Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Sweating the Mandate

Today all of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court had harsh questions for the new healthcare law... well, except for Clarence Thomas, who never has questions for anything. Clarence doesn’t have answers, either—he just uses Antonin Scalia’s answers. Would the John Roberts Supreme Court shoot down our healthcare? Hey, with Citizens United, they’ve already shot down our democracy.

It has come out that George Zimmerman told police that Trayvon Martin attacked him. It’s certainly not surprising that he told them that. The shocking thing is that the police believed him. Zimmerman told police he had lost Martin and was returning to his vehicle when Martin came up and accosted him. Right. Have you ever heard the phrase “When the rabbit attacks the hound?” No, you haven’t—because there is no such phrase. The rabbit never attacks the hound. Zimmerman said Martin asked him if he had a problem. When he said no, he claims that Martin said “Well, you do now!” and punched him in the face. OK, it sounds like George has been watching too many movies... and not very good ones at that. The reason it sounds like movie dialogue is that it was written for Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. And unlike in an actual movie, this dialogue was written after the shooting had already taken place.

Someone in the Sanford police department evidently selectively leaked the information about the case in an attempt to smear Trayvon Martin. From the information, it looks like the Sanford police did a thorough investigation... into the victim. The Sanford police announced they would conduct an internal-affairs investigation to determine the source of the leak. It seems they’re a lot better at leaking information than they are at gathering information.

And a cash-strapped Newt Gingrich has started charging $50 to people who want their picture taken with him. Hey, anyone stupid enough to want a picture with Newt is probably stupid enough to pay for it.

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WTF? George Zimmerman's friend expands upon his bizarre 'coon vs goon' defense to include 'proud Louisiana coon-asses'...

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