Thursday, August 12, 2010

Randi Rhodes: Summer of Hate

Happy Ramadan! I hope I can say that without getting banned from lower Manhattan for life. There are some restaurants in TriBeCa that I really like. President Obama has wished Muslims all over the world a happy Ramadan. The nice thing about this is that it helps in our relations with 1.5 billion people around the world. The fact that it drives conservatives into fits is just an added bonus. Luckily a lot of the nutjobs who would flip out over that don’t know what Ramadan is. They probably think it’s a chain of hotels.Of course the rightwing is already going nuts over the plans for a mosque in Lower Manhattan. Now Newt Gingrich says he has no problem with a mosque… if it’s near Central Park or near Columbia University. Is the borderline for religious freedom now 57th Street? But Newt, above 57th Street you run into different problems with mosque construction. People pay big bucks for those views of Central Park. They’re not going to want a minaret to get in the way.
When they’re not attacking the First Amendment, Republicans are still busy going after the 14th Amendment. Now Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has joined the discordant chorus calling for change to the 14th Amendment. Does Minnesota have a lot to fear from Mexican immigrants crossing the border to have babies? Not unless they’re crossing the Canadian border. Pawlenty is also calling for Minnesota to make English its official language. Really, why stop there? Why not force everybody to talk with that Midwestern accent? And from now on, everyone must refer to a couch as a davenport, and call a water fountain a bubbler. Finally, if you listen to the show, you know Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is a big fan of using private prisons. Recently three violent criminals escaped from one of Jan’s corporate cabooses. They cut a hole in the fence! And Brewer is always complaining about the federal government and border security. How can they complain about keeping immigrants out of the country when they can’t even keep killers behind bars? Here’s an idea, Jan—let the federal government handle border security. You just try and keep the murderers from cutting holes in fences.

Ex-FBI official debunks the heck out of the bogus ‘terror babies’ threat: