Monday, March 26, 2012

Randi Rhodes: It Begins

Today, the Supreme Court starts hearing three days of arguments about the constitutionality of the healthcare reform act. Supporters and opponents of the law are outside the Supreme Court building to demonstrate. I hope nobody gets hurt, but at least if they do, they have a better chance of receiving affordable care under Obamacare!

Nobody knows for sure how the arguments will go. Anything can happen. But then, anything can happen in life in general. That’s the whole reason we have health insurance in the first place. For people who love to watch the Supreme Court, this is like the Super Bowl... if the outcome of the Super Bowl determined whether or not you got health insurance. I don’t think anybody’s ever made a Super Bowl bet that important. At least we don’t have to worry about the Supreme Court getting dragged into politics. Dragged? With their “Citizens United” decision, this Supreme Court already dove headfirst into politics.

Geraldo Rivera says that the fact that he was wearing a hoodie was as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was. No, if that was true, the Sanford police chief would have exonerated the hoodie too. I have news for you, Geraldo—George Zimmerman’s problem wasn’t the hoodie, it was the black skin directly underneath the hoodie. The hoodie wasn’t the cause of Trayvon’s shooting. It was just the excuse. Geraldo said he is ignoring the criticism because he is “the one who punched out the KKK and the Neo-Nazis.” Actually Geraldo, they punched you out. But it’s hard to remember the details when you get whacked that hard in the face. Hmm... Geraldo did get punched by a Ku Klux Klansman. Maybe that’s where he got his obsession about people wearing hoods!

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman has a black friend who was out trying to defend him. He tried to say that when Zimmerman uses a racial slur on the 911 tape, he is actually saying the word “goons,” which the friend describes as a “term of endearment.” Funny, I don’t recall ever seeing the word “goon” on a Hallmark greeting card. Somebody needs to tell George’s friend, when George was calling you a “goon,” it wasn’t a term of endearment... and he wasn’t saying “goon.”

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