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8 Right Wing Obama Myths Debunked

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Right wingers would like to make us believe that Obama is Un-American, Anti-Christian and worse.  Those of us who know the facts, understand otherwise. Below, we have exposed 8 right-wing myths attacking Obama for what they are – complete falsehoods.
Myth 1: The Obamas demanded and spent more money than any first family to move into the White House.
Fact: The Obamas paid for the renovations of the private living quarters in the White House with their own money rather than using the funds provided to all new first families.
Myth 2: The Obamas are Muslims (or atheists) who do not allow Christmas to be celebrated in the White House.
Fact: The Obamas are Christian and celebrate Christmas in a very traditional way during each holiday season at the White House. They also recognized celebrations and customs from other religions. What was different about the Christmas celebration was that the Obamas reused many Christmas ornaments from previous White House trees rather than buy new ones and used LED energy-saving lights.
Myth 3: Obama received extra money as part of his Nobel Peace award and he pocketed it all.
Fact: Obama received the same award as other Nobel laureates, but donated the award money for the prize to several charities.
Myth 4: Obama has been secretive and unwilling to allow public or media access.
Fact:  In only his first year in office, Obama held 23 town hall meetings, gave 158 interviews, and held 42 press/news conferences, as well as 411 speeches, comments, and remarks. * Note: Official numbers are not available on such things, but this seems to be a new record high in the White House.
Myth 5: Obama vacations more than any president.
Fact: In his first year in office, Obama took only 26 days of vacation (2009) * Note: Official numbers are not readily available on such things, but this seems to be a new record low and far lower than Bush
Myth 6: Obama was not born in America and is some sort of international “Manchurian” plant who supports other countries over America.
Fact:  Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. He has been an internationalist president insofar as he took 10 foreign trips to 21 nations and met with 74 foreign leaders in only his first year in office (he also took 46 out-of-town trips to 58 cities and 30 states his first year in office).
Myth 7: Obama has not kept any of his campaign promises.
Fact: Official numbers are not kept on such things historically, but it appears Obama made more promises and discussed more policy issues during his campaign than any other presidential candidate. But, it also appears he has kept more promises than perhaps any other president. (As of 10/4/11) Obama has kept 147 of his campaign promises and another 197 of them are currently in progress; but he has broken 49 of them and compromised with Republicans on 44 of them; another 69 of his campaign promises have been stalled by Republicans. (Source: PolitiFact)
Myth 8: Obama is Anti-Reagan.
Fact: Obama promoted the celebration of the Reagan Centennial and established the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission (June 2, 2009)
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