Monday, August 30, 2010

Randi Rhodes: They Can`t Even Count Right!

Were you at Glenn Beck’s big rally on Saturday? Even if you weren’t, chances are somebody from Fox News counted you. They counted over 400,000 people who weren’t there. Meanwhile, the company CBS hired to give an accurate estimate of the crowd size said there were about 87,000 people there. Fox News and the people associated with the rally were throwing around numbers like half a million, or even a million. I want those people to balance my checkbook. By way of comparison, there were an estimated 200,000 people at Martin Luther King’s rally in 1963. That’s like 2 million in Fox News numbers! Martin Luther King got his crowd without the internet. But then Glenn Beck got his crowd without a coherent message. All I know is, there was no overcrowding on the Green or Yellow subway lines in Washington.
During his speech, Glenn Beck denied that he was a “fearmonger,” by comparing himself to “the man who saw the iceberg” on the Titanic. Uh Glenn, if we’re going to be using Titanic analogies, you’re the iceberg, OK? Alright, I shouldn’t say that. The iceberg that struck the Titanic had a much clearer agenda than Glenn Beck. Incidentally, that’s an unusual defense against fearmongering. What is Beck saying? It’s not fearmongering—you really do need to be afraid! Right, Glenn. You’re not trying to scare anybody. You’re just saying we’re all gonna die. For the record, if Glenn Beck were on the Titanic, he’d be trying to convince all the people in steerage that the lifeboats are Marxist. Lifeboats are there to keep people from drowning. Hmm… sounds like socialism to me. In a sense, Glenn Beck’s world is like the Titanic. It’s totally dark, he’s WAY out to sea, and the only people who are going to get through this are the very wealthy who are up top.

Glenn Beck evidently wore a bulletproof vest at the rally. Glenn, I don’t think you need a bulletproof vest. After all, nothing ever seems to get through to you anyway. You don’t need a bulletproof vest, you need something that can deflect the facts. Of course, your own thick skull seems to work pretty well for that. The next day Glenn Beck said the FBI put him in the bulletproof vest, explaining “If there’s an event of high risk, the FBI is there.” OK, I agree this was an event of high risk, but the risk wasn’t TO Glenn Beck, it was FROM Glenn Beck.

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Multi-Millionaire Glen Beck is the Anti-Christ
Yesterday, far right wing Faux News Performer & Multi-Millionaire Glenn Beck preached to a reported 87,000 supporters at his "Restoring Honor" rally and then later appeared on Faux News Sunday with Chris Wallace. When Wallace noted that Multi-Millionaire Beck called President Obama's faith "a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ" and Wallace wondered who made Multi-Millionaire Beck "the God Squad," Multi-Millionaire Beck called the President "demonic." Multi-Millionaire Beck said, "The pope even said, this is Pope Benedict, that it is demonic not divine when theology crosses into the line of doing that which only the divine can do. He was speaking specifically about liberation theology." Media Matters also notes that during his interview with Wallace, Beck dismissed the economic agenda associated with Martin Luther King's march 47 years ago, and said that Christians don't recognize Obama's faith. The reality is that Martin Luther King and Liberation Theology call for the same things Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago. Jesus fed the masses, and did ask for a co-payment. Jesus said, to his disciples the only way to get into heaven was to feed the hungry, heal the sick, visit those in prison, and make sure people were clothed and housed. Multi-Millionaire Glen Beck, on the other hand, is collaborating with oil billionaires who promote "less government" which really means no regulation of the oil industry; "lower taxes," which really means "don't raise taxes on billionaires"; and "roll back Obamacare," which really means "keep multi-millionaires like Steven J. Hemsley, who took a half a billion dollars as CEO of United Healthcare, in charge of only healing the wealthy." His Mormonism aside, the anti-theology and naked plutocratic agenda that multi-millionaire Glen Beck is promoting makes him not only NOT a follower of Christ but arguably the opposite. Multi-Millionaire Glen Beck is the Anti-Christ.

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