Monday, August 2, 2010

Randi Rhodes Newsletter for Monday Aug. 2nd 2010

Good news for anti-Muslim pyromaniacs: an extremist evangelical church called Dove World Church is hosting a Koran-burning this coming September 11 ( video here). Yeesh. Remember the good old days when religious fanatics just burned Beatles’ records? Are these people trying to “out-Phelps” Fred Phelps? The Koran burning day is called “International Burn A Quran Day.” What? You expected creativity? “International Burn A Quran Day…” OK. I guess it’s catchier than “Please Hate America Day.” And please note that it’s International Burn A Quran Day. International… because you want your hateful bigotry to be cosmopolitan. Be sure to get fresh Korans, guys. If you get used ones from Guantanamo Bay , they could still be wet from being flushed down the toilet. That makes them awfully hard to light.
This weekend Sarah Palin said that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer “has the cojones that our president does not have” when it comes to enforcing immigration law. Nice. Having been forced to invent her own English words like “refudiate,” Sarah Palin is now setting her sights on Spanish vulgarities. I’m just surprised she managed to find a word that’s actually a word in Spanish. “Cojones” is actually Spanish for the male reproductive organs, and it’s considered a vulgar term. Wash your mouth out, Sarah Palin. Oh, and wash that word off of your hand if you wrote it down there. It’s not clear if it’s OK to say cojones on TV. But then Sarah Palin can always say she didn’t know what it meant. Heck, she could say that about any word and people would believe her. Sarah please, stop with the Spanish interjections. All we ask is that you butcher one lan guage at a time. And word to Jan Brewer—it’s OK to have cojones… just don’t think with them.
Got extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? Donors who get $100,000 for the National Republican Congressional Committee get special access to John Boehner. Classy. Why doesn’t he just tell them to leave the money on the dresser? Those $100,000 donors get private meetings with Boehner. I’m pretty sure that for not much more you could probably get a lap dance. “Come on back to the Champagne Room, fellas. You can each get some private attention from Bambi… I mean Minority Leader Boehner.” Is John Boehner immune to shame? Or is that orange glow we all assumed was a spray-on tan really a blush of embarrassment? >>> MORE

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