Saturday, March 31, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Be Afraid

It's Friday, ya bastids!

The Supreme Court met this morning to take a vote on the healthcare law. There’s nobody else in the room when they take their vote, so nobody but the justices themselves will know the outcome. Great, nobody but them knows for sure if they’re going to have health insurance in the future… and they already have great health insurance.

If the Supreme Court strikes down the entire healthcare law, 30 million Americans could be denied health coverage. Talk about “activist judges!” That would be a case of hyper-activist judges! This week Antonin Scalia seemed obsessed with the notion that if the mandate stands, then the government could also mandate that people buy broccoli. In reality, healthcare is nothing like broccoli... except in the sense that both are good for you. If I don’t buy broccoli, that doesn’t infringe on someone else’s ability to obtain broccoli. I say that if the Supreme Court declares our health insurance unconstitutional, we propose a constitutional amendment that would allow it... AND force everyone in America to buy broccoli.

George Zimmerman’s brother has joined the small chorus of Zimmerman supporters—and I do mean chorus. They’re all hitting the exact same notes at the same time. They certainly have their talking points down. Do they have their own Fox News? Besides Fox News, I mean. Zimmerman’s brother and father both claim the screams for help sound like George. The screams are hysterical shrieks. Exactly how often did they hear such sounds from Gerorge? Are those frightened shrieks the kind of thing that George would routinely make around the family dinner table? He must have really wanted someone to pass the gravy. Or maybe his family remembers George making those hysterical shrieks every time a black person appeared... like on the TV. “Stop screaming, George. It’s just Urkel.”

A study shows that conservatives’ faith in science has dropped dramatically. Conservatives think that science “serves the agenda of the regulatory state.” Uh, maybe that’s because regulations make scientific sense. On the other hand, you don’t have to have PhD in science to know that the stuff that comes out of the tap on your kitchen sink shouldn’t be able to catch on fire.

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The Sanford Police Department has released the rest of the George Zimmerman security camera video...

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