Monday, May 21, 2012

Thom Hartmann: Protesters bring the message of anti-war/anti-austerity to world leaders at the NATO summit in Chicago

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Tens of thousands of activists stormed Chicago to protest against war and inequality while the city hosts the annual NATO convention. Today is day two of the summit and more protest demonstrations are planned. At least 45 people were arrested during peaceful marches and rallies over the weekend. While some are applauding the Chicago Police Department's professionalism in dealing with protestors - others are pointing to repeated law enforcement abuses against citizen journalists and heavy-handed crowd control tactics.
Several journalists were arrested in Chicago over the weekend with little justification, and others were intimidated, detained, and interrogated without any probable cause. For today - demonstrators plan to march to Boeing's headquarters in downtown Chicago to protest against the defense company's role in our ongoing wars abroad. Keep an eye on this.
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