Thursday, March 8, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Swing & A Miss

Breitbart’s supposedly shocking 1991 video of Obama has been unleashed. It turns out that there’s no need for a leash. This little puppy isn’t going to bite anybody. In the video, Obama is seen speaking on behalf of granting tenure to more minority and female professors at Harvard. Anybody who could be even remotely disturbed by this video is already severely disturbed. Unfortunately, that includes a sizeable chunk of the rightwing.

There is absolutely nothing in this video of a young Barack Obama that is embarrassing to Obama. Nothing! Even his clothing and haircut are tasteful. How many of us can say that about pictures of ourselves at that age? I mean really, it was the early 90’s. Most of the kids in America were wearing Nirvana-inspired flannel shirts, and the other ones were wearing harem pants like MC Hammer. This tape is an embarrassment, alright—it’s an embarrassment to anyone who would think this kind of thing would be an embarrassment. If this is Andrew Breitbart’s posthumous legacy, it’s almost as pathetic as the stuff he did when he was alive.

Mitt Romney’s campaign says it would take “an act of God” for anyone else to get the nomination at this point. Mitt! Don’t tempt Him! God has already called Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry to run this election. It seems like He’s willing to do anything for a laugh. And an act of God to make Rick Santorum the nominee is not out of the question. The recent storms in the Midwest show that sometimes acts of God can be terribly destructive.

Mitt Romney is saying that his budget plan “can’t be scored” while still insisting that it will balance the budget. In other words, nobody can tell what it will do, so Mitt will tell you what it will do—trust him. Mitt said “I think it’s kind of interesting for the groups who try and score it because, frankly, it can’t be scored.” Well isn’t that what everyone looks for in an economic plan—something that can’t be scrutinized! Mitt, just because you wouldn’t let anyone see what you were really doing at Bain all those years doesn’t mean that we’re going to let you run the country that way. Word to Mitt—if you have a budget plan that can’t be scored... you don’t have a budget plan. You have a budget scheme.

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