Thursday, March 1, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Breitbart Dead / Blunt Killed

The website of Andrew Breitbart is reporting that he has died. That’s the first true thing they ever put on that site. Now the major media outlets are all saying that Breitbart died. That means that now all of his followers will refuse to believe it. On his website, Breitbart’s fans don’t know whether to believe that he has died or not. What else is new? These people never knew what to believe. That’s why they read Breitbart.

However, while certainly not a fan of Breitbart’s 'work' (and vice-versa), I do wish his loved ones comfort today. 43 years old... so young.

The Senate considered legislation about contraception today. That’s not the kind of headline you would expect to see, unless “today” was some time in the 1950’s. Evidently it’s not—today the Senate defeated the Blunt amendment by 51-48. The bill would have allowed employers to deny any health insurance coverage that they have any “moral” objection to. Hello! To conservatives, any spending by employers on healthcare for their employees is considered immoral.

The Blunt amendment came and went quickly, but not so fast that Mitt Romney didn’t have time to flip-flop on it. When asked if he supported the bill yesterday, Mitt Romney said “I’m not for the bill.” And as we all know, that’s Mitt’s roundabout way of saying he’s for the bill. Sure enough, within an hour, Mitt’s campaign issued a statement saying he was for the bill. That’s the way Mitt Romney “clarifies” his statements—by completely contradicting them. Some candidates look at both sides of an issue. Mitt Romney takes both sides of an issue. And he still manages not to have the right position.

Rush Limbaugh said that a college student who testified before Congress about the high cost of contraception was a slut and a prostitute. If you call girls who use contraception sluts, what do you call girls who don’t use contraception? Oh, that’s right—“unwed mothers.” According to Rush, the girl “essentially says that she must be paid to have sex.” Um Rush, just because every woman whoever slept with you wanted payment, that doesn’t mean that that’s the norm. Now, I’m not saying that any of Rush’s many wives are prostitutes. But any woman that sleeps with Rush would be crazy not to at least demand they be compensated for their pain and suffering.

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One of Breitbart's final 'stunts' was confronting Occupy protesters at CPAC 2012, yelling "behave yourself" and "stop raping people"...

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