Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thom Hartmann: 23% of all American children live in poverty

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Anyone who doubts the United States has been in an economic free fall for the last three decades should check out the new United Nations Children's Fund report on child poverty. OF the 34 wealthiest nations looked at by UNICEF - the United States has the second highest child poverty rate of all of them - with a staggering 23% of all American children living in poverty.
Only two nations - the United States and Romania have child poverty rates above 20%. That number would be even higher except for federal life lines like food stamps - which reduced the number of children in extreme poverty by half last year. Unfortunately - with unemployment benefits expiring around the nation - and Republicans gutting the food stamp programs - things could get a lot tougher for children in America.
(How can a rich country like America let this happen to its children? Tell us here.)

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