Monday, March 5, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Hard To Say I'm Sorry

As I’m sure you know already, Rush Limbaugh has issued an “apology.” Yes, that’s in quotes. It’s hard to express the word “apology” with as much insincerity as Rush Limbaugh put into his apology. As believable apologies go, it was about two notches above “I’m sorry I called that slut a slut.”

Rush said “I chose the wrong words...” Yes, Rush, you did. And you continued to choose them for three straight days! If that’s a choice, it’s a choice of lifestyle. He also says “I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke” Well then, launching a personal attack was a curious choice. The term “prostitute” shouldn’t come up in civil discourse, unless you’re debating prostitution... or talking about David Vitter. Then Rush asks “What happened to personal responsibility and accountability?” Classic! He asks that in the middle of a screed designed for him to avoid personal responsibility and accountability for what he’s said! Rush’s “apology” repeats all the lies he’s been spewing, continues to slander the girl, misrepresents the entire debate, and aggrandizes himself. Wow—Rush is almost as good at writing fake apologies as he is in slandering people in the first place. Finally at the end, Rush says “I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.” Great, Rush. Now apologize to everyone for your lies. And for this joke of an apology.

Chris Wallace pointed out on Sunday that the health insurance at Fox News includes birth control coverage. Frankly, I’m surprised that Fox News gives its employees health insurance at all. I guess Fox News couldn’t find employees willing to go on the air and undermine health coverage for the rest of the country—unless they got health coverage. Of course Fox News’ health insurance covers birth control—they want as few of their employees on pregnancy leave as possible. Do you think it’s easy to find that many empty-headed blondes? If the Fox news-models keep getting pregnant, they can’t be on the air as much attacking the interests of women.

For the record, Daily Kos has actually compiled a list of 53 times over three days that Rush Limbaugh smeared Sandra Fluke on his show. Yuck. I’d rather sift through my dog’s poop for three days if he swallowed a diamond ring.

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Sandra Fluke appeared on The View this morning and was less than impressed by Limbaugh's apology...

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