Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Randi Rhodes 'Say Buh-Bye to the Flopping Carp'

HOUR ONE GUEST: Eric Boehlert of on Dr. Laura, etc.Well, Dr. Laura is hanging up her stethoscope… or whatever someone with a degree in physiology uses… maybe a divining rod. Dr. Laura says she will quit her radio show when her contract expires at the end of the year. That gives her less than five months to spread intolerance. How many times can you say the “n-word” in 20 weeks? Not that this will silence her. In addition to the radio show, Dr. Laura has had TV shows, books, syndicated columns, and even a magazine. She’s like Glenn Beck with breasts. Or bigger breasts. Maybe. OK, it’s not a contest.
Dr. Laura made her announcement on the Larry King show (video below). Larry King Live is broadcast live, naturally. The person I feel sorry is the poor guy manning the “dump” button when Dr. Laura is on the show. “Jim, if you hear the n-word, dump! And keep dumping—there might be a whole string of them.”

Referring to the original incident, Schlessinger said she was trying to “help” her caller with “her hypersensitivity.” I guess she decided to use some exposure therapy. “Caller, I’m going to repeat the most offensive racial epithet over and over until you develop immunity to it.” Maybe that’s Dr. Laura’s mission in life—to help people with black skin develop thicker black skin. Dr. Laura said she quit because “I want to regain my First Amendment rights.” That’s an odd statement from someone who just boasted they’re the third most listened-to talk show host in America. Does Dr. Laura think her First Amendment rights are better off if she doesn’t have a nationally distributed radio show? Maybe now she can call into other talk shows and get belittled the way she belittled her caller. Dr. Laura claims “I don’t have the right to say what I need to say.” Dr. Laura, if the n-word is what you “need to say,” you might have Tourette Syndrome. Or on the other hand, you might just be a vicious racist.

Schlessinger insists she wasn’t forced off. “We’ve added five stations this week and added sponsors.” Added sponsors? Who? But she says she’s not quitting. “I feel energized, actually—stronger and freer to say the things that I believe need to be said for people in this country.” OK, Dr. Laura, if the n-word is what you believe needs to be said for people in this country, go to a Tea Party and yell away.

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