Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Best way to De-Flea your Creatures!

I am Now De-Fleaing my Creatures & House using ONLY Herbal Remedies -I just found out that those drops you get at Most Stores, the ones you put on their neck once a month, Poisons your Creatures Blood -it does not kill or even scare off Fleas -the Fleas have to 1st Bite your Creature -then if the flea eats enuff of your creatures poisoned Blood -Only that will kill that One Flea -Poison is NOT good for your pet - some pets can die from it - it is not safe to use around other pets (like birds) and it is not safe to use around other people, especially babies. Besides, that Poison doesn`t scare off the Fleas at all, it ONLY kills one at a time ONLY after it BITES your Pets POISONED Blood!! Herbal not only Scares off Fleas -but Kills them without Poisoning your pet -Herbal also is safe to use around other animals and people and it Smells Really Good!!
They have Herbal Flea Medicine in Powder, Sprays & Collar form. You can find Herbal Pet Care at Pet Stores, Whole Foods and Online.....just Google Herbal Flea Remedies.
Here is to a Flea Free, Safe Healthy Pet/Family, Good Smelling World!
oxox Stacy