Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nude Photos of Dr. Laura

WARNING: Real Nude Photos of Dr. Laura Found HERE->

I think the story goes like this - in the 70's she had an affair with this married guy. He was a bit of a shutterbug. A little over 20 years later she is a very famous, newly-converted orthodox ultra-conservative Jewish woman with a "bunchkin" who hurriedly, often harshly and rather coldly extols the virtues of not having sex, among other things, on a national talk-radio show and also briefly on an absolutely HORRIBLE TV show. So this guy released the photos on the net. A federal judge denied her attempts to block their being published.

It occurs to me that it's actually quite easy to be ultra-moral and absolute there-are-no-black-and-whites when your 50, religious and a mother.

Speaking of mothers I'm now reminded of how Dr. Laura's mother was murdered. They hadn't spoken, or spoke very little, for years prior. Dr. Laura didn't pick up her mother's body for something like 10 days from the coroner. Her people released some statment I recall to the effect of "her mother died the way she lived, alone". Talk about honoring thy mother.

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Unknown said...

Dr. Laura's mother died of heart disease. She wasn't murdered. Though it is true that she lay unclaimed in the morgue for 10 days, Dr. Laura insists it took that long for her to be notified. Her mother's body lay undiscovered for 2 months in her condo because she had no real friends and didn't associate with her neighbors. Just wanted to clear that up. I personally dislike the woman and her "advice" but facts are facts.