Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Randi Rhodes: One Year

It’s been a year since the leader and founder of Al Qaeda was killed, but the fight goes on... mostly over the credit for killing the leader and founder of Al Qaeda. Republicans are irate at Obama’s campaign for suggesting Mitt Romney would not have gone after bin Laden. They’re not the first ones to say that—Mitt was the first one to say that! Mitt, if you don’t want people saying you wouldn’t have gotten bin Laden in Pakistan, maybe you shouldn’t have said you wouldn’t go after bin Laden in Pakistan.

Yesterday, Mitt Romney said “even Jimmy Carter would” have made the call to go in after bin Laden. I find it amusing that Mitt tries to slam Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter is a frail old man. And Mitt Romney would still be afraid to say that to his face. When Carter ordered the raid on Iran, he made one bold and gutsy call... which is one more bold and gutsy call than Mitt Romney ever made in his life. What were the bold calls of your career, Mitt? “Yes! Buy it! And dismantle it! Put the profits in my Cayman Islands account! Make it happen!” Mitt Romney would never have made a decision that risked his entire presidency. He won’t even make decisions that risk his own money.

Today, Romney said “any thinking American would have ordered exactly the same thing.” Not if they think like you do, Mitt! If they think like you, they would be too worried about what would happen to them to take any sort of decisive action. Mitt wants us to believe he would have taken decisive action on getting bin Laden. This is a guy who can’t even take a decisive stand on an issue... ANY issue! Hey Mitt, if you want us to believe you would have taken a decisive stand against bin Laden, how about taking a decisive stand on whether or not you would have signed the Liddy Ledbetter Act.

Today, after attacking President Obama for “politicizing” the bin Laden killing, Mitt Romney is spending the anniversary of the killing with Rudy Giuliani—a man who did everything short of trying to trademark the term “9/11.” President Obama’s actions in bringing down bin Laden show sharp and intelligent decision-making. The biggest decision Rudy Giuliani made prior to 9/11 was to put the emergency command center in the World Trade Center.

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President Obama addressed the GOP freakout over bin Laden yesterday at the White House...
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