Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Randi Rhodes: Obama Affirms / N.C. Denies

In North Carolina, they voted to ban gay marriage... which was already prohibited in the state. I think they just enjoy banning gay marriage. In some states, they enjoy rodeos or barbecues. In North Carolina, people unwind by preventing lesbians from having a wedding. The gay marriage ban was approved by a margin of 61 to 39 percent. We get it, North Carolina—you don’t like gay people. Please stop before you ban dinner theater throughout the state.

The language of the ban is very vague, as it usually is with these anti-gay laws. It’s very difficult to put the sentiment “I hate homos” into proper legal language. The way the law is worded, it also strips rights away from straight couples in domestic partnerships. Great, in their haste to punish gays, they’re including those heterosexuals who just have a hard time committing.

50 percent of Americans support gay marriage. That’s a very high number when you consider that a certain percentage of people won’t support the idea of marriage for anyone. And most of those people are married. As recently as 1996, only 27 percent supported it. But back in 1996 people had all kinds of crazy beliefs—like balanced budgets. Even today, only 22 percent of Republicans support gay marriage. Those Republicans are living in 1996. I bet they don’t like it—Bill Clinton is still president!

Voters have taken down one of the longest-serving and most respected Republicans in the Senate. And I don’t have to tell you that they were Republican voters. Dick Lugar was the longest currently-serving Republican Senator, with 36 years of service. He knew what he was doing. And there’s no place for that in today’s Republican Party. Lugar was an expert in foreign policy and excelled at getting things done. But Tea Party Republicans want Senators who are experts in filibustering and preventing anything from getting done. On top of everything else, Richard Lugar was 80 years old! Kicking him out of the Senate just demonstrates impatience. Republican extremists got rid of an old man because they thought he was no longer useful. And they say Obama has death panels!

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President Obama has affirmed his support for same sex marriage! Click for video.

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