Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Randi Rhodes: You're So Bain

President Obama is out with a tough new ad about Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital.  The ad focuses on a steel company in Kansas City that Bain took over and drove into bankruptcy... after charging the company a hefty fee for the ride. The ad is called “Steel,” as in “steel company.” But it’s really about Bain Capital liking to “Steal,” as in “steal the company’s assets.” It features testimony from former employees of the steel company. That highlights Mitt’s big problem—this country is full of people who are “former employees” of somebody that Bain took over and destroyed. One ex-worker says Bain is “a vampire. They came in and sucked the life out of us.” And corporations, like vampires, live forever... as long as they can find fresh blood. Actually, a vampire is a perfect comparison for Mitt Romney. He’s good looking, he dresses well, and he’s got that slicked hair. The only thing missing is the cape.

At the Kansas City steel company, 750 workers lost their jobs, while Bain made big profits from the deal. Vultures don’t eat unless something dies. The workers lost their severance and their health insurance. Their pensions were cut, and the pension fund had to be bailed out by... a federal agency. That’s what government does. It steps in when a disaster strikes—a disaster like Mitt Romney. In fairness to Mitt, I’m sure he didn’t plan on sticking the federal government with the bill for the worker’s pensions. He would have been just as happy to leave those workers with nothing. I’m sure Mitt’s attitude was “let the workers go bankrupt.” The Romney campaign responded quickly to the Obama ad. I’m sure they were ready for it. More than anyone, they know the things that Mitt Romney has done wrong. Heck, they might even know more things than most people.

Politico is reporting that Mitt Romney is intentionally going to pick an “incredibly boring white guy” for his VP. As a Republican, he has a lot to choose from. Romney doesn’t want to make the same mistake that John McCain did with Sarah Palin. The problem for Mitt is that the Republican Party is full of boring white guys who are just as extreme and just as dumb as Sarah Palin. Bob McDonnell’s communications director joked “Hey, we resemble that remark.” McDonnell doesn’t mind being thought of as boring, because it’s better than being knows as “that crazy vaginal probe guy.”

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