Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Wednesday Aug. 4th 2010

Happy Birthday to President Obama. He turns 49 today. That’s 49 in regular human years. Remember, for a President of the United States, you have to count every year in office as aging him 10 years. The office of the Presidency tends to really age the people who hold it… except for George Bush. While he was president, it was everybody else who felt a whole lot older. President Obama’s wife and daughters are out of town on his birthday. That’s a little sad. Nobody wants to spend their birthday alone. I hope he finds something to keep him busy today. Actually Obama is heading home to Chicago for a birthday dinner with friends tonight. Just don’t give him a surprise party. If the surprise is successful, Republicans will criticize him for not being on top of things.
It seems that fewer and fewer people have anything to celebrate. More employers are moving from using work furloughs as a cost-cutting measure to actually cutting workers’ pay. Well at least wages aren’t stagnating any more. The Great Stagnation is over! Time for the Great Reduction. Workers accept the pay cuts because they’re afraid of losing their jobs. This recession isn’t a problem for employers, it’s a bargaining chip. In just one example, Mott’s apple juice in upstate New York is demanding that workers take a pay cut even though the company is making healthy profits. Classic. Leave it to an apple juice company to know how to squeeze people.
How does the rightwing media respond? By attacking teachers and teachers unions. Sounds like somebody never got over that “F” in algebra back in 10th grade. Rightwing talker Jay Severin called teachers “Tiny Napoleons.” Of course, if it weren’t for his teachers, Jay Severin would have no idea who Napoleon was. Bill O’Reilly claims that “most” high school and college teachers are “left-wingers” who “bring in a anti-American viewpoint.” Interesting, Bill. Exactly how do you work an anti-American viewpoint into a geometry lesson? “The square of the length of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two sides. America sucks. Any questions?” Happy Birthday, Mr. President. The economy is still in the doldrums, and Republicans just want to scapegoat teachers. It’s enough to turn anybody’s hair gray...

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