to hang out with my friends and neighbors --- he makes fun and is very condescending to women and other fetish producers, who he feels are below him -  i cry no tears for him -- i see right thru him - he is NOT honest, as he protest he is - he is what he calls others - a victim of himself -- projection - he don`t fool me - no wool over these eyes ever again - a sheep in 'Wolfe' clothing he is!  

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