Monday, March 12, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Stranger Than Fiction

Did you see the movie “Game Change”? Julianne Moore was very realistic as Sarah Palin—quite a challenge when you consider that Sarah Palin herself is far from realistic. All in all, it was the best job of an actor “playing dumb” since Forrest Gump. Julianne Moore was so good as Sarah Palin that Fox News should think about hiring her as an analyst. She can look and talk exactly like Sarah Palin, and unlike Sarah, I bet she’s able to speak in complete sentences. On top of that, I’m sure that Julianne Moore knows a lot more about the issues than Sarah Palin does. But when you think about it, that completely disqualifies her from being an analyst for Fox News. And Ed Harris was great as John McCain. Oddly, Ed Harris playing John McCain was a more convincing candidate than John McCain was. And he’s miles better than Mitt Romney. I don’t see why John McCain is annoyed about the movie. He came out of this movie looking better than he did coming out of the actual 2008 campaign.

Of course, Sarah Palin doesn’t like the movie. Weird—Sarah always thinks that everything should all be about her. Well, here’s a movie that actually is all about her—and she doesn’t like it. McCain and Palin have to quit fighting this. McCain should just admit that he made a mistake. And Palin should just admit that she was that mistake.

GOP strategist Mary Matalin says Mitt Romney has “the heart and soul” of an average American. Mary, it’s not clear that Mitt Romney has a heart and soul at all, let alone one of an average American. The two words I would least associate with Mitt Romney are “heart” and “soul.” Do I have to keep it to two? It’s hard to leave “funky” off the list

Finally, Bill Maher sent a camera crew to Mississippi to see why people vote against their own best interests (video below). It’s probably the same reason they say stuff that makes them look like idiots on camera—they’re idiots.

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