Sunday, November 20, 2016


 "Stop whining and get over it. It's been almost a week!" say the same folks still upset about a war that ended more than 150 years ago.

let ALL the cockroaches crawl out - I want to know who and where they are - they have always been here - fuming - fermenting - the Only way we can rid us of these evil creatures - is let them think they won - let them expose themselves - hopefully they will burn as soon as the fly too close to the Sun!!

#THISISWHYIMARCH for the many reasons as stated - but speaking for myself - NOW for the 1st time #Trump has a Boss, as in Boss, I mean America --- and for 1st time #Trump has a female Boss, I mean Lady Liberty --- Trump is for the 1st time Ever Under # #ParentalGuidance --- I want #Trump to see us protesting and realize this - realize that he is now President for ALL of Us - NOT JUST President to his Supporters --- we have to keep nipping at his ankles -- his Achilles (greek mythology) ---- to make sure America stays on the progressive path to justice and greatness that we hold dear. As for the #Trumpets --- the cockroaches are exposed - they have always been here --- I am glad that the lights are on and we know who and where these cockroaches are --- we Now know where to step ---- all I can say -- I hope they fly so close to sun so that the wax melts off their wings and they crash down to reality ------ keep up the fight my brothers and sisters --- #FistUp

I personally know a anti-Obama person - she would always say how arrogant Obama was - well - now with her #Projection - has helped to elect the most arrogant person ever to be President -- Trump acts as if he is more important than America -- he will protect his legacy before America - America is his human shield  --- this Hamilton play protest proves it --- so much time spent on many tweets about the #Harassment and #Bully on Pence at play - but NOT ONE tweet addressing the #Harassment & #Bully on our fellow Americans --- again ---Trump sees himself more important than the people of America

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