Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thom Hartmann: May Day: A Day Without the 99% - Occupy General Strike In Over 135 US Cities

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Workers of the world are uniting in a global day of action to commemorate International Workers Day. In hundreds of cities across America and around the world in London, Barcelona, Toronto, Kuala Lampur, and Sydney - there are calls for a general strike with no working, no shopping and no banking. The Occupy Movement here in the United States is branding it as a day without the 99%.
In response - Wall Street banks are coordinating with each and with the police to monitor today's marches and rallies around New York City. While the banks haven't disclosed exactly how they plan to deal with the protests, one security adviser compared to Occupy demonstrators to "wolves." Since the Occupy movement began last year - more than 2,100 demonstrators have been arrested in New York City and still not a single bankster has been convicted of crimes on Wall Street.
That's why today is so important - as working people around the world fight back against abuses of power and the corporate takeover of our democracy and economy.
(What are you doing for May Day? Tell us here.)

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