Thursday, March 29, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Busted

Police video of George Zimmerman on the night of the killing of Trayvon Martin shows no blood or bruises (video below). He doesn’t look like a guy who was on the wrong end of a punch. He looks like a guy who was on the safe side of a pistol. Zimmerman’s lawyer said his client was convinced “one of them was going to die that night.” I’m sure that he did. And I’m even more certain that he absolutely knew that it was going to be Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman's father was interviewed yesterday by an Orlando TV station where he doubled down on the claim that his son had been severely beaten and added that Trayvon verbally threatened his son's life. Also, it turns out that Roger Zimmermanther IS a former magistrate. He was a Virginia magistrate, without being an actual judge. Maybe that’s like how his son pursued and harassed suspects without ever being a police officer... or even an official Neighborhood Watch member.

The Supreme Court Justices said they didn’t want to read the entire 2,700 page healthcare law before making a ruling on it. I guess my question is—how do you make a decision on how you read the law... if you don’t read the law? Now that the Supreme Court has heard all the arguments, you may be wondering what happens next. Well first of all, all of the Justices take a long nap. They’re getting on in years, and that was a long three days. They heard the arguments. Now they will consider the arguments, or ignore the arguments, as the case may be. Nobody knows what the Justices will do, but one bad sign is that, no matter how they rule, they themselves will still have absolutely top shelf health insurance.

As you know, Mitt Romney occasionally likes to get in touch with voters to remind them of how out of touch he is. Mitt’s latest “out of touch” gaffe came when he decided to tell voters in Wisconsin a “humorous” anecdote. You know it’s going to end up being funny—but not in the way Mitt intended. Mitt’s little joke was about the time his father, as the head of American Motors, shut down a factory in Michigan and moved it to Wisconsin. I don’t want to ruin the funny part for you, but that pretty much is the funny part. It seems the point of the story is to appeal to Wisconsin voters by joking how his dad shut down a factory in Michigan and moved it to Wisconsin. And Mitt says that President Obama is trying to divide Americans! Why didn’t that “humorous” story pop into you money-soaked mind when you were campaigning in Michigan, Mitt? I get the feeling that someday Mitt is going to be giving a speech in China or India, and he’s going to be joking with the people there about how, with Bain, he shut down all these American factories and sent the jobs overseas.

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