Friday, March 2, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Uterus Patrol

It's Friday, ya bastids!

John Boehner has pledged to take the fight over contraception to the House floor. In the Senate, the anti-contraception bill was called “the Blunt amendment.” If a version comes to the floor of the House, please, please, please… let it be called the “Boehner Bill.” Conservatives always crow about “government intrusion” into our lives. These bills would allow your boss to decide what conditions you can have health insurance for—it’s a case of “corporate intrusion” into our private lives. Somebody ask John Boehner how he would feel if his health insurance excluded paying for conditions caused by alcohol consumption and artificial tanning.

Rick Santorum is getting testy about being asked questions about birth control. Rick wants to impose his views on birth control on the rest of the country. For him to be offended when people ask about it is like Ted Bundy getting offended if somebody gets into his car and asks “Why do you have a roll of duct tape in the back seat?”

There’s been quite a reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s comments calling a young college student a slut and a prostitute. I’m tempted to say that Rush said those things just to get a reaction, not because he honestly likes saying those kinds of things. Tempted to... but I can’t.

At a House hearing on birth control, Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and GOP Rep Tim Murphy clashed over the facts. Sebelius was for them, and Murphy was against them. Sebelius kept repeating the facts, and Murphy kept arguing with her. It’s not enough for these people just to be wrong—they won’t be satisfied until everybody else is wrong too. Murphy yelled “In a religious belief, that is a violation of a religious belief.” Tim, you’re on the House Energy and Commerce Committee here. I think you have it confused with the House God and Jesus Committee. There is one, right? Murphy went on a spiel about Jesus, and the apostles, and Mary Magdalene! I didn’t know if this was a US Congressional hearing, or an inquisition at the Vatican... in the year 1550! And I don’t think Congressman Murphy knew either.

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