Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cool Down Now (Via Randi Rhodes)

Syria says they support a proposal to put their chemical weapons under international control as a way of averting a US military strike. I’m against a US military strike, but I’m all for anything good that can be accomplished as a way of averting a US military strike. The proposal seems to be moving forward. Barack Obama is either the smartest guy in the world, or the luckiest guy in the world. Either way, it’s a great attribute to have in a President! After all, the luckiest people tend to be the smartest people, and visa-versa.

Obama is proof that you make your own luck... just like Bush was proof that you make your own bad luck too. Roman philosopher Seneca said “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” And the better the preparation, the more it looks like luck. There is such a thing as “dumb luck,” but if you want to count on your luck, you’re better off using the kind that results from preparation.

President Obama has indicated that he’s open to the idea. Heck, he might just be the origin of the idea. Either way, it’s a credit to Obama that people think it might have been his plan all along when things go right for him. I can’t imagine people thinking that George Bush had some intricate plan all along when things went right for him. But then nothing ever went right for Bush.

Everything in this entire situation is so different. We need something traditional to hold on to. And right on cue, Ann Coulter calls President Obama a monkey. Some things never change. Every word that John Kerry has been saying in this crisis may not have been carefully considered and intentionally used to create a specific effect—but you can be sure that Ann Coulter carefully plans her use of the word “monkey.”

And of course you’ve heard about George Zimmerman. His wife told the 911 dispatcher “I don’t know what he's capable of.” Actually, the problem is that you know exactly what he’s capable of. Everybody does. Just ask Trayvon Martin. Oops, too late!

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We know what the real Reagan did about Iraq using chemical weapons, but what would the ‘hypothetical, contemporary Super Reagan’ do about Syria?

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